Ch. 7 – J's Return

It had been 5 weeks since Ash had returned to the group. His mother and Professor Oak were very greatful to Wes and Terry for rescuing, but the two only told them that they owed Ash their lives, not the other way around. Ash's Pokemon that he caught while with J easily intergrated with his other Pokemon, many of which had evolved. As for the Ash Fighters, many of them returned to their lives they had before the incident. Misty had returned to her duties as Gym Leader while Brock decided to return aswell for a while. Zoey and Drew had returned to their Coordinator careers while Marina, Jimmy and Terry joined as a trainer team to travel the world. Wes and Rui had decided to stay in Pallet Town, mostly to help Ash recover from his experience. Also, they began to enjoy the calm of the small town. Gary and Tracey returned to work with Professor Oak along with a new assistant, May. She had enjoyed helping the two work on studying Pokemon and had decided to take a break from Pokemon coordinating.

All that leaves is Ash and Dawn. After a week of recovery, Ash had the probe that had nearly killed him be surgically pulled out. In fact, thanks to the probe, police were able to track and capture all of J's lackeys. Only J was left. Anyways, The operation was a success, but the memories of the pain stayed. Dawn had asked her mother if she could stay with the Ketchums in order to help Ash recover. Johana gladly agreed. During those days, Dawn helped Delia in the house while Ash recovered. She tried to comfort him as much as she could, just to get that smile out. The boy had been tormented while with the dark woman, and now was slowly attempting to recover from the experience.

Dawn was in the kitchen of the Ketchum residence washing dishes. Delia had gone to get some groceries while Ash rested in his room. Dawn had been worried for her beloved ever since he was captured, but now feared that he may never recover. "Oh Ash…" Dawn said as she set down the final plate.

Suddenly, Dawn heard someone knock on the door. "Coming!" Dawn yelled as she dried her hands and walked over to the door. "I wonder who that could be." Dawn opened the door and gasped at who she saw. A young male the same age as Ash with purple hair and dark eyes. He wore a blue jacket and black jeans. Dawn recognized the figure all to well. "Paul?"

"Hello Dawn," the Sinnoh trainer answered. It had been a while since Dawn or the others had seen Paul. After Ash had defeated him in battle during the Sinnoh League, his attitude had changed. Thanks to Ash, Paul had finaly seen the light and the mistake of his actions. In turn, he and Ash became friendly rivals rather than aggressive ones. "How are you?" the purple haired teen asked.

"Fine," Dawn said with a smile. Paul had become a respected trainer and no longer treated his Pokemon with the same cruelty as before. "It's good to see you!"

"You too," Paul smiled. Dawn offered him inside and the two went to the living room.

"What brings you to Pallet, Paul?" Dawn asked smiling.

"I heard about what happened to Ash," Paul answered. "I would have come sooner, but I had to help my brother and Mylene. She was called in on a Sinnoh Gym Leader conference so I had to fill in."

"That's okay," Dawn answered. She could tell Paul was telling the truth.

"Where is he anyway?" Paul asked.

"Up stairs," Dawn answered. "He's asleep right now." Dawn then began to think of how Ash lived now. She didn't realize it but a tear had escaped her eye, causing Paul to get worried.

"Dawn, are you alright?" Paul asked worriedly.

Dawn looked at him in confusion and then felt the tear on her cheek. She quickly wiped it of her face and said, "I'm sorry! I don't know where that came from!" She tried to hide that she was worried for Ash, but Paul knew better.

"I know your worried about him Dawn," Paul stated. "We can only hope he gets better." Dawn smiled back at Paul. He had really come a long way.

The door then began to knock again and Dawn quickly answered it. She was greeted by the two Orre trainers. "Wes! Rui!" she exclaimed.

"Hey Dawn," Rui said with a smile while Wes nodded in agreement.

"Come in!" Dawn offered and the two entered. They were surprised to see Paul there, but Dawn explained. "Oh I'm sorry, Wes, Rui, this is Paul. He's one of Ash's old rivals." Dawn introduced the purple haired trainer. "Paul, this is Wes and Rui, two people from Orre that came to help us when Ash was missing."

