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Ch. 1 - Enter the Raven

Ash had been through much in his young life. He had fought countless battles, met thousands of rare and exotic Pokémon, he even developed the courage to tell the one he loved his true feelings. However, nothing could have prepared him for his encounter with an old enemy, Hunter J.

Ash wakes up from an unconscious state, only to find himself chained to an iron wall with only his clothes and his misplaced mind. As he gained focus, he begins to Question his current situation. "Where am I? What happened? Dawn?! Pikachu?! Wait I remember, J!" Ash remembers of what had happened before; he had faced off against one of his hated enemies, Hunter J. He remembers that he was relaxing with his friends Dawn, Brock, and Misty as they went through a new journey in retrying the Kanto league. He remembers that she had come to capture his Pikachu, but she petrified him instead. He figured that she took him and was going to use him for an auction of hers.

As his thoughts kept raveling around his mind, he hears the sound of opening doors. He looks around and sees to the left of him and sees two metal doors open, and what he sees is what he hoped not to. J and one of her top minions come into the room and stand in front of the young weak boy. It had been three years since he last saw the dark woman.

The huntress kneels down to the eye level of the raven haired teen and clasps his face. "Well, well, well. If it isn't Ash Ketchum."

Surprised, Ash quickly responds, "How do you know my name you rotten thief?!"

"Simple, I did a little research. I know all about you, I know how many wins and losses you have, I know what kind of pokemon you have, and I know who your friends and family with."

The young chained teen snarls and calls out "Lies!"

The evil woman stands up and snaps at her henchmen. He quickly takes a blue binder from behind him and gives it to J. She opens the binder and flips it to a certain page, "You were born the year your father left for his Pokémon journey. Your mother currently lives with a pathetic psychic Pokémon, and you seem to have won the Sinnoh league two years ago."

Ash's eyes widen as he gasps in fear. He realized that J did not bluff, she knew all about him and of his past. "What do you want with me?"

The gray haired woman comes before him and says, "Simple, I wish for you to join me, as my apprentice."

Ash gasps as he processes what he had just been told. "I would never join you!"

The huntress kneels down again and clasps his face with great strength. "You don't have a choice; I know where your mother is and where your friends are. I can easily pick them off one by one. How about I start with a young blue haired Sinnoh girl. I believe you have something special with her?"

Ash's eyes widen even farther as he thought of what J would do to his Dawn if he said no. J smirks at the confused teen and jabs the young teen in the stomach. As he gasps for air, the devilish woman states, "You have till tomorrow to give me your answer. Remember, it's either you or her."

As he saw night fall through a window to his right, Ash pondered what his current situation held. "What can I do? If I resist J, she'll no doubt kill everyone I care for before killing me. If I join her, she may spare the lives of those I care about the most. She may be a lying witch, but if she's trying to get me join her team by threatening my loved ones, she'd have to keep her word. I have no choice, I can't take the chance." The young boy drops his head in disappointment as he waits for the coming morning.

The next day, J enters the dungeon in which Ash was kept. The boy hanged by his arms from exhaustion and hunger. The dark woman snaps her finger and one of her minions come before her with a plate of food. The henchmen place the food in front of the sleeping teen and quickly left.

J walks towards the raven haired teen; she walked back and forth until he awoke from the footsteps. HE looks up and sees the dark being stand before him

"Have you decided your answer?"

"May I ask why you want me as your apprentice? I thought you'd only keep me to auction me as a servant or for a hostage ransom?"

"I was at first, but then I remembered all the problems you put me through. It also made me realize you have great skill and potential, something most of the morons I'm around barely even have."

Ash drops his head and says "I'll join, on two conditions."

"Very well."

"First, I don't want you to hurt any of my friends and family."

"And the second?"

"The second is that nobody knows about me being with you."

She kneels down to Ash's eye level and clasps her hand to his face, "A very wise decision. Number 32 and 31, unchain the boy."

Two of J's henchmen come running with two keys. They each take one of the chains on Ash's hands and take them off. Ash quickly drops to the floor and checks his hands for relief. He sees the food in front of him and eats it up.

