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* Jutsu list:
Gobi modu
- (unranked, personal jutsu) Five-tailed mode - Naruto, during his sage training had increased the level of control he has over Kyuubi's yoki, allowing him now use up to five tails without going berserk.
Unnamed wind-charged rasengan - (S-rank) - rasengan with wind chakra in it to amplify damage the jutsu deal to its target.
Unnamed yoki-burst shield - (unranked) - only Alicia and Beth can perform it. the technique itself is simply deflecting enemy's attack with a powerful burst of yoki
Unnamed yoki-amplified punch attack - (unranked) - only Alicia and Beth can perform it. the technique is based in amplifying the damage of attack with directed yoki-burst.
Morphing - (unranked) - Only Alicia and Beth can perform it. using their yoki they can grow certain types of weapons made from demonic flesh from their bodies.

Alicia or Alicia the Queen of Blades. Formerly Alicia the Black one.

Organization rank: Former #1. No longer a part of the organization. Konoha special chuunin.
: 72. 18-19 by looks.
: ~170cm
: 118
: A bit brash girl. But still on a submissive side. Will protect those she cares about until her last breath. Enjoys physical contact with her sister and/or Naruto. Especially, sex.
Warrior type
: no longer falls under warriors' classification. Hanyou.
: master-level swordsmanship; above average defensive skills; master-level evasion skills; limb reattachment, limb regeneration (unconfirmed); short-ranged master-level yoki sensing, short-ranged chakra sensing; advanced level unarmed combat; morph.
Confirmed weapons
: claymore, daggers, kunai, steel wire, demonic blades.
Battlefield specialization
: heavy-duty unit.
Special skills
: soul-link with Beth, short-ranged yoki sensing, short-ranged chakra sensing, yoki-burst-based 'shield', yoki-amplified hits, morphing of demonic blades, tree-climbing, water-walking, KI release.
Notable features
: claymore, almost always seen with Beth. Married.
Genetic relatives
: Beth (twin sister), Hana (niece).

Beth or Dark Seraph Beth. Formerly Beth the Black one.

Organization rank: Former #2. No longer a part of the organization. Konoha special chuunin.
: 72; 18-19 by looks.
: ~170cm
: 126
: Rather thoughtful and calm girl. Will protect what she cares about until her last breath. Likes to cuddle or have any other form of physical contact with her sister or Naruto. Likes sex too.
Warrior type
: no longer falls under warriors' classification. Hanyou.
: master-level swordsmanship; above average defensive skills; master-level evasion skills; limb reattachment, limb regeneration; short-ranged master-level yoki sensing, short-ranged chakra sensing; morph.
Confirmed weapons
: claymore, daggers, kunai, demonic claws, six demonic blades to be grown from her back.
Battlefield specialization
: heavy-duty unit
Special skills
: soul-link with Alicia, short-ranged yoki sensing, short-ranged chakra sensing, yoki-burst-based 'shied', yoki-amplified hits, morphing, tree-climbing, water-walking
Notable features
: claymore, almost always seen with Alicia. Married.
Genetic relatives
: Alicia (twin sister), Hana (daughter).

"jutsus / speaking of the higher beings / Naruto while using Kyuubi's powers / Alicia inpower mode"
'thinking of the higher beings / Kyuubi talking to Naruto through mental link'

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Chapter 7: Something to fight for

Lemon warning! Skip to the 'End of lemon warning' if you don't want to read lemon

Alicia dragged awakened claw down Naruto's chest, leaving white scratch mark there, before reverting it back to being just a fingernail and moved her finger upwards, gently touching already fading mark with her fingertip. Then she wrapped her hand around his chest and pressed her naked body into his side. The three of them had just had sex, and Beth was now sleeping on the other side of Kyuubi jinchuuriki, worn out by intense love-making, but former number one still had some energy to burn. She moved onto her husband and started rubbing her wet entrance against his crotch quickly getting an erection from him.

"Let's do it once more?" Naruto sighed, but smiled with his eyes, before rolling them over, so that he was now on top. Alicia readily spread her legs for him, being careful not to disturb her twin sister's sleep with her movements. Blond shinobi kissed her, and entered her eager hole while they were in the lip-lock, stuffing her moan. Then he raised them both into the sitting position, so Alicia was now sitting in his lap.