"Nice to meet you," Paul said extending his hand. Wes took it.

"Nice to meet you too," Wes agreed. "Ash told me about you, he said you used to treat your pokemon very roughly."

"Yeah," Paul answered coldly. "It was thanks to Ash not attacking my Torterra during the Pokemon league that showed me the light."

"Well, it's still nice to meet you Paul," Rui beamed. Paul smiled and the redhead returned her attention to Dawn. "So Dawn, How's Ash been?"

"Better," Dawn repleid. "He's alseep right now so that's good. He's actualy been having some trouble sleeping." It was true, due to his experience, Ash would often be having nightmares of his exeriences. He would even sometimes dream his friends and loved ones being tortured in the process.

"Don't worry Dawn," Rui said as she sat next to the bluenette. "I know Ash will be alright."

"Rui's right," Wes added. "Ash is no pushover. He'll make it through this, one way or another." Dawn smiled as she was reminded of how many friends cared for her Ash.

"Thanks guys," Dawn smiled. Out of nowhere, the Ketchum home visual phone began to ring. "I'll get it!" she quickly walked over to the phone while Wes, Rui and Paul talked. "Hello?"

"Dawn!" the image of May screamed.

"May?! What's going on?!" Dawn exclaimed. She could see smoke coming behind the Hoenn coordinator.

"It's J! She's back and attacking the lab! We need help!" May exclaimed. Dawn froze, the woman that nearly killed the one she loved had returned, problably looking for revenge.

"I'm on my way!" Dawn exclaimed. May nodded and hung up. Dawn hung up and ran to the living room. "Guys! We got trouble!"

"What is it Dawn?!" Paul asked.

"It's Hunter J! She's back and attacking the Pokemon Lab!" Dawn screamed. "We need to get over there and help the others!"

"Let's go!" Wes motioned. The other three nodded and began to run out the door.

Before Dawn left the house, she looked to the stairs that led to Ash's room. "Ash, I won't let that witch take you away again. Be safe." She whispered the last part and ran out.

From the top of the stair, a pair of shoed feet began to walk along with four small yellow paws.

It was a long but fast run to the Oak Lab. When the quartet git there, they were shocked to see the building in flames. "Go Piplup/Feraligatr/Crawdaunt!" Dawn, Wes, and Paul all called out respectively. (Yes, I decided to give Paul a Crawdaunt since he doesn't have a water type in the anime)

"Piplup/Feraligatr use Hydro Pump!" Dawn and Wes cried in unison.

"Crawdaunt use Bubblebeam!" Paul exclaimed. All at once, the three water types used their united water type attacks to douse the flames.

"Guys!" a faimliar female voice cried. The quartet turned to see May running towards them. Next to her ran Glaceon and Wartortle. "Guys! Gary and Tracey need help!"

"Where are they?!" Paul asked first.

"They're in the backyard near the forest!" May said as she pointed away.

"Wes, you and Paul go. Dawn, May and I will try to put out the fire." Rui said to the sandy haired trainer. Wes nodded and the two trainers ran, with their Pokemon followed behind.

"W-What do you want J?" Gary said weakily. On the ground laid Blastoise and Electivire, beaten and unconcious. Gary was being held up by the collar by none other than Hunter J herself. Behind her were her five most trusted Pokemon: Salamence, Drapion, Ariados, Seviper, and Mightyeana.

"You know what I want." J said coldly. "Where is Ketchum?" Since all of her crew was captured and her ship destroyed (Thanks to Ash) the dark woman had nothing left except hatred towards the trainer she once called her apprentice. That also meant she lost all information on Ash.

"Like I'll tell you," Gary said weakily, followed by spitting in J goggles. J let out a growl and kneed Gary in the stomach causing the researcher to go limp. She then tossed the poor Oak next to an unconscious Tracey.

