Chapter One – Autumn Leaves

As he lay there, staring at the red ribbon that night, he remembered everything...


Another average, peaceful day in Karakura town. You're normal everyday Sunday in the middle of Summer. There he lay on the grass, watching the bright sky, ever so peacefully. "ICHIGO!, came a scream from his bag, "WHERES RUKIA!?! SHE SOULD BE HERE BY N-" It was Kon. "SHUT UP YOU IDIOT, WE'LL GET CAUGHT!". The two of them suddenly froze when they realized they were being watched by people passing by. "Mommy why was that man yelling at a toy?" came a voice from the crowd. Ichigo made an anime sweat drop and said, "um sorry, bad day". The passing people just carried on walking. The both of them sighed and sat there for a little while.

"Hey Ichigo" opened Rukia while smiling. "RUUKIAAA" Kon screamed while leaping out if the bag, in hopes of landing on a chest, but instead, was greeted by a palm to the face. "WHAT DID I SAY ASSWIPE?" Ichigo blurted, while shoving Kon back in the bag and zipping it. Ichigo and Rukia made a large sigh. "Hey Rukia" Ichigo said eventually "Say, what's all this about anyway?" "Hey Ichigo!" came a voice from behind Rukia. "Oh hey Renji" Ichigo said depressingly "Huh Toshiro, and Byakuya as well?". Ichigo noticed two other figures behind Renji. "Please refer to me as captain.." angrily said Byakuya and Toshiro simultaneously.

"I brought them here as something strange has been happening recently about the hollow population, and these two were the only available captains for the job." Rukia said while signalling the two captains with her hand. "Wait, slow down. First of all, why aren't we discussing this at mister hat'n'clogs' place? And second of all...what job?" asked the confused Ichigo. "Well if you shut up for a bit I could tell you. The mission, is that, recently, the population of hollows in Karakura town, have increased, by 400%." Rukia snapped "We have named this new found phenomenon a "swarm of hollows, anyway, we came up with this, each of you will take one quarter of Karakura town. And cut down the current population until it reaches it's original state. And I'll try and get some information from Kisuke about all this." Toshiro suddenly uses shunpo of in the west direction. "Looks like captain Hitsugaya's taking the west, I'll go east." Renji also uses shunpo. "I shall head North then" insisted Byakuya. "So Ichigo, you head south" Rukia said. "Yeah yeah I know" Ichigo said while grabbing Kon to retrieve the soul candy, eat it and fly off. "W-what was that on his wrist?" Rukia said pondering.

Chapter One enjoy ^^.