"Comfortable?" Naruto asked as they broke the kiss. Ex-number one rolled her hips, adjusting to the new position, before nodding. She kissed him then, wrapping her hands around his shoulders, pressing her body to his. Kyuubi jinchuuriki eagerly kissed her back, placing his hands around her waist, and started moving in and out of her... After slow and gentle lovemaking with lot of making out, that led her to two muffled with kisses orgasms, Naruto laid a bit sweaty and very much satisfied Alicia onto her back, before removing himself from her. The girl moaned disappointedly at the loss of sensation having him in her, but moments later Naruto's dick founds its way to between Alicia's breasts. Hanyou girl immediately understood his idea and used her hands to press her breasts together, as he started moving. As she was being titty-fucked, Alicia also licked the tip of Naruto's member whenever she could reach it with her tongue... In couple of minutes, Kyuubi jinchuuriki felt himself nearing the edge. "I'm going... to cum... Alicia-chan." Blond shinobi removed his penis from the 'valley of pleasure'. The girl raised herself on her elbows and captured his member with her mouth, taking it in completely, but moments later letting most of it out, so that only the head remained in her mouth, and started caressing it with her tongue.

"Mmm..." Alicia moaned as her 'master' erupted into her mouth. She briefly played with the seed in her mouth with her tongue, before swallowing and sucking Naruto's dick dry of any sperm she 'missed' before. "Mmm... It was nice, Naruto-sama..." She said after letting his dick out of her mouth. She then pulled blond jinchuuriki on top of her and rolled them over. She moved to the side a bit, before pulling Beth onto his chest too, careful not to wake her up, and gave her sister a quick kiss on her lips. Naruto put his hands on the small of girls' backs – as Alicia hugged her twin lightly with one hand and him with the other – and started massaging them there lightly. Beth started purring contently in her sleep while Alicia just moaned quietly, laying her head onto his shoulder...

End of Lemon warning

/ *** \

Next morning Naruto went into the village to take local C-rank, for the first time leaving the girls on their own. Alicia and Beth went to the training grounds for yet another kenjutsu practice. Danzou picked this day to try to capture these two: while he no longer could do so legally – before he could give them to Uchiha at a price of being able to study them, but Hokage closed this route too. Now he had to abduct them and put into the test tube right away.

Two ex-warriors were returning home in the early afternoon, going through one of the less used streets of Konoha, when half a dozen Ne ANBU appeared around them. Two ANBU tried to place chakra suppressant seals on the backs of girls' heads. And placed them there. Only Alicia and Beth had yoki, so the seals weren't all that effective. Now completely understanding that they were attacked, and noticing that these ANBU had a little different uniform than Hokage's, two hanyou girls were free to retaliate. With a brief burst of yoki they pushed closest attackers away and, quickly spinning around, counterattacked. Moving faster than any of the Root ANBU anticipated, ex-warriors hit three of the attackers, effectively knocking them out. But before the fight could continue, Naruto himself appeared in the alley. So the three Ne ANBU left shunshin'ed away, not forgetting to take their comrades with them. After all, facing Danzou after failing mission was much better than facing angry Tsunade...

"Are you OK?" Kyuubi jinchuuriki asked his wives.

"Yeah." Alicia replied, removing a piece of paper with destroyed seal from the back of her head and crumpling it. Her sister mirrored her actions moments later.

"Let's go home then." The girls nodded and, as he put his hands around their waists, leaned into his embrace... In his mind, though, he was planning to drop a message about this to Hokage: trying to marry his girls to the teme was bad enough, but attempt of abduction was another thing... Danzou crossed the line this time.

/ *** \

About a week after that Beth started being more emotional and moody than usual, though with her self-control that was still there only her sister noticed these changes but they disregarded those as not important. Another week later former number two started feeling sick in the morning, ant this caught her attention: their half-demonic bodies were always – when not wounded – healthy. Something was clearly happening to her. So when she woke up next morning, having nausea again, Beth decided to pay a visit to Tsunade. Alicia and Naruto were still sleeping after yesterdays 'fun'. So she wrote a quick note to them and left. A quick walk through mostly sleeping village later ex-warrior found herself in front of Hokage's door. Steeling her resolve, she knocked on the door. Several seconds later strongest ninja of Konoha grumbled 'enter'.