"I don't care if I have to kill each of you one by one. I will find Ketchum." J said coldly. She then reached in her pocket and brought out a gun. "You'll go first." She pointed the gun straight at Gary's skull, leaving the Oak scarred out of his wits.

"J!!!" a male voice exclaimed. J turned to see Wes and Paul running towards her at full speed. Her five Pokemon then formed a barrier around her, ready to protect their evil mistress.

"Well,well, well. If it isn't Wes. And you have a little helper too." J said mockingly. Her face turned serious as she said, "Tell me where Ketchum lives and I might let you live."

"Yeah, like I'm going to believe that." Wes said as a reply. Feraligatr was ready to fight just as Paul and Crawdaunt were. "J we're going to stop you right now, once and for all!"

"We'll see," J said mockingly. "ATTACK!" her five pokemon then rushed to attack and she followed to take down the two trainers herself.

"Espeon! Umbreon! I need your help!" Wes exclaimed as he tossed to more pokeballs, releasing his two Eeveelutions.

"Esp Esp!"


"Magmortar and Torterra stand by!" Paul called out bringing two of his most loyal Pokemon out.



The battle began roughly. Torterra and Feraligatr dealt with Salamence that dealt a lot of damage even though it was out numbered. Magmortar fought Drapion while Crawdaunt tangled with Ariados and Espeon and Umbreon fought Seviper and Mightyeana. Meanwhile, Wes and Paul faught J in hand to hand combat. Thanks to Mylene, Paul had learned martial arts and became fairly skilled. Wes also had a few tricks of his own. Being brought up by a pokemon stealing team, he had to be able to keep on his toes. However, J was no pushover either. She was able to block almost all of the two male's attack and landed many succesfull hits on them.

"ENOUGH!" J exclaimed as she jabbed Paul hard in the stomach, sending the Sinnoh trainer flying on the ground. She then followed with a roundhouse kick sending Wes in the opposite direction. She looked around and saw her Pokemon also had little trouble defeating their opponents. She looked at the two fallen trainers and said, "I'll admit, you two were not easy, but still hardly a match for me." She then began to walk again towards Wes and picked him up by the collar.

"Ugh…" Wes groaned. He had no energy left to fight or even insult J.

"Now, tell me where Ketchum is and I may let your miserable existence alive for a a little longer." J said, bringing Wes close.

Wes gave a weak chuckle and said, "Sure, and how about you go rot in hell?" J snarled and slammed the Orre trainer into the ground, causing him to cough some blood. Now Wes completely immobile.

J took out her gun onece again and pointed it at Wes' s skull. "Goodbey Wes."

"That is enough J!!!" a familiar yet haunting voice called. J turned and saw the one person she had been looking form. The one trainer that had survived being her apprentice.

"Ash…" J snarled in a low voice. The name caused Wes and Paul to slowly jerk their heads up to see J was right. Ash tood 15 ft from the dark woman with a look that could break a mirror. On his shoulder rested his faithfull electric type, charging for a fight. "Well look who finally showed up."

"J, I'll tell you once, if you know what is good for you, leave now." Ash said coldly. Both males were surprised to hear Ash's words. They were ten times worse then how Paul used to talk.

"Not until I kill you first." J said in the same cold manner. "Salamence, get him." She waited with a smirk, waiting for her dragon type to attack the raven haired trainer. After a minute, J became impatient. "Salamence?!" She exclaimed as she turned around. She gasped to see all of her pokemon were either pinned or unconcious.

Salamence was being held down by a Garchomp and a Tyranitar. A Gallade and a Dusknoir standing next to an unconscious Drapion. A large Scizor was smashing Seviper while Absol and Beedrill were holding gown Mightyeana and Ariados. J was in shock, all the pokemon she allowed Ash to keep as her apprentice had defeated hers. Now she was angry.

"RRRAAAAA!!!" the silver haired woman roared as she charged Ash. In her hand she had a serrated knife, ready to strike.

"Pikachu, now!" Ash exclaimed.

