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Bella is a recovering anorexic and bulemic with a dark past. She is still in a fragile state when the Cullens move to town and shake up her world. The Cullens soon find themselves enchanted with Bella and hell bent to discover what happened to her. Soon they uncover something deadly and disturbing about her past..... but when they find out are they to late to save the one they care for?

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Bella P.O.V.

I'd guess you could say I have and illness or disorder. I wouldn't disagree with you. Trust me I know what I did... what I still occasionally do is wrong. I mean my skin is unbelievably pale, i'm so thin that my rib cage sticks out, and I loose clumps of hair.... but I couldn't help it.

After what he did to me... what he said to me... it hurt, and the only way to make me feel better... to make me feel beautiful was to starve myself or throw up after I ate. It helped... but when my parents found out all hell broke loose.

They started to freak out, they sent me to a doctor and therapist, thinking it would help.... and it did. To an extent. I mean I did start to eat again... and I wouldn't throw it up after every meal. But every now and then visions of him would flash through my mind... and i'd slip up.

So of course when my parents saw me throwing up again I was under 24/7 patrol. Angela was watching me like a hawk at school. Making sure I ate and going to the bathroom with me to make sure I wouldn't throw up. Of course with this going on people started to get suspicious, and soon the whole town found out. So now everyone knew that I used to be anorexic and bulemic. They always talked about me.... so today I was glad when the news about getting new students arrived.

All attention was diverted from me and to the new kids... thank the lord!

"Bella are you okay?" Angela asked looking at me skeptically. I gave her a small smile and nodded.

"Just thinking." I replied.

"About what?" She asked.

"Oh about the new- Holy crap!" I said, looking over at the people that caught my eye.

"What?!" Angela asked in a paniced voice.

"The new kids are beautiful!" I said, pointing over at them. Coming out if a silver Volvo were the most gorgeous people on the face of the planet. They all had pale skin and strikingly perfect features. One was big and huge and I mean huge muscles, and dark curly hair. He had his arm wrapped around a beautiful girl with long blonde hair. My eyes darted over to a pixie looking sort of girl with short black hair jumping up and down next to a tall blonde boy who looked like a movie star. Then my eyes landed on the most beautiful one of them all. He had wild, wind blown bronze hair, and full kissable lips.

"Wow...." Angela breathed. I looked over at her breaking my ogling and smiled at her. "They are beautiful." She said. "Unlike us..." She mumbled. I blinked stunned.

"You ugly piece of trash!" He yelled. "Look at you! You resemble a pig!"


"What? Do you think your beautiful?" He asked. When I didn't respond, he laughed. "Thats what I thought." He then grabbed me by the hair making me scream in pain.

"Bella! Bella are you okay?" I heard Angela's voice say. I shook my head at her tears spilling out of my eyes. "Oh Bella..." But I ran... I couldn't let her pity me. I ran surprisingly not tripping trying to find my destination... the bathroom. I'd show him... i'd make him see I can be pretty... I've got to rid myself of this fat and-

"Oh!" I said, falling down on my butt after I hit something hard. I heard a quite giggle and a bass laugh. I quickly looked up to see the beautiful people from the parking lot looking at me with amused expressions. I blushed and looked down. "I'm sorry..... I wasn't looking at where I was going." I said.

"It's all right... you didn't hurt me." A velvet voice said. I looked up and felt my blush grow when my eyes landed on the bronze haired boy.

"Oh god! I really am sorry." I said. The bronze haired boy smiled and held his hand out for me. I stared at his hand for a second and then reached for it. And my god were his hands cold!

"It's really no problem." He said. I nodded and looked down at my feet.

"Well I should go..." I said.

"Alright... well.. see you later!" The pixie girl said in a hyper voice. I smiled and gave them a shy wave. I headed down the hall... but instead of going to the bathroom I went to my class.

Alice P.O.V.

Well that was intresting.