"Um... Good morning, Tsunade-sama." Beth said quietly as she entered the office. Hokage looked at her over the mountain of paperwork that seemingly permanently resided on her table.

"Beth-san? What brings you here today? And alone." Godaime Hokage asked. "Old hawk Danzou again causing you some problems?" Beth shook her head.

"I, actually, have some problems with my health, it seems." Tsunade raised her eyebrow questioningly. She personally gave the girls' physical and knew that with their bodies they were immune to most normal diseases and poisons, and right now Beth didn't seem to have any wounds. A supposition crawled into her mind, but she decided to listen to what the girl will say first.

"Have a seat then." Hokage said, gesturing towards the sofa in the corner of her office. When the former number two sat down, Tsunade asked her the next question: "So, what's wrong with you?"

"I experience light nausea in the morning and my emotions became slightly less controllable. Neither I nor onee-sama can think of any reason for this to happen." Tsunade smiled: her theory about Beth's condition was confirming right now.

"I do have an idea about your ...condition, but I'd like to run one more test." As blond ex-warrior nodded, Godaime walked up to her and placed her hand on girl's stomach. Green light that usually accompanied medical jutsu enveloped Tsunade's hand. Moments later she canceled the jutsu and smiled wider. "Well, I think, I can congratulate you." Beth looked at the Hokage, not understanding her.

"On what?" She asked.

"You are pregnant."

Lemon warning! Slip to the 'End of Lemon warning' if you don't want to read the lemon.

Alicia was sitting in Naruto's lap, facing her husband as they were making out while he was slowly thrusting into her pussy and massaging her bum. As the former number one knew... felt... that her sister was alright, she allowed herself not to worry and enjoy her Naruto time...

"Mmh..." She moaned as he broke the kiss before lying her down onto the bed while getting onto his knees with her long legs still wrapped around his torso and raising her lower body to fit into the new position for their love making. His hands gently moved up her body before stopping at her breasts and starting fondling them as he sped up thrusting into her a bit. "Naruto-sa-ama-a-a!.." Alicia moaned as she reached her climax. Naruto gave her time to come down from her orgasmic high, before continuing making love to her. He changed their position so that now he was lying on the bed while Alicia was riding his member at her own pace, still with him giving her bosom a wonderful massage... Several minutes both lovers reached their orgasms. Former number one lay down onto his chest purring contently as she enjoyed his warmth in her post-orgasmic bliss... Suddenly a shadow of confusion flew across Alicia's pretty face.

"Something wrong, Alicia-chan?" Naruto asked, stopping stroking her hair. She shook her head.

"That is onee-chan broadcasting her emotions through the link." Moment later ex-warrior added: "Now she's really happy, though I can't tell why. Beth-chan isn't showing me the reason." Kyuubi jinchuuriki hugged his wife closer.

"Then we'll have to wait for her to tell us."

End of Lemon warning.

When Beth returned home, both Naruto and Alicia were dressed and were waiting for her.

"What made you so happy back then, onee-chan?" Former number one asked her twin. Blond jinchuuriki too was barely containing his curiosity, giving Beth the chance to brake the news at her own pace. Ex-number two looked at her sister, then at her husband, before finally answering the question.

"Tsunade-sama said that I'm pregnant!" Alicia smiled warmly while Naruto was just looking at Beth in complete surprise, not able to say anything. Unfortunately for him, Beth thought that he wasn't happy and burst into tears and ran away before jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi could say anything.

"Beth-chan! Wait!" Naruto cried. "Stop! Please!.." But the ex-warrior didn't listen to him at all. "Damn!.." He sighed and looked at Alicia. "We need to find her." The girl nodded and concentrated.

"She's suppressing the link. I can barely feel her emotions, though they must be really strong right now." Blond shinobi sighed again and shook his head.

"Then we will have to look for without relying on your link." With these words Naruto gave her a radio communicator, taking the other one for himself and, summoning a small army his clones, immediately changing their looks into those of random civilians, ran looking for Beth. "Call me if you see her!" He shouted, before disappearing behind the corner.

