Author's note:

Well. It has been a long time – a VERY long time – since I looked at these pages. In all honesty I thought I'd never be here again. They are early works and I was ashamed of elements of them – too much lifting of text, purple prose, unnecessary phrasing, and so on. I was ready, a year ago, to kill these off and never to come back.

Somehow, between then and now, I've discovered that I can't delete them. So rather than do that, I'm going to start reworking them. It will be a slow process, but they are going to be revised and posted over at AO3 ( /works/1124369), and then gradually deleted or updated from . Then, hopefully, I will be in a good place to complete the story.

Here we go. Welcome anyone who comes to this for the first time, and any returning readers, I'm so grateful for your faith in me – it's more than I have in myself, and I'm so touched that people still want this fic.


Gaya x