Yeah, it's finally the actual day of Father's Day!!!

Secrets were revealed and some facts were disturbing to find out, but now here's the party of the year! It's finally finished!! But don't worry, that's not the last we hear from Dr. Blowhole! Dun, dun, dun!

"Marshal, what's this about again?" Skipper asked as his son dragged Skipper with a red blindfold around his eye. All he knew that it was part of the surprise that Marshal had mentioned last night. Skipper trusted Marshal enough to take him to an unknown location, wow that's father son love right there!

Marshal laughed and continued to walk his dad. "You'll find out soon enough. Let's just say a friend owed me one. Oh yeah, don't smell the blind fold, it should washout with a few more washes." He continued to take Skipper to his surprise for a few moments. "Okay dad, take off the blindfold." He said when they reached their destination.

Skipper then took off the blindfold, but when it touched his beak, he smelled it. "Ack! Marshal, what did you do to this thing? Clean the bathroom with it?" he said shaking the red cloth over him.

"It was last week's punishment I think." Marshal said.

Skippered eyes widened, and then he tossed it to the side. He looked around and saw he was at the lemur habitat, except it looked different. It had balloons, party decorations, some snacks were sitting at the table, and what got most of his attention was the big colorful sign that read:

"Happy Father's Parent's Day"

He looked down at Marshal. "You did this?" he asked wondering how a little penguin still in the down feathers could do this all by himself.

Marshal shook his head with a smile. "Prince J.J. owed me one, so I asked if we could re-do the party while you were sleeping last night. When you said that a father really doesn't mean to be biologically related, I thought why not celebrate all the people who have been like parents to us? We can celebrate for everyone that's coming. King Julien said he'd pray to the sky spirits, because he says that's where our real parents are. It's cool isn't it?"

Skipper stood there shocked as ever. This was coming out of his son's beak! Not Athena's or Kowalski's! His sons! "You-you're serious here?" he asked.

Marshal gave him a real smile. Not a devil smile, a real one that a father dreams to get from his son. "Happy Fath-I mean Happy Parent's Day dad."

Skipper started to get tears in his eyes. "I'm s-so p-proud of you." He stammered trying to hide the fact that he was crying.

"Dad, are you seriously crying?" Marshal asked in disbelief placing his flipper on his back.

"No!" Skipper lied. "It's just, that blindfold really left its scent." Well…that was partly true.

King Julien ran up to them and gave each of them a small wooden statue of him. "Welcome to the party silly penguins! Eh…why is your dad crying?" he asked Marshal pointing to Skipper, who had his face in his flippers. He really didn't want King Julien to see him crying.

Marshal chuckled. "His face smells from a blindfold I scrubbed the bathroom with."

"Marshal!" Skipper said taking his face out of his flippers.

"What? You always say it's bad to lie!" he said with a smirk. "Now will ya stop crying and let's get this party started!"

"By god, he's turning into J.J." Skipper muttered to himself as he watched Marshal and Prince J.J. meet some of the guest arriving.

A few hours later. . . . . . .

Skipper sat down at the lemur's snack bar that night and watched some of the animals dance on the dance floor. Kowalski was dancing with Doris, Maddie was showing Private a dance, and Rico had his doll out and tangoed the night away.

Skipper smiled and took a sip out of his cup. He felt a tap on his shoulder. "No ringtail, I won't get my team to build you a giant statue-Marlene!" he said when he turned around to face the brown and white otter. "Oh…uh, having fun at the party?" he asked.

Marlene nodded. "Yeah I am." She said with a smile.

Skipper noticed her tone. "And what do you mean by that?" he asked leaning on the table.

Marlene sighed. "Come on Skip, its Parent's Day! It's a party! Have a little fun." She said. "You've been sitting here all day, if you haven't noticed."

Skipper rolled his eyes. "May I remind you what happened last time I tried to go fun on everyone?" he asked referring to the time he knocked King Julien's crown in the sewer and almost got himself killed by a giant sewer rat.

Marshal walked up to the two. "Yeah, dad, me and my friends worked really hard on this project. I did it for you." He said.

Skipper didn't say anything.

Marshal sighed and faced Marlene. "I didn't want to have to do this, but…when we were heading over here my dad wore a blindfold that I used to scrub the bath-" Skipper covered his beak.

"Hey Marlene, do you want to dance?" he asked with his flipper still over Marshal's beak.

Marlene giggled and gave Marshal a thumbs up and a small wink. "Sure Skipper, that sounds like a lot of fun."

Then the two hit the dance floor.

Near the dance floor. . . . . .

Athena and Elli sat down next to each other talking, when two familiar squirrels pop up in-between them. "Can I have this dance my lady?" Buck asked a very annoyed Athena, who felt like she should dump a smoothie on his head.

Athena opened her mouth to say no, but Buck stopped her. "Now before you say no, let me tell you this. It's a party! One dance, then me and my brother are out of your feathers for the rest of the night. Me and my brother have a dad to celebrate with at home too ya know."

Athena sighed and looked over to Elli. Elli was the first to speak up. "Well…I guess one dance wouldn't hurt-whoa!" she said as Jack pulled her on the dance floor.