Beth let her legs carry her anywhere they wanted as her mind was still pondering on what happened back at the flat. Maybe, she was too fast to judge Naruto as he didn't even say a word back there... But in her current emotional state former number two dismissed this idea, still sticking to the one about him not wanting her anymore... Looking up, Beth saw that her legs carried her into one of the darker regions of Konoha with narrow dark alleys and shabby rickety houses put there in almost complete disorder.

"Hey, there, babe!" A shady subject that was leaning against the wall of one of the houses called. "Come, let's have some fun." Not waiting for her to reply him, he grabbed Beth's hand and pulled her into the nearest deadend between two buildings. Ex-warrior was just too distressed to fight him, even though even without yoki she possessed inhuman strength. Instead, she allowed fear take over her being. "Now... Where should I start with you?" He asked no one in particular as his hands moved to grope Beth's breasts. Suddenly the man froze as heavy malicious aura enveloped him and something cold and metallic touched his neck.

"Hands off my sister..." Quickly turning his head to the source of the voice, he saw another girl that looked exactly like his victim, only this one had demonic golden eyes with slitted pupils. And a claymore pointed at his neck. "...Or I'll kill you." There was a hissing pop and another, even more malicious, aura appeared.

"Get lost, scum." New, male, voice said. Not wanting to piss these two anymore, the shady subject ran away as quickly as his legs could carry him... Alicia and Naruto suppressed their auras and blond shinobi wrapped his hands around sobbing Beth's waist. "Beth-chan... I'm sorry. I was just so happy that I couldn't say it to you..." He whispered into her ear while Alicia pressed her body against her sister's and kissed her on the lips lightly.

"Let's go home, onee-chan."

Lemon warning! Skip to 'End of Lemon warning' if you don't want to read the lemon

As the trio entered their flat, Naruto nodded towards Beth and Alicia, understanding him, smiled with her eyes. When they entered the bedroom, former number one wrapped her arms around her twin's waist from behind and, turning them around, dropped them onto the bed. Kyuubi jinchuuriki joined them there moment later, attacking side Beth's neck with chaste kisses. Alicia did the same for the other side of her sister's neck and together they quickly reduced her to the moaning mess. She didn't even notice as they removed the top part of her clothes until their mouths moved down to her breasts... Some pleasurable minutes later Naruto moved down to remove her pants and panties while Alicia rolled form underneath her started kissing her sister while gently fondling her breasts.

"You do know how mush we love you, onee-chan." Ex-number one whispered to her twin between their kisses. By this time blond shinobi finished with Beth's closes and rose up to give his two girls a loving kiss, before descending back between former number two's legs and starting licking her wet folds. Alicia detached herself from her sister's body for long enough to shed her clothes, and started slowly trailing kisses south then... And just when her lips wrapped around Beth's clit, former number two came. Her two lovers gave her time to ride her orgasm; then Alicia got between her twin's legs and started licking her pussy as Naruto was now quickly removing his own clothes. When he was done, her gave Alicia's bum a squeeze, making the girl raise her posterior into the air. Kyuubi jinchuuriki positioned his member at her wet entrance and entered his whole length into her, making former number one moan in pleasure. Blond shinobi started making love to her then as she was licking Beth's pussy, bringing her close to the third orgasm.

"Alicia-chan!" Naruto called when he felt her inner walls tighten around his dick. She rose up from her position between Beth's legs, and Naruto brought her into a kiss. Several thrusts later Alicia came and their tongues were fighting for dominance, Naruto removed himself from her snatch. Pushing the girl onto the bed next to her twin and moved between Beth's legs, rubbing his dick against her slit.

"Naruto-sama..." Former number two breathed out, trying to remind her husband of her condition. Naruto just smiled, rolling her over and putting her on all fours, and then moved his dick to her other hole. Alicia chose this moment to move underneath her sister and again brought her tongue to Beth's clit while fondling gently her breasts, making former number two moan: "Onee-sama!.." Kyuubi jinchuuriki slowly entered Beth's hot tight ass, making girl arch her back in pleasure. "Na-aruto-sa-ama-a-a!" He then started slowly pumping in and out of her rear hole while Alicia was eating her out. Together they quickly brought ex-number two to orgasm. Former number one drank her twin's cum before turning around and capturing her lips for a wet kiss as Naruto continued to gently fuck Beth into her asshole.

