Chapter 9 Taking It Easy #2

" shouldn' shouldn't touch me…there.." The purple haired girl was again sleeping upon Kurosaki's bed, with a smirk and a blush on her face. "'Chigo…be…gentle..". She appeared to be alone in Ichigo's room, and was bandaged up a little, with her right arm in a cast. Clearly the doings of Urahara's shoten from earlier. The fight with Oshima appeared to be quite brutal towards Senna, but this didn't appear to affect her in her sleep. Ichigo walked through the door quietly, the room was dark considering the time of night it was. He glanced over to Senna, only to find that she had her hand placed to her chest under her clothing, and was moving it around, constantly saying "Ichigo..". Ichigo probably knew what sort of dream Senna was having, which made him go red, but he tried to ignore this and walked over to her. Kneeling down onto the bed, Ichigo leaned over her and placed his hand on her shoulder gently. "Senna..wake up." "Uh..wha?. Why? It's…" Senna glanced over to the clock. "it's..1:00am Ichigo. What is it?" Senna was wrong about this.. it was 10:00pm. "You need to wake up, that was your Dad on the phone. He's worried sick about you, and he's coming to pick you up now." "WHAT!" Senna rose from her comfort and tensed up, staring Ichigo in the eyes with a worried expression.

"Wh-what is it what's wrong? Senna?" Ichigo said leaning in closer to Senna. "N-no I..I can't go see my father…I CAN'T! ICHIGO DON'T LET HIM COME IN HERE!" "SENNA!" Ichigo yelled into her face, causing Senna to stop in her sentence. "Senna.. your father is coming all the way from America, back to Japan to get you." "…He…he went to America?.." Senna said looking puzzled. "Um..yeah that's what he said. Why? What about America?" "I…I always told my Dad that I dreamed of going to America, and he told me that we could never afford…it.. Do you think, he went to America to try and find me?" Senna said lighting up. "Hm..yeah that would make sense.. So yeah maybe" Ichigo replied casually. "..So Dad does care.." The two of them were silent, looking at one another for a few seconds. "To me.." Ichigo stated "it sounds as if your Dad has been looking for you for quite a long time. Maybe you should give him a second chance if he's willing to look for you like this." Senna sighed to this comment. "…Yeahhh..I guess you're right. Hmm.. When is he coming back to Japan?" "Tommorow, about this time. He thinks I'm just a guy who found you, he has no idea that we're together now.. Do he'll be okay with that?" Senna looked down. "I doubt it… but what do we do tomorrow?" Senna asked simply. ".. I think it's high time we figure out what exactly happened that day." "What day?" "The day you remembered me."

Senna had actually had a little growth spurt since she met Ichigo, and was now as high as his nose level. They were standing side by side at the area they met after the hollow outbreak. "So what did the guy look like again?" Ichigo asked looking down at the road. "What guy?" "Ya know..the guy that..attacked you. The one with the weird sword." "Oh He was around your height.. a little bulkier, and was wearing a pair of Black hakama.. It all get's kinda hazy after that." Senna said gripping Ichigo's hand making Ichigo face her. "We'll find him..wherever or whoever he is. When you go back to your Dad's I'll go to Urahara's and do some research. Do you think I should explain to him about us?" Ichigo questioned. "..I guess there's no real harm in explaining the situation between us, even if he won't remember a thing." Senna explained. "Yeah I guess you're right.. " There was an awkward silence between the two, until Ichigo said.. "..Well…to be honest there isn't much else for us to do for the rest of the day is there? Since I'm doing the research tomorrow n' all." "Heheh, yeaaah." Senna replied grinning up. She was still bandaged up, but had the cast's bandage removed, so she was easing from the pain.

The two of them decided to do what they love best. Spend the day being with each other in public, just relaxing. The two of them we're feeling very sleepy, which was odd for Senna, however the fact she was attacked the other day, the fact that she's in casts, the fact that her father is coming to find her, and the fact that Ichigo is going to be explaining about her to the others in the future, weren't helping her recover her carefree personality. They eventually ended up at a small café, and ordered the same meal the two of them received a long time ago. Neither of them really had much to say to one another. Just the simple things like "how's your drink?" and "did you get any ketchup"? Neither of them really viewed the day as "boring", instead it seemed more chilled out and "smooth". " Ichigo.. Since this might be the last time we see each other for a while, with the new school term starting and everything…" Senna was concerned they wouldn't see one another for a while since they both go to separate schools, and because of Senna's strict father. It was unlikely that he would allow her to go visit Ichigo, considering they live and opposite ends of Karakura. Ichigo looked up with a sandwich in his jaws. "..could we go on the ferris wheel one last time?" Ichigo gulped down a bite from the sandwich and took Senna's hand in his. "Don't ask for that kind of thing. Just say that's what we're doing, no need for permission anymore." Ichigo let out the faintest of smiles to Senna, which made Senna light up in a fairly bit smirk. "Thank you..Ichigo."

After the day had ended, they both headed back towards their home, Ichigo and Senna we're walking down the path side by side, until out came a stereotypical mugger with a small knife. "Hey kiddies, got any money for me-…e…" Stopping midsentence, the mugger had seen that Ichigo, still in his casual clothes, was holding Zangetsu high in the air. "uh…UhH..UHHHH..AHAHHHHHHH!" The mugger simply fled in terror of the huge blade, and ran off into the city. Several seconds past, until.. "Pfft HAAHAHAHAAA" Senna completely burst out laughing, Ichigo looked over to her in surprise, but then started to join her in the laugh.

After a while, the two of them returned home at about 8:00pm, they we're both greeted by Yuzu, and headed off upstairs to Ichigo's room. Despite being in a cast and bandaged up, Senna pushed Ichigo onto his bed. "H-Heeyy! What are you doi-" Senna by now, had already lay herself ontop of Ichigo, looking right into his eyes with an emotionless expression, save a smile. "S-senna…" Despite being red in the face. Ichigo could tell what Senna was trying to do. This was their last night together for a long time, and it was coming to an end in only two hours. Realising this, Ichigo held Senna's face, which sparked some emotion back into it, and pulled her face towards his. The two of them engaged in a deep connection of the lips, both holding each other in their arms. Ichigo tried to loosen his grip as much as possible, preventing her any pain, and they continued their way towards what every close couple should eventually reach, the bonding of bodies. The time was 9:40, Senna's father was due at their house in under 20 minutes, but all we see, are the embracing bare bodies of the couple, without a care in the world…

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