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He clutched the end of the sink, tear's running down his cheeks, this was his father's fault! He didn't want this, he was nearly 17 still only a kid, for the first time in his life he wished he had a different family, Christ he would even gladly swap places with Potter if it meant he didn't have to carry out this mission.

His arm burned and he looked down at it, it was covered with his white shirt but if he pushed it up that disgusting black mark would be there, his stomach churned at the thought of it. The tear's fell faster and he forced his eyes to close. He thought about his mother and how she was so against him getting the dark mark, all he could hear was her screaming at her father to stop this foolishness "He's only a boy" his fists clenched as those words hammered into his body, would this torture ever stop?

He had no-one he could talk to, all his house mates couldn't be trusted and none of them were really what he would call friends. For the second time that night he was jealous of precious Potter and his band of friends. He rubbed at his eyes to try and shift the tears when he suddenly a noise behind him, he spun around, his wand raised only to be met with a set of chocolate eye's looking at him concern.

She had sent Harry and Ron up to the dormitory before running to the bathroom, as she opened the door she could hear someone sniffing, What the hell? Pushing the door open she slipped inside quietly and walked towards the sink. In front of her was a tall blonde haired boy, one she knew all to well his body racked with sobs. The moment she saw him her heart split in two, all though they had been at odds for years, she had carried a soft spot for him, she knew deep down his behaviour and insults were all a defence mechanism. She stood watching him as he looked at his arm, pain and disgust etched over his face...could it be the dark mark? Harry had mentioned it before but she hadn't believed it to be true, but was it? Her eye's roamed over his strong muscular back and she wondered not for the first time what he would like underneath his shirt.

She wanted nothing more than to step forward and ask if she could do anything but let's face it, he wouldn't want help from her, she was a filthy mud blood in his eye's, her heart sank at that thought. She turned to go knowing if she took to long then her friends would come looking for her and the last thing she wanted was for them to see this boy in so much pain. Part of her felt terrible for watching him when he was like this but part of her liked that he could be vulnerable at times. As she stepped forward she tripped and knocked something over, SHIT!!! she thought, turning around slowly she was met with him facing her wand raised.

"I'm sorry" she stuttered "I'll go"

She turned to go again when something grabbed her wrist, looking down at it she saw a milky white hand, raising her head she saw him looking into her eyes looking lost. Taking her by surprise he slid to the ground in front of her gripping her waist, he buried his head in her stomach "Granger, help me"

Those three words sent chills through her body, she never expected this, she loosened his grip and sank to his level gripping his face in her hands "What can I do Malfoy?"

The tears flowed freely over his cheeks and she rubbed them away, without quite realizing what was going on he had moved his hands to her cheeks and was rubbing them softly. He had often thought of her in the past, not that he would admit it. She was beautiful, more so up close. Her eye's had closed and she was leaning in to his touch. "So beautiful" he muttered.

Her eyes flew open and she blushed "Don't, please don't tease me"

"Granger I'm not teasing you, your the most beautiful girl I have ever seen" he answered honestly.

Her eyes lowered to the ground and she whispered "But you think I'm a mud blood"

"I'm sorry for the past things I have said to you Hermione, I didn't mean it"

Her eyes shot to look into his, a smile playing across her lips "You called me Hermione, Draco"

Despite his mood he smiled back "And you called me Draco" He looked at her lips and decided to throw caution to the wind, he leaned forward and pressed his mouth against hers, his tongue flicking against her lips to gain access to her mouth, she let him in and there tongues danced to a romantic tune, she moaned against his mouth causing him to pull away "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that"

"It's fine Draco, I liked it. Now you asked for my help, what can I do?" she smiled kindly at him.

Taking a deep breath he pushed his sleeve up and showed her the dark mark, he couldn't look her in the face knowing that he would see disgust written all across it. To his surprise her fingers went to his chin and forced him to look at her, she wasn't looking at him in disgust just sympathy and understanding. "Hermione, I don't want this, my father made me do this. Now I have a mission from Voldemort, what can I do? I need help"

She stroked his hair and kissed his forehead "Do you trust me?" He nodded as she stood up and held out her hand "Then come with me Draco, talk to Dumbledore, he will help protect you as will I" she looked at him shyly for a second "You know even with all the name calling I always liked you"

He looked at her astonished "I always liked you to and I truly am sorry for all the misery I put you through" he reached up and took her hand, pulling himself to his feet. He looked down into her eyes "Do you promise to stay with me?"

"I promise, you have nothing to worry about now, we will all look after you" She smiled at him and led him out the door towards his chance at salvation. Who knew that the one person he had been so sure hated him would be the one to help try and save his soul?