"Beth-chan!.." Blond shinobi moaned out as he reached his own climax, filling girl's rear entrance with his seed. He though stayed there, watching the girls making out with each other, and his erection returned in a matter of seconds. Together Naruto and Alicia brought Beth to orgasm six more times in the next forty or so minutes; Kyuubi jinchuuriki himself came twice... Blond shinobi finally slipped out of ex-number two's ass and Alicia, who was all that time kissing with her sister and fingering her pussy, immediately rolled herself and Beth over so that now she was on top.

"Naruto-sama... slide your member between our pussy. Please..." Alicia said, rubbing their snatches against each other for emphasize. Blond jinchuuriki nodded eagerly and did as he was asked, moaning at the feeling of two hot and very wet pussies surrounding his shaft. He started moving, making all three of them moan in pleasure... Several minutes later two ex-warriors came almost simultaneously, coating Naruto's dick in their juices, but he continued thrusting between them until minute later he too reached his climax, releasing his cum onto their flat stomachs. Alicia, soon followed by Beth, started rubbing his member with her pussy, and when his erection returned, former number one raised her lower body into the air, spreading her ass-cheeks with her hands. "Fill my ass too, Naruto-sama." She asked.

"Anything for you, my dear." Kyuubi jinchuuriki whispered back as he slid his well lubed with girls' juices dick into her tight hole, and as he began pumping in and out of her, Alicia, who was again making out with Beth, was moaning into the kiss while trying her best to finger twin sister to another orgasm... It took Naruto only several minutes to make former number one cum, moaning loudly as he continued thrusting into her rear entrance. Minute later her skilled fingers made Beth reach her orgasm, and Alicia brought her hand to her own crotch and started fingering her own pussy... Another couple of minutes later, Alicia came again, her muscles contracting around Naruto's dick made blond shinobi came too, filling her ass with his sperm. Kyuubi jinchuuriki tried to slid his limping member out of her, but former number one stopped him.

End of Lemon warning

"Stay in me, please..." She asked him, almost pleading. As he nodded, Alicia rolled them to the side, so that all three of them were now lying on the bed – not on each other – and brought Beth close to herself, pressing her sister's delightful body into her own and wrapping her legs around those of her sister. Leaning her head back onto Naruto's shoulder, former number one looked into her twin's eyes. "Onee-chan, tell us what Tsunade-sama said to you back there: she kept you for quite some time after she broke the news to you." She whispered, not breaking the eye contact.

"Tsunade-sama explained me what I should and should not do now." For a moment Bath raised her eyes at the blond shinobi "The last part also includes usage of yoki as its effects on the emn... embryo are unknown." Alicia nodded. This information may prove to be useful in the ...near future... "Tsunade-sama also ran some tests on me. She said that my pregnancy will be faster than normal, just around six month instead of nine." This time Naruto nodded, making mental note to save enough money to support his coming child in these month. "Other than that, Tsunade-sama said, it's too early to tell more." Former number one hugged her sister tighter, planting a kiss in her lips.

"We are so happy for you, onee-chan!" Alicia moved her kisses south to Beth's neck, where she found a particular spot that drew the loudest moans from ex-number two, and proceeded with licking her sister's neck there. Naruto, who still had his member sheathed in Alicia's ass, wrapped his hands around his wives in a gentle embrace.

"I love you." He whispered to them... Even though it was only late afternoon, girls soon fell asleep, worn out by the day. Naruto soon followed them into the land of dreams too.

/ *** \

Two and a half month passed since that day. Beth, who changed her hairstyle into that of a single braid, was now nearing the end of her third month – about the of the fifth for normal humans – and already had quite a sizable stomach... Other things, certainly, happened too. About a week after former number two found out about her pregnancy, toads visited Naruto: Jiraya was wounded heavily during his fight with Pein and was in coma, in the ...hands of toad healers. Toad sage elder Fukasaku offered Naruto a sage training and Kyuubi jinchuuriki reluctantly – he didn't was to leave his wives alone – agreed... The training was six weeks long and in the end Naruto returned to the Hidden Leaf just in time to save the village from Pein's invasion. Week later blond shinobi was assigned to be a guide for the guest team from Kumo, but he never left the village or his two... three... girls for more than several hours...

