Leashing the Victorian

Caution: Rated M for lemons.

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BD, canon-based, canon-pairings, vamps.

Characters: Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, Tanya, Kate

Chapter 1: Prologue: Worse Than Charlie

Edward's pov

It was so frustrating. Another perfect moment ruined. They were doing it on purpose.

All our time was accounted for, to keep us out of trouble until the rings were on. Esme and Carlisle were having trouble coping. When my siblings, Alice and Emmett, had their weddings, their mates were already vampires. The fact that we had to keep Bella human for Charlie's sake was creating a lot of worries for the Cullens. Worries about her stamina, her durability and the fact that there would be a pile of werewolves and vampires and humans intermixing at the wedding.

The Cullen family didn't have any luck keeping secrets. With three talented siblings under one roof, a psychic, an emotion-manipulator, and a mind-reader, there was always a slip.

That was the reason why Bella and I were now being babysat at every moment. Alice had peeked, five days earlier, and had Seen... distressing things. I couldn't even kiss Bella these days without having Alice and company show up to remind us that we couldn't get carried away.

The fallout was threefold. One, we were dangerously horny. Two, we were nervous wrecks. Three, we were Bridezilla and Groomzilla We were no longer behaving in our accustomed fashion. We were nuts.

This evening, Bella and I both suffered a meltdown.

We arrived surprised to find a blessedly empty, dark house, and were soon snuggled up on the couch, just commiserating. We shared a gentle kiss. A co-conspirators' kiss. The kind of kiss that says, 'it's you and me against them, thank goodness I have you'. And suddenly, Emmett had broken it up.

The room was instantly lit like a prison compound, and there we were, blinking helplessly, and sitting on separate couches. Six vampires were standing there with their arms crossed, mistrusting us. It was so fast that I barely had any warning.

I used to think Charlie was bad, but when six vampires got it in their heads to police your behaviour, there was no hope of getting away with anything. Charlie would have been so proud of them. At least he was happy these days. He knew we were being chaperoned everywhere.

Bella leaped up and hauled her arm back to slap Emmett, and thought better of it at the last second. Then, she quite literally jumped up and down screaming and pulling her hair. She called each one of them names that I was unaware she even knew. The sound was still ringing in my ears. She ranted at everyone for being hypocrites.

The lot of them had spent the last 8 months trying to get us to sex up the relationship, Bella accused, and we had been working on it, and now they were expecting us to act like nuns. Not only had they condoned our actions, they were enablers. And while we had a private pact not to go all the way until the wedding, we were not saints, and they were expecting us to maintain standards that were more in keeping with morals from the year I was born.

Bella said she needed space. She said I needed space. She said we needed privacy, and she said she couldn't sleep at night with all of them eyeballing us so hard, and she said without a proper rest soon, she would go postal and set fire to them all.

My wild thing fiancee said that she was going to kidnap me if they kept it up, which would make the whole point of the exercise moot. She said she would make me a member of the Mile High Club. I wondered where she had found out about that. I thought it sounded pretty good. I perked up a little. Esme did not understand the term, and Jasper explained it. Then Alice said it would be the last thing Bella would do, and Bella ran around in a circle screaming madly, pelted upstairs to my room, and shut herself in to bawl.

Now, normally, I would have been laughing my head off. Who wouldn't laugh to see a 5'4" human girl get in the faces of big male vampires? Especially since those vampires were so taken aback. Normally, I would have found the thought of Bella making threats hugely entertaining. Normally, I would have been turned on. But not this time. This time, I joined her 100 percent in her temper tantrum. The cutie pie lost it on all her future in-laws, and so I lost it, too.

I told them exactly how many bases we had hit, not that they didn't have a pretty clear idea anyway, and that they were underestimating my self control. And I told them they were now undermining my self control. And I told them that if they pushed me too much harder, I was going to lose my self control, and feed them into a chipper-shredder just like Bella had asked me to do. I would most certainly not be taking my frustration out on her. And we would not put their pieces back together until the last minute, I promised, so that they would be in really bad shape for the wedding.

And they told me they meant well, and I told them to butt out. And I had run upstairs to comfort Bella, who had a whole 15 minutes to ruin my shirt with tears before the tentative knock came at the door. I bit inside my cheek to keep from screaming. The stinging helped. Then, I kissed my warrior princess on the forehead and presented myself at the door. I told Emmett I would be straight down to put Bella's future in-laws in their place, and to keep out.

I patted Bella's hand, and told her to hold on, and reassured her that I would be back after having a word or two with our overprotective family. And then I walked over and leaned my head against the closed door, and counted to 100,000 before marching down the stairs to give them a piece of my mind.