A/N : So I am doing a little Editing & Re-writing of this story . The plot and basic storyline stay the same but there are a few errors that I wanted to fix and I wanted to re-write sections of the later chapters. Thanks for reading or re-reading .

Takes place during Eclipse.

A Stolen Kiss


"You don't see yourself clearly, you are beautiful Bella. I am not the only one to think so too. "Edward stated. "What?" I asked. Edward just looked at me; "Oh you mean like Mike or Tyler or Jacob of course "I listed in my most sarcastic tone. "Who wouldn't I expect?" doubting that anyone even noticed me. Edward smiled "Embry, Quil, Seth " he paused laughing at my expression, he raised an eyebrow and continued "Jasper ".

"Jasper" I gasped " But Alice and Jasper are soul mates" Edward pulled me closer. "As I have said love and lust don't always keep the same company, now go to sleep Bella". Edward lowered his lips to my hair as I closed my eyes. The thought of Jasper thinking of me as more than a sister was shocking, but somehow as I laid here in the arms of my love, the idea was thrilling. I have to stop thinking about it; I have to push it far from my mind. Snuggling closer to Edward I tried to sleep.

I woke up alone , slowly I got up, dressed and started down the stairs looking for Edward. Half way down I saw that the Cullen's were home, Edward was standing by the glass wall with Carlisle deep in thought. "Hey Bella "Alice's voice startled me , "Breakfast?" She asked. Reaching the bottom of the stairs I looked over my shoulder to where Edward was still standing, he was watching me with worried eyes. A small smile played across his face before turning back to Carlisle. "Bella!" Jasper was just in front of me stopping me in my tracks , the wall that separated the large room from the kitchen was at his back . I looked up at Jasper and took a small step back from him, not used to him being willingly this close to me. My heart beat quickened to an alarming speed. Jasper must have thought that it was his closeness that caused my fear; he turned from me quickly and was at Alice's side before I could blink. "Sorry "I said not able to look him in the eye, Jasper nodded his head in response as I walked into the kitchen.

"What's for breakfast?" I asked Alice; "She made omelets" Edward answered as he came in and stood behind me. "Great "I mustered with a smile. "Alice, would you and Jasper stay with Bella for a while?" Edward asked as I sat down on one of the stools along the counter. "Of course!" she answered. Of Course, I thought. I looked back pleadingly at Edward "The others and I are going to meet with Sam and Jacob to talk about a few things for the fight and No, you are staying here. Jacob as orders not to bring you as well." I opened my mouth to protest, "Bella please stay with Alice and Jasper. " "Fine "I huffed; he lifted my chin and pressed his lips to mine.

I sat and eat while the others left, leaving just Me, Alice and Jasper in the kitchen. Alice was dancing as she arranged flowers around the rooms. Jasper was watching her, a small smile on his lips. As I watched him I started to think about what Edward had said. Jasper was more than in love with Alice and it was not hard to see. Love and Lust don't always keep the same company, Edward's words rang in my head. I couldn't image that was true with Jasper; but maybe it was. I guess Edward would know, had he hear something in Jasper's thoughts? I jumped when Jasper's head turned towards me pulling me from my thoughts. With a small laugh, I was washed with a wave of clam. " Jasper stop terrifying Bella " Alice laughed. " No , it wasn't Jasper really , I was lost in my thoughts and he just startled me ." I said trying to cover the embarrassment.

Alice's face turned from a wide smile to smooth stone, Jasper was at her side in a flash. " Alice what is it ? What do you see ?" ,she was quite for a moment before she turned her head to Jasper , placing a hand on his face her smiled returned. " It's nothing to worry about. The Wolves must be close I can't see anything" she reassured him. A minute later the door bell rang "I'll get it ", she sang as she danced out of the room with Jasper a few steps behind her. " Jasper?" I called to stop him. "Bella?" his voice was more a question then a response, only turning his head back towards me. "Alice can't see what I am planning with the Wolves this close, right?" I know the answer but I wasn't sure if I wanted to ask my question . "Is there something you are planning that you don't want her to see?" he asked. "No not really, I have a question but I don't want her to see me asking it". " Hello Seth, what can I do for you?" Alice's voice floated through the room from the front door, Jasper's head turned towards it. "No, she will not be able to see it" Jasper paused; turning his head back to me "You aren't leaving to ask this question are you Bella?" his voice became concerned. "No, it has to do with you "I said turning my head back down to my plate.

"I want to ask you something that you can't ever let Edward or Alice know that I asked". I looked up to his face, his eyes concerned. "I will try Bella" he replied. "I …. Edward ….. Well, see Edward and I were talking … " Why couldn't I just ask? " Bella , Alice will be back soon , if you need to ask something without her knowing you need to do it quickly. " Jasper said looking over his shoulder toward the front door. " OK, I need you to please tell me the truth" I started. Jasper nodded in agreement, still looking over his shoulder. "Edward told me that I didn't see myself the way others do." I paused, Jasper's head turned back to me "That is true" he said. "He said that I don't see how others look at me, that he has heard the things that the boys at school were thinking about me." I looked away from him again. "He said that beside for those boys and Jacob that some of the Wolves look at me that way also" I paused again, he waited "and that you do too". Jasper tensed, "I wanted … to know…. Why? I mean you have Alice and ….. " . I stopped when he turned away from me, "Edward should never have told you that" Jasper's voice was strained.

I wanted an answer but I was to afraid to speak. Jasper's head turned so I could see half of his face, "I love Alice more then I can explain, she is my everything". Turning his head away again, "But you do something to me when you are close. There are times when I would give up everything that I have and hold dear, to be with you. To just be Edward for a day." He let out a small laugh; all I could do was watch him. I had never seen Jasper struggle with his words. Standing I walked towards him, slowly I lifted a hand to touch his shoulder. He spun around to face me slipping an arm around my waist pulling me into him. We stood like this for only a moment before without thinking I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his face towards me, our mouths meeting in a crash of pressure. His body as hard as stone seemed to soften against me for a minute before he was pulling us apart. I was stuck to the spot where I stood not able to move, but he was now across the kitchen as far from me as he could be. "I'm sorry Bella. That should never have happened" Jasper's voice was full of the shame that we both felt.

Able to move now I turned to look at him, looking at each other, we heard the front door close. "Jasper, they can never know "I whispered. " Who must never know what?" Alice said as she walked in eyeballing Jasper then me."Bella wanted to know why I thought it would help if she was in the clearing. She's worried about us, and didn't want the others to know that she was considering going" Jasper explained looking from Alice to me. Turing on me her voice as cold as ice "You are not going to that clearing, no matter what Jasper thinks. We will not allow you to be there." She walked closer to me "You are to important to us to loss you "she placed her hands on my arms, giving me a light squeeze. "Edward will be home soon "she said "Jasper and I will not tell him that you had asked, but I will be watching." She looked at Jasper, reaching out her hand to his. He gave her a small smile and took it. As they walked out, Jasper's eyes were on me.