Alicia and Beth were returning home from shopping for groceries, going through one of the Konoha parks – Naruto was on a mission in the nearby village this day – when ex-number one suddenly stopped.

"They came." Her sister, who, while prohibited form actively using her yoki, still had her sense, nodded.

"Yes, they are here." And not a minute later a man in black, accompanied by five warriors of the organization appeared on the same alley. The man measured the twins with his eyes, starting with their clothes and ending with eyes, before turning to the five, accompanying him.

"Numbers two to five, kill them." He ordered. Alicia immediately summoned her claymore for the seal, pointing it at the man.

"Rado-san, how good of you to show up there." She then turned her eyes at the four warriors chosen to fight her. "As your order will stand, I'd like for us to introduce properly. You may already know it, but I'm Alicia, number one in generations seventy-eight to eighty. And that is my twin sister, Beth, former number two. We both we know as the Black ones." Warrior with long straight hair nodded.

"Very well. I'm number two of the organization, Mariana, nickname is the Flash." The warrior next to her, with the hair made with two long silver needles, took the turn, bowing slightly.

"My name is Alexandra, Hawk-eye is my nickname, and I'm number three in the organization." She paused for a moment. "Your auras are strange. They belong neither to a warrior nor to an awakened being..." She added quietly, but Alicia, and Beth through her sister, heard her.

"We were merged and now our halves are at piece. The term is hanyou." Former number one answered the question 'What are you?' that Alexandra's statement had under wraps.

"Fighting two of the best warriors of the past would be a good challenge." Warrior with a braid reaching her mid-back and a lock of silvery-blond hair over her left eye said. "I'm organization's number four, Cat-grace Miranda." The last warrior of the four, young-looking girl with long, almost platinum hair done in a ponytail gave a curt nod to the twin ex-warriors.

"Victoria, Victoria the Silver, and I'm number five." Man in black, identified be Alicia as Rado stamped impatiently. Mariana took the hint.

"Now, that the introductions are done, we shall proceed with our task." And four warriors attacked. Somehow, former number one blocked three of her opponents' claymores with just her own, but Miranda girl attempted to attack Alicia from behind. Only to have her sword stopped by hanyou's dagger. Alicia let them think they were overpowering her, letting them get closer to her, before unleashing her yoki-burst against them, temporary blinding their sense and throwing them away. Unfortunately, it happened so that Miranda was throwing in the same direction where Beth was, and as soon as she recovered, number four went after her. Alicia spun around, throwing her dagger at the warrior's back. Moment later it hit its target, severing Miranda's spine and making her fell onto the ground, no longer able to control her legs... Sure, even such wounds were nothing for the warrior and could be healed, but healing takes time, so number four was out of the fight for the next several minutes... Alicia drew a kunai from one of her holsters and prepared herself for the next round of attacks, now from the three warriors. She didn't have to wait for long as moment later Mariana charged at her with the speed second only to famous, or infamous, Phantom Miria, two other fighting warriors following her closely. "You're quite good." The Flash commented as again crossed her blade with Alicia's.

"We weren't numbers one and two for beautiful eyes, you know." Former number one, using her superior control over yoki to increase her strength, pushed Mariana away. Spinning around and ducking under incoming attack from Alexandra, Alicia threw kunai to Victoria's shoulder as number five decided to attack Beth instead of fighting her. Second knife followed moment later, leaving Victoria unable to use her arms for the next couple of minutes.

"Why isn't Beth-san fighting?" Number three asked as she again tried to land a hit on former number one, this time succeeding in leaving a tiny wound on Alicia's shoulder that was healed in a second.

"She is prohibited from using her yoki actively as it's unknown what effects it will have on my yet to be born niece. We now have our own life and will never want to return to the organization." Alicia answered, before attempting to punch her opponent, but had her fist blocked by Alexandra's claymore.

"But!.. Warriors can't..."

"We are no longer warriors. We've changed." Former number one interrupted her opponent... Mariana chose this moment to return into the fight. Alicia quite easily dodged number two's blade, but was unprepared for the spinning kick the Flash executed. Quickly recovering herself in the air, Alicia gracefully landed on the surface of the pond, skidding across the water. Suffice to say, warriors weren't prepared to see someone water-walking...

"How?" Mariana asked dumbly.

