Author's Note : For those of you who don't know I am doing a bit of Editing / re-writing to this story I have up to Chapter 7 edited so far . So it you wish to re-read ( the plot will be staying the same just fixing a few spots ) please do so and Thank You for Reading the first time .

I know that there were some questions at the end of the last chapter asking if I was going to continue on with this story or maybe write a second one to go with it . I am going to say that I have no interest in writing a sequel to Stolen Kiss . It started as a one shot and then grow a little unwillingly into a full story , and I really just don't see my self pushing an other story out .

I also know that a few of you asked it the ending meant that Alice and Charlie were now an item , that would be a big NO ! Alice is still waiting fr her true mate , and Charlie will be able to still see Bella , and nothing more . I did kind of leave it open for a story of either Alice finding her mate ( it will not be Charlie ) or one of how Charlie 's new life is going , but I really haven't gotten anything that I truly wish to write about .

So for now this is all she wrote!