"PIKACHUUU!!!" the electric rodent cried as it sent a massive burst of electrical energy while still pearched on Ash's shoulder. J was knocked back and the three girls were coming onto the scene.

"What's happening?!" May screamed as she looked around.

"WES!!!" Rui screamed as she ran to her beloved.

"Look," May said, pointing at the burst of electricity. She saw two familiar figures. "Is that-"

"ASH!!!" Dawn screamed in realization.

"RAAAAAA!!!" Ash screamed as the elctrical energy coursed through his body. The energy grew larger until the flash was too birght for anybody to see.

"ASH!!!" Dawn screamed as she covered her eyes. She finaly recovered her beloved and couldn't bear the idea of losing him again. After a minute, the light died down.

"What the?!" J screamed causing the spectators to look. Everyone gasped at the sight before them.

There Ash stood with Pikachu next to his, but they were very different. Both Pikachu and Ash were covered by electrical energy and looked like they were painted gold. Ash had a smirk as he opened his eyes, revealing them to still be the same black eyes they always were. Ash's hair was more spiked up than usual as it was filled with the same electric energy that now coursed through his entire being. (Think of Super Sonic or Goku as a Super Sayan)

"Surprise, surprise," Ash said slyly.

"A-Ash?" Dawn asked in disbelief.

"Don't worry Dawn, I'm fine." Ash said calmly. Dawn could see the strength in his eyes.

"I've only seen this once, but I never thought I'd see it again!" May exclaimed. Dawn gave her a questioning look. "Back when Ash and I were travelling together in Hoenn, he used Pikachu and Swellow in a gym battle together against a Solrock and Lunatone. Pikachu used its thunder to create a electric armor for both it and Swellow. Ash has just used the same method on himself!"

"No matter what you do I will still kill you!" J growled. She then regripped her dagger and ran in a straight charge towards Ash. Ash stood there smirking, causing J to go even angrier and charge faster. Right at the momment she was about to stab Ash in the chest, the raven haired trainer swiftly and quickly grabbed J by the wrist. "AAAAAAHHH!!!" J screamed.

"What's happening?" Rui asked.

"Thanks to the elctric armor, Ash will shock anything he comes in contact with. Even if J does hit him, she'll only end up hurting herself in the process." May explained.

J grabbed her wrist in pain as she dropped the dagger and took a few feet back. "Tell me J, how does it feel?" Ash asked. J let out a snarl but did not answer. "Painful, excrutiating, unbearable? That is how you caused me to feel with your training." Ash began to walk towards J with a look that could scare a Gyarados.

J shook her had and began to charge again and the two joined in a fierce battle of close combat. J went all out as she attempted to beat the super charged Ash. She launched a number of kicks and punches, many of which did hit. However, whenever she did hit Ash, she would receive a small but painful shock in whatever she used to hit Ash with. But Ash wasn't just dancing around, he also unleashed a number of quick hits upon the pokemon huntress. Each hit sent another volt of electricity through the dark woman, causing her to weaken even more.

Meanwhile, the girls who were helping the guys, all watched the battle go forth. Rui assisted Wes while May tended to Gary and Tracey. Dawn was helping Paul, but kept her visual on Ash. She was amazed by how fast he moved, how well he fought, and how powerful he seemed. She could see bravery in his eyes and also a hint of vengeance.

The fight continued on for ten minutes, and it was apperent J was tired. She took a few steps back to recover and look at herself. She was breathing heavily and irregularly, mostly due to the constant shocks. Her legs were nearly as weak as flower stems, she was holding her left side with her right hand. Ash had kicked her severely hard in the region. Sweat was visible on her face as she looked to her opponent.

Ash was the same as tired as J. Although he did do a lot of damage onto J, he was at the same time doing damage to himself. The electric armor caused him a similar amount of pain it did whenever he hit J. He knew he would need to end this soon if he was going to win.

But J had the same idea. She then turned to see their spectators. Her vision changed to the bluenette she knew Ash cared about. A wicked girn formed on her face as she turned to Ash. "What are you smilling about J?" Ash asked in a growl.