J once again kneels down to Ash's level and says "As soon as you finish your food, my men will escort you to your room. There you will find your pokeballs and new clothes. Starting in the next two day, we will start your training."

As soon as Ash finished his food, he was escorted to his room. He thought it would be more like the dungeon, but instead it was very nice, with a shower bed and study desk. He also saw a closet filled with uniforms and some other clothes. He sees that on his desk there were his five pokeballs. He guessed that Pikachu got away with the others. He smiles in relief, but it is short lived when he realized he had to get his Pokémon to follow him with J.

Ash looks around his closet and notices a special uniform and tries it on. His new uniform was black and blue with dark red lines. As he looks at himself in his mirror, he gets a knock on the door. He quickly but cautiously head to door and opens it.

He sees one of J's henchmen with a box and says "A gift from the boss." He hands over the box to Ash and walks away.

Ash closes his door and read the card on the top, "This gift is to cloak your identity. From this moment on Ash Ketchum is dead. Welcome, Dark Raven." Ash drops his head as he knew this was going to be his new life. Reluctantly, he opens the box to reveal a black mask with red crystals.

For a long time, he sat on his bed, pondering his current situation. He knew morning would come and his first day as J's apprentice would begin. He goes to his pokeballs and releases his Pokémon one by one. First was his Infernape, who had recently evolved from a Monferno, then was a Croconaw, a Swellow, a Gliscor, and finally a Bulbasaur. All of his Pokémon greet their trainer happily until they saw him in his strange uniform.

Bulbasaur: "Bulba" (What's wrong Ash?)

"Oh Bulbasaur, you remember those stories I told you of Hunter J, right?"

Croconaw: "Naw" (Yeah master.)

Ash drops his head even farther in disappointment and says "I've joined her, as her apprentice."

Gliscor: "Gli?!" (What?! Why?!)

"I had no choice; she threatened that she would hurt Dawn and the others if I didn't help. I'm Sorry."

His pokemon look at each other in confusion, all but Infernape. He understood that Ash has no choice. He places his hand on Ash's and looks at him assuring him by saying "Infernape" ("We're with you no matter what").

Ash smiles, "Thank you my friends, now return to your pokeballs, we have a long and difficult journey in front of us." Doing so, Ash takes the pokeballs and return's all of his Pokémon to their respective pokeballs. After that, he looked at the mask lying on his bed, he grabbed it and clasped it in his hands. A tear goes down his face as he says "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry… Dawn."

The next day, Ash wakes up early to be prepared for his first day as Hunter J's apprentice. He sets up everything neat as it was when he first arrived. He got into his uniform, but held the mask tight in his hand. He hears a knock on his door, and opens it.

It was another of J's servants; he brought a food plate with surprisingly good food. Ash thought he wouldn't get this kind of service off the bat. He figured J must be trying to appease him. Reluctantly Ash takes the food and says "Thank you."

As the minion leaves, he report "The mistress wishes for you to come to the training room down the hall in one hour." He leaves and the door closes behind him.

Meanwhile, at the Ketchum residence in Pallet town, a large group of people are dealing with the disappearance Ash. His mother, Delia Ketchum kept herself busy by petting Pikachu on her lap. Although he cannot speak, Pikachu keeps feeling responsible for what had happened to his partner. In the Kitchen, Ash's friend Brock kept cooking while Ash's mother was in denial.

The one most hurt by his capture was Dawn, She had finally confessed to Ash her true feelings and he did the same. Her hearts ached as she sat on the steps that lead to the upstairs rooms. She holds close to her Ash's hat, she squeezes it as she cries. "Oh Ash, how could I let J capture you? After everything we've gone through, how could I fail you?!"

Dawn continues to cry until she feels a hand on her shoulder. She looks up and sees the red head that accompanied Ash on their first adventure. Misty sits by the grieving girl and says "Don't worry Dawn; I've known Ash for a long time. I know we'll see him again." Dawn's eyes water up in happiness and she hugs Misty gratefully.

Back on Hunter J's secret ship, Ash is heading towards the training room. He enters and sees J waiting for him. "Welcome Ash, well I should say Dark Raven. You're training shall begin tomorrow. For now we'll go over the rules here."

Ash drops his head and says "Yes… Mistress."