"Welcome to Rainbow Cooking, with Maya—"

"And Dakota!"

Maya glanced at her daughter and tugged on her pigtails. "Yeah, and Dakota. Anyway, today we'll be teaching you how to make herbal tea!"


"Quiet, Dakota. Mama is cooking. Anyway, take any type of herb—"

"Don't use the blue herbs, though!! If you sell them, you'll get more money than if you boiled it!"


"Sorry, Mama."

"Ok! Now, take the herb and place it in a pot of boiling water."

"You didn't explain how, Mama."

"Well, I assume the nice people watching will already know."

"You don't."


"Daddy boiled the water before we went live. You didn't boil it."


"Anyway, nice people watching, set a pot on the stove and turn the heat up to 'medium'. When bubbles start appearing throughout the pot, you know to put the herbs in!"

"…Sweetie, why are you here again?"

"'Take Your Kid to Work Day.'"

"Why didn't Daddy take you?"

"He said you could benefit from my cooking skills—"

"Dakota, quiet. Anyway, put the herb of your choice in the pot, and—Dakota, what is that?"

"It's my own pot. Daddy bought it for me. Look, my herbs are disintegrating better than yours. Look, nice people! Watch me, not Mama!"

"Cameras, could we, uh, cut to the picture? Thanks! Anyway, once the leaves have started to color the water, you know it's done! Uh…well, it shouldn't look brown, it should look red, but uh—"

"Mine is red."

"Dakota, please."

"Camera, look! Thank you! Anyway, see nice people watching? Mine is right!! You wanna follow my instructions!
"Okay, cut!"

"Mama, this is live. We can't cut. But speaking of cutting, tomorrow we're gonna be making sandwiches! And mine's gonna be better!"

"…Daddy put you up to this, didn't he?"


"…That's all for this episode! See you next time on—"

"Rainbow Cooking!! Can we have the pretty theme song, now? Anyway, thanks for watching!"


"So, Mama, how did I do?"