"I can see you fight well Ketchum," J answered. "But unlike you, I have no ties with anyone. There is no one I care about other than myself."

"You're just admitting your own selfishness," Ash stated in confusion.

"Yes, but it also means I don't have your weakness." J said as she brought out her gun. She then pointed it at a petrified Dawn. Ash's eyes widened in fear in realization.

"No! Don't!" Ash exclaimed. But J pulled the trigger and Ash began to run towards Dawn. "DAWN!!!"

Dawn stood standing. J had just launched a bullet at her in an attempt to hurt Ash. Dawn was too scared to move. She heard screams from the others and Ash telling her to move. Paul was too weak to even lift himself, much less to move Dawn out of the way. Dawn shut her eyes, expecting the worst. 'I'm sorry Ash.' She whispered in her mind.

"Steelix Iron Defense!" a familiar voice cried out. The ground shook for a momment and everything was a t a stand still. Dawn was confused, she was sure the bullet would have killed her by know. She slowly opened her left eye and peeked out. In front of her (she's standing in front of Paul) was a large pillar of rocks. She looked up and saw the head of a familiar Pokemon.

"Steelix?" she said in disbelief. She then turned behind herself and saw Brock and Misty, panting lightly. "Brock? Misty?"

"Dawn! You okay?!" Misty screamed, running towards Dawn. She nodded. "May called us and we came as fast as we could."

"Steelix are you alright?" Brock asked his steel type. He saw the bullet laying a few feet away from the giant steel snake. Thanks to Iron Defense, Steelix had saved Dawn from the bullet without getting hurt.

"Rooo" the titatic pokemon roared.

"Brock, thank you for saving me." Dawn said in gratefulness. Brock nodded and smiled. Suddenly, Dawn gasped and asked, "Where's Ash?!"

The group turned to see Ash and J brawling it out again. However, the electric armor had worn off and Ash was now his regular self. He and J fought brutaly, but Ash was going beserk. The idea of nearly losing the one he cared about the most changed his nature. The more they fought, the more Ash was seeming to take control. Ash took the final strike in one swift motion as he punched J hard in the jaw, knocking her out.

J now laid on the floor unconsciously. Ash had won. The group began to cheer, but Ash kept a cold stare on the woman, a stare that terrified Dawn. Ash looked beside him and saw J's gun. He picked it up and looked inside, seeing it still had one bullet left. He closed it up and pointed it at J.

"You kidnapped me, tortured me, made me betray my friends, caused me unimaginable pain, hurt my friends and tried to kill the one I loved. Hunter J, time to end this." He said coldly. He was ready to fire, the gun pointing at J's heart.

"ASH NO!!!" a scream yelled. Ash turned to see Dawn running towards him at an alarming rate. She tackled the raven haired trainer onto the ground, but he didn't drop the gun. As he opened his eyes, he saw Dawn's tearfilled eyes as she snuggled at his chest. "Ash please…"

"D-Dawn?" Ash asked in confusion. She attacked him when he was about ot rid the world of the huntress forever.

"Ash…" Dawn muttered as she lifted herself up. "Ash y-you can't kill J." Ash gave a look of shock. "I know what she did to you was horrible. I could never imagine anybody less deserving of the kinds of tortures she made you go through. B-But…" She sniffled before continuing. "But you can't kill her. If you do, you'll just be proving her right, that you were perfect to become her apprentice… T-that you are no better than she is, maybe even worse."

Ash took a good look at Dawn, millions of emotions went through his mind. Her tears dropped onto his chest. "Ash…" Dawn whispered again. "If you kill J, you are not the same sweet boy I know, and love." That did it. Ash could live with being filled with the fear of J the rest of his life, but he could not live without Dawn.

Ash looked at the gun in his right hand, Dawn looked at it too. He held it in a tight grip. But after a few seconds, his hand eased releasing the gun and letting it drop to the ground. A warm smile went across Dawn's face as she hugged Ash tightly. Ash's arms went around her waist and his head went to her ear.