"Well... As I've said, we've changed." Alicia replied, before throwing her claymore, followed shortly by powerful burst of yoki to double its speed, at Alexandra who tried to use this moment of confusion to go after Beth. And even if number three saw the incoming sword, she had no time to dodge, and had both her arms severed not far from elbows... Drawing her second dagger, Alicia charged at her final, for now, opponent. She tried to slash warrior's right shoulder, but Mariana blocked it. But her superior speed didn't save her from a yoki-amplified uppercut that followed the slashing attack. Number two landed badly on the ground. She tried to stand back up, but Alicia was already right in front of her, and moments later Mariana's world went black as former number one knocked her unconscious. Looking for a moment back at her sister, Alicia saw that Beth too wasn't standing doing nothing. Former number two, even if she was unable to use her yoki actively, still could do something. And she did: she allowed organization's warriors to heal themselves, only to knock them unconscious before they could rejoin the fight, and was keeping them like that...

"I see... You still have your skills." Rado said, clapping his hands mockingly. "To defeat numbers two to five in under four minutes, pretty much alone... That's why current number one is there too." Man in black gestured towards the final warrior. She was athletically built, with shoulder-long unruly platinum-blond hair. And the blank expression on her face reminded Alicia of her own, and her sister's, time in the organization for some reason. "Attack, Sylvia." Yes, indeed, they were addressed in the same manner in countless battles they went through during their years as organization's numbers one and two... Current number number one attacked former one, swinging her claymore rather slowly. Alicia blocked it with the dagger, only to find herself almost overpowered by Sylvia.

"What the?" Using her yoki-burst to temporary blind her opponent, Alicia jumped back.

"Oh-ho... So it seems our little runaway girl found out Sylvia's strength... Yes, number one in front of you, Alicia, is physically the strongest warrior we had in the last couple dozens of generations." Rado offered his explanation.

"Why, thank you..." Former number only charged at Sylvia, throwing two kunai with the wire attached to them at the large boulder not far from where the fight was. And as soon as two knives imbedded into the rock, Alicia yanked the wire, pulling the boulder at her opponent. Sylvia brought her claymore to protect herself from the large rock flying at her from the side, leaving her front unprotected. Alicia simply used this opening and landed the most powerful punch she could master, sending her opponent flying backwards and through the closest tree. "Damn armor..." She mused, rubbing her knuckles as Sylvia stood up, seemingly unaffected by the hit she had just taken... Two girls traded attacks back and forth, being an equal fighters, but at one point Alicia made a mistake and current number one knocked the dagger out of her hand.

'Catch.' Came a message through the soul-link and moment later former number one caught Beth's blade as it flew past her and immediately used it to parry Sylvia's attack. Organization warrior, now that her opponent now had her... her sister's... claymore, found herself slowly losing the fight, if nothing was to be done. Using her whole ungodly strength Sylvia pushed Alicia back.

"Permission to use partial?" She asked in completely monotone and devoid of any emotions voice. Rado though for a second, before nodding.

"Permission granted." He said. Former number one looked at him. Sylvia's left hand started morphing. It grew thicker and started changing its color to the purplish-gray of a yoma flesh, while fingers grew shorter until they completely disappeared. Instead, a mouth with four jaws opened where the palm was... The transformation wasn't complete yet, as another set of four jaws grew around transformed hand. These, outer jaws, filled with half and inch long sharp teeth, also had twenty inch long stiletto-like blades sticking forward. And, finally, both sets of jaws opened and thick round snake-like tongue exited this monster-mouth. It's end had a 'pocket' with four two inch long snake-like fangs.

"Partial? She does have full too, doesn't she?" Alicia asked, a little but surprised.

"Indeed. Sylvia's case is even more unique than yours was. She has so big DID, that it's like she has two souls. One of those is usually suppressed, but can be used to keep her mind human even when her body completely awakens." Man in black said, and his words did nothing to ease the situation for Alicia: fighting abyssal-level awakened being in her current condition was most likely suicidal. But she had an onee-chan and her little niece to protect... Former number one sighed.