"Yeah it was." Edward said, picking apart his bagel. We were now in the cafeteria 'eating' lunch.

"She was so small.... and thin. That girl we ran into." I mused out loud this time.

"Yeah I know." Emmet said. "She looked more fragile than the average human."

"It's kinda scary how thin she was.... She was thinner than you Alice." Rosalie said. I nodded.

"And that's saying alot." I said.

"Do you think she's maybe sick? Or has a disease or something?" Emmet asked.

"Emmet I don't think a disease would make her as thin as paper." Edward said.

"And how would you know? It's not like you can read her mind anyways." Emmet said. Edward flinched at that.... clearly not being able to read her mind was driving him crazy.

"Well there she is now." Jasper said.

Rosalie P.O.V.

"Well there she is now." Jasper said. We all looked over to see the girl walk into the cafeteria with a girl with light brown hair.

"Are you sure your okay Bella?" The girl with the light brown hair asked. Bella sighed.

"Yes i'm fine... there was no slip up... and if you don't believe me then ask my teacher, I was the first one in the classroom." She said. Slip up? What did that mean?

"Alright." The girl with the light brown hair said with a sigh.

Emmet P.O.V.

This Bella girl was extremly small... it seemed as if a gust of wind could take her away. I looked over at Rosalie and saw a look on her face that I only saw when she looked at babies she'd see. She was feeling all.... motherly towards the girl. I flickered my eyes towards Alice and saw her concentrating long and hard on the girl with a small smile on her face.

Jasper was just looking at her with furrowed eyebrows while Edward.... Well Edward looked entranced by her. Hmm intresting..... I turned my attention back to the Bella girl to see her sitting down at a table with the light brown haired girl. The people at the table smiled at Bella and then went back upon their gossiping business.

"Hey... can I have your ketchup?" Bell asked.

"Sure." A guy with blonde hair said. Bella smiled at him and his eyes seemed to glaze over, after a second he gave her a cockey grin and winked. Edward growled making us look at him strangely.

"Filthy mind." He muttered. I chuckled and turned my attention back to Bella.

Jasper P.O.V.

I stared at the Bella girl confused by her emotions. They were all over the place. Boredom, sleepy, happy, sad, shy, eager, and horror. God what an odd combination.

"You do realize we seem like stalkers just staring at her." Alice said, though she still didn't look away from Bella. I nodded but was unable to look away. What was it with this girl? Why couldn't we look away? And why was she making everyone feel protective and loving towards her... we didn't even know her!

Edward P.O.V.

I don't know what it was but something about this frail girl fascinated me. She looked up as if she sensed the eyes of my whole family on her.

Her big, round, haunting brown eyes connected with mine until she snapped her eyes to the rest of my family. Then she looked back at me and gave me a small sad smile before she looked back down at her barily eaten tray of food.

"Bella?" A girl with light brown hair asked. Bella looked over at the girl.

"Yes Angela?" She asked in a feather light voice.

"Are you feeling alright?" The Angela girl asked, flickering her eyes toward Bellas tray of food and then back up to her. Bella sighed, and stuffed a french fry into her mouth.

"I'm fine...see?" She said pointing towards her mouth. Angela sighed but turned her attention back to the conversation the people at the table were having.

I don't know... should I report this to her parents? I mean she didn't slip up... but she is acting strange. Maybe I should just tell them she was spacing out alot... and to look out? Yeah I'll do that.... because she really does start to act strange before she- Oh what did Jess just ask me? Angela thought.

I looked at her quizically before I looked back at Bella. She was staring down at her tray of food, she sighed heavily and pushed the food away from her.

"Bella." Angela said in a warning tone.

"Angela.... please.... i'm fine really." Bella said in a tired voice.


"I'm fine okay? I wont slip up! Jesus would you stop breathing down my neck!" Bella snapped. By now the whole cafeteria was silent and people were looking at her. Bella stood up, and looked over at us then she sighed and stormed out of the room.

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