"I'm sorry." He whispered.

Police were all around, all working at different areas of the Oak labs. Some were moving J's Pokemon into a large containment unit, while others took words from the witnesses. J had been taken by an ambulence but with Police all around her. All the trainers were tending to their own business as the investigation went on.

Wes, Gary, Paul and Tracey were all being tended to nurses and doctors. They didn't have any serious injuries, so they would make a full recovery. Rui had never left Wes's side and was helping to tend to him.

Brock, May and Misty were talking to the officers on what happened. May told them of how J attacked and the fire while Brock and Misty told of how she tried to kill Dawn. They did leave out the part of Ash and the gun, so not to get their friend in trouble.

Ash, Pikachu and Dawn were sitting on the steps to the Oak lab alone. Proffesor Oak and Delia had both arrived earlier and received a full description of the events from Dawn, all except about the part of Ash and the gun. Silence dominated the couple. They stayed like that for a few seconds until Dawn broke the ice, "Ash?"

Ash sighed. "I'm sorry Dawn." His head turned down in shame. "I shouldn't have gone that far. I could live if J was left to roam, but I could never live again if I couldn't be with you." Dawn saw a single tear drop from his face onto the ground.

"Pikapi," Pikachu said solemly.

"Ash," Dawn said, nearing herself closer to him. She began to rub his back and kissed his cheek. "I knew all along you'd pick the right choice. I knew that no matter what life brought you, you would always follow your heart and you knew was right. Even though you may need some help sometimes."

Ash turned to the bluenette and smiled warmly. Dawn smiled back and joined Ash in a passionate kiss. The two seperated and walked over to their friends. Pikachu went over to talk to the other Pokemon.

"Hey Ash," Wes said first. Ash nodded.

"How are you feeling?" Misty asked.

"Better than I've been in a while," Ash spoke truthfully. Dawn smiled and snuggled next to Ash.

"That's good," Brock mentioned.

"By the way, Brock," Ash began, "Thank you for saving Dawn."

"No worries Ash, I'm sure you would have done the same for my girlfriend." Brock answered.

"If you ever got one, though," Ash joked. Everbody but Brock laughed. Ash had truly returned to his former self.

"Hello," a voice mentioned. Everyone turned to see Officer Jenny. May and Misty made sure not to let Brock's usual 'tick' get out of control. "Are you Ash Ketchum?"

"Yeah," Ash answered uneasily. Dawn knew what he was thinking. He was worried he may have gone too far against J.

"Well," Jenny began, "I speak for everyone when I say thank you. Thanks to you, we've caught one of the most dangrous people on earth."

"I really didn't do anything," Ash replied. He felt as though he didn't deserve any credit.

"Not according to your friends," Jenny said to the trainer. Ash looked to see all his smilling friends. "According to them, and a few other people we've talked to, you deserve the reward money for the capture of Hunter J."

Ash's eyes widened in shock. "How much is it?"

"Let's just say, it is a VERY big reward," Jenny smirked. "Either way, you are to gain your reward tomorrow."

"Thanks, but I don't deserve it," Ash said lowering his head. All his friends looked at him tearfully. "I… I was Dark Raven. I helped J in countless succesful missions and helped her catch countless pokemon. I-I don't deserve the money." Dawn eyes fillled with tears as she tightly hugged Ash.

"I beg to differ," Jenny smiled. Everybody looked at the bluehaired policewoman. "You see, you admitting the truth only proves how much you do deserve the reward. We already knew you were Dark Raven, considering Professor Oak told us. We also took in account that you were kidnapped, so it was pretty obvious you were forced against your will. But… you saying yourself you were Dark Raven proves how much you truly deserve this honor. I have heard of your achievements."

"What do you mean?" Ash asked.

"How you saved the worlds countless times," Jenny answered. Ash was in shock.

"H-How do you know?" Ash asked.