"Damn, there goes my ace..." A set of blades, not unlike those she had in her awakened form, started growing on the back of Alicia's left hand... Two fighters looked at each other, before charging at each other. The girls fought for about half a minute before they ended in such a way that Alicia had Sylvia's claymore blocked with her demonic-flesh blades while her own sword was caught by the 'mouth' of Sylvia. They struggled to overpower each other, but seemed to be equal... Until one of number one's jaws opened and the snake-like tongue slipped out, wrapping itself around Alicia's right hand and forearm, before biting just under her shoulder, simultaneously tightening it's grip, crushing ex-number one's bones. Alicia let out a silent scream as white-hot pain filled her entire right arm, the claymore falling out of her hand as she sank onto her knees.

"And she can inject neuro-paralitic poison into her victims too." Man in black said. Sylvia's 'tongue' retreated back into the monster-mouth on her left arm, as the current number one turned her head to look at the man in black. "Kill her." Rado said in an almost bored tone. Current number one looked back at Alicia, who was now lying motionlessly on the ground, only moaning quietly, and brought her left hand back, having both sets of jaws open wide as she aimed at former number one's head. She started moving when a blur of black and red with some white appeared in front of the fallen ex-warrior.

"You attacked my wife." Naruto said coldly as he thrust his wind-chakra infused rasengan into Sylvia's monster-mouth. "Katsu!" The jutsu, that was in form of a tight ball of energy, exploded forward, turning Sylvia's entire left arm into bloody mist. Just as the current number one stumbled a few steps back, Rado finally noticed a kunai with a paper with strange symbols attached to it. Then the paper let out a hissing sound of burning.

'Damn!' Was man in black's last thought before large explosion took his life... Naruto carried paralyzed Alicia and her... Beth's... claymore to where his second wife was.

"Naruto-sama!" Beth launched herself at him, wrapping him in a tight hug and giving him a kiss. He returned the hug lightly and, couple of seconds later broke the kiss.

"Later. The fight isn't over." He turned his head to where Sylvia, who saw her master being killed, with her left already regrown, was transforming into the monster that was her awakened form. "Keep her safe." Naruto lay Alicia down onto the grass. "So you want to fight as a monster?" Kyuubi jinchuuriki asked. "Gobi modu!" Crimson yoki exploded out of his body, forming the usual 'cloak', around him, only with five tails. "Two can play this game too." And two 'monsters' charged at each other.

/ *** \

Sylvia woke up, but lay there with her eyes closed. All of her limbs were there, though she remembered that yoki-made monster with human inside tear her into pieces. Someone saved her? Extending her senses, she found that there were seven entities in the room. Four of those were numbers two to five that went on the last mission with her. Other two could be identified as Alicia, whose right arm was already completely healed, and her twin sister, Beth. The final one felt like much weakened and humanized version of the monster she fought in the end. Opening her silver eyes, number one saw that, indeed, Mariana, Alexandra, Miranda and Victoria were sitting on the sofa, while she herself was lying on another. That human who took her arm with some strange ball of energy was sitting in the armchair with Beth in his lap. Alicia was sitting on the armchair's armrest, leaning against the boy. And the seven of them were having hushed civil conversation... Naruto was the first one to notice that Sylvia woke up.

"Looks like our sleeping beauty is back to the world of living." Number one ignored him for now, setting her eyes on the twins, ready to attack them to finish her mission, but Mariana saw that.

"Stand down." She ordered and Sylvia, who was taught to take orders from other warriors when handlers weren't around, did just that. "So, it looks like it's out time to leave." Beth nodded.

"Yes, it looks like... Though, we do have a mission for you all. If you ever come across the ghosts or Rabona trio, tell them that the Black ones say they are sorry." Four warriors nodded. Sylvia was just sitting on the bed... sofa, not knowing to act.

"...We will." Mariana said finally... Half an hour later five organization warriors were on their way to wherever they came from.

/ *** \

Alicia drew her claymore, twirling it in her hand, before unleashing powerful attack at her target. Wooden post never stood a chance against heavy sword and moment later fell in pieces... Five years old Hana was watching her aunt going through her katas with wide eyes.

"Don't worry, my little flower, you too will be a great swords-woman if you want." Said Beth who was sitting next to her daughter, cuddling her sister's twin girls...

Even if the life wasn't always easy, especially when the forth great shinobi war was going on, Naruto and his twin ex-warriors always found happiness in each other as the loving family for them was, in the end, all that they needed...