"This is going to be awesome! Just stick with me!" he said as he twirled Elli around.

"Well maybe I could if you'd stand still for a minute!" she yelled as he continued to push her around while "Bop to the Top" was playing.

Buck then smiled at Athena. "Well…"

Athena sighed and handed her flipper to Buck. "Fine, but one dance! Just promise me you won't kiss me agai-"

"Great!" he said taking her flipper and twirled her around like Jack and Elli.

"Much gusto"

"Ay que fabulosa!"

"Ay Ay Ay"


"Queres bailar"

"Mira me"

During those lyrics Jack would twirl Elli and around, and Buck would tango a bit with Athena.

"I believe in dreaming and shooting for the stars."

Baby, to be number one, you've got to raise the bar."

"Kicking and a scratching, grinding out my best."

"Anything it takes to climb the ladder of success!"

During those lyrics Jack and Buck would push Elli and Athena's flippers to dance back and forth. For the rest of the song, it was pretty much the same. Athena even had to admit that Buck was a pretty good dancer! Elli even sang along with Jack!

Below the lemur habitat. . . . . . .

"Do it! Do it! Do it!" Ariel, the ducklings, and Peanut shouted to Haley, who was popping one of her paws in the water in the lemur habitat. "You can do it Haley, I live in the water! It's not that bad." Ariel said. She looked down at her penguin form. "Well, I'll go back to living in the water soon." She said with a giggle.

Haley looked down at the water and saw the reflection of herself, which was a messy red furred wild cat, and all the colorful lights shining in it along with the many stars above her. "Well, I guess I can." She whispered to herself. She then put her leg in the water, which turned her fur a darker shade of red as it stuck to her bony arm. She cringed, but smiled "Hey, it's not that bad! My arms not bleeding, this is great!" she then jumped into the water. "Hey, who wants to join me?"

Carrie looked over the edge of one of the lemur's many platforms and smiled at her daughter and some of the other kids, who had taken up on her offer for a swim in the lemur's water. "Good job Haley!" she whispered to herself. "I'm proud of you!"

Haley looked up and saw her mom smiling. She smiled.

On the dance floor. . . . . . . .

Skipper and Marlene waltzed together in each other's arms. "I still can't believe that Marshal put all this together." Skipper said looking around at the beautiful sights, then back at his favorite one, Marlene. (Aww!)

"Hey, Marshal's a smart kid!" Marlene said with a smile looking into Skipper's blue eyes and trying not to get lost in them. "He's a prankster and gets into trouble a lot. Well, Peanut does too, so you're not the only one on that boat." She said as Skipper twirled her around again.

"Yeah, I'm so proud of him. I think this is the best thing he could've ever done." Skipper said when he pulled Marlene back up again to see her pretty face once more. The two danced a little bit more, but then the song ended.

Athena and Elli let go of their dance partners paws. "You know, I'd never thought I'd say this, but that was actually a lot of fun!" Athena admitted to Buck. "So, thanks for convincing me to dance with you." She said with a giggle.

Buck smiled. "Thanks-Hey, who is that over there," he asked pointing over to Maurisa, who was talking to Ariel.

Athena turned around. "That's my friend Maurisa, the penguins Ariel, but she's really a dolph-" She turned back around, but Buck was already gone and going over to flirt with her. She rolled her eyes and sighed as she crossed her flippers around her chest. "Well, it's a start Athena." She said as Buck made another failed attempt at a girlfriend.

Elli waddled over to Athena trying not to bump into the dancers. "Going to flirt with another girl?" she asked pointing to Buck.

Athena laughed. "Don't tell me Jack left you to go flirt with Maurisa too!"

Elli shook her head, but she was smiling. "Nope, he went to flirt with Ariel. Athena, I think we've created a monster." She said with a small laugh.

Athena laughed again, but harder this time. "Nope Elli, just a few more friends, two flirty, a little stalker like, friends!" she said putting her flipper around Elli's back as they watched the two squirrels flirt the night away. They giggled as their lemur friend dumped some water on their heads.

Maurice stood up on the highest platform and tapped his microphone. "Uh…excuse me everyone. Quiet." He said to the group of animals, who stood still facing him now. "I think that I'm speaking for everyone when I say how this had to be the best holiday ever. I say we take this last dance to dance with our special little guys."

Everyone, even Skipper, clapped.

All the kids ran up to their parents and hugged them. Then Buck and Jack went home. (Finally!)

Mort hugged King Julien's feet, while Prince J.J. ran into his arms. King Julien smiled at his son and, he didn't even feel Mort on his feet for the first time in his life!

"Happy parent's day, father!" Prince J.J. said before hugging his neck.

Maurice and Maurisa smiled at the scene. Maurisa's dad held her in his arms. "Well, King Julien did owe Mort a foot hug." Maurice said before Maurisa hugged his neck with her dark black arms nearly choking him, but he didn't mind.

"I have one question though." Peanut asked as Marlene held him in her arms.

"Oh, and what's that?" Skipper asked walking over to the otters with his son on his flat head.

Peanut smiled a real smile, but they could detect a little devious in it. "What are we going to do on Mother's Day?" he asked with a laugh.

Yep, it's the end!

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