"You're pretty well known all over the world." Jenny said with a smile. Ash's fiends all smiled at him. "In fact, many people are making sure they honor your triumphs. Even a statue is being built in your honor in the Orange Islands." Ash nodded, remembering his first real adventure (He doesn't remember his original meeting with Mewtwo, remember?). "Either way, it would be an insult if you did not take the money you so clearly deserve."

Ash thought for a momment and looked at his friends. Everyone, including Paul, smiled at him. Ash then looked to Dawn who was smiling the brightest out of all of them. Ash smiled and said, "Alright."

(10 Years Later)

Dawn awoke to the sweet songs of bird Pokemon coming out of her master bedroom. As she rose from her bed, she took a look at the slowly increasing belly that represented her and Ash's love. Dawn smiled, it was nine years ago that Ash proposed and the two got married. Now Dawn was 28 and Ash was 29. Speaking of which, where is Ash? Dawn looked to her bed and saw that Ash must have already been up. Not taking another momment, Dawn easily lifted herself up.

She walked out of the room and down the stairs of the house she and Ash shared. When Officer Jenny said it was a big reward, she wasn't kidding. Dawn continued down the stairs and went to the kitchen. There she was greeted by the warm smell of food and they sounds of girlish laughter. Dawn looked in and saw the man she loved, making breakfast and helping was their 7 year old daughter, Pearl.

"Where did daddy learn to cook?" Pearl asked curiously.

"Don't tell your mom, but Uncle Brock gave me some lessons," Ash said with a smile. Neither one had noticed Dawn yet so she kept quiet. "You see, when your mom and I travelled together, I would sometimes make the food and said uncle Brock made it so she wouldn't throw up." Ash laughed.

"Why would I throw up?" Dawn finaly asked. The duo turned around, Pearl with a happy expression and Ash with one of shock.

"Mommy!" Pearl screamed as she ran over to hug her mother. Dawn hugged back warmly.

"Oh," Ash said nervously. "H-Hey honey."

"Hey Ash," Dawn said walking towards him. She gave him a quick peck on the lips that caused him to smile. "How'd you sleep?"

"Next to you?" Ash asked. Dawn nodded, "Like I was in heaven." Dawn only giggled and went to sit down.

"Mommy!" Pearl beamed, "Raichu and Loppuny's eggs hatched last night! There's a baby Pichu and Buneary running around. Can we keep them?!" She gave her mother a pair of sad eyes in hopes that she would say yes.

Dawn giggled, "Of course we're going to keep them Pearl." Pearl squeeled and ran outside to play with the newly hatched Pokemon. Dawn stared to where her daughter ran and heard a light laugh. "What's so funny?" Dawn asked to a chuckling Ash.

"Nothing, I just forget sometimes that she has your energy," Ash said with a light chuckle. Dawn only smiled, she always loved his laugh. Ever since the events with J, she treasured every momment with him. Then she remembered.

"Hey Ash," Dawn began.

"Yes Dear?" Ash said, washing plates.

"I had the dream again. The one about what happened with you and J." Dawn looked up, seeing Ash had stopped washing dishes and just stood still. "I'm sorry honey, I didn't mean to-"

Ash cut her off by raising his arm. "No need to worry, remember?" Ash turned with a smile. The smile certainly surprised Dawn, considering Ash never liked talking about J. "I'm okay."

"You mean, you forgave J?" Dawn asked.

Ash gained a serious face. "No force, not even Arceus can make me forgive that woman." Ash sighed and sat down next to Dawn. "Believe, even though I didn't, you know I truly wanted to kill that woman. Deep down, a little bit of me still does." Dawn kept a close stare. "Heh… but you know what?" He looked up to her, "I could live with J being alive, but I could never live without you. You are my light when everything seems dark. I am glad I made the right choice."

Dawn couldn't help but smile widely at her husbands statement. She lunged herself into his arms, causing the couple to fall onto the floor. Ash was taken by surprise, but he could only cuddle enxt to the woman he loved so much. "I love you." He whispered.

"I love you too," Dawn said before forcing her lips onto his. Both knowing no matter what, darkness or light, they would always be together.


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