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Bella P.O.V.

I swallowed the thick lump in my throat, and looked down at my hands tightly clasped ontop the wooden table, as my lawyer got up to question Angela.

"Now... how long have you and Isabella been friends?" She asked.

"Well for about fourteen years." She replied.

"So I take it you know Isabella well?"

"Of course... yes." Angela said. And I got the sense that my lawyer was nodding.

"So... when did you notice that Bella started to change?" She asked. I heard Angela take a shakey breath before she replied.

"When she was about thirteen." She said.

"And can you tell me what those changes were?" My lawyer asked.

"Well.... you see, before everything ha-happened.. Bella..." It sounded like Angela's voice was quivering. In the way that someone would sound before they started to cry.... rapsy and shakey. I shook my head, closed my eyes tightly, and bit my lip in an attempt to keep the tears at bay. But I knew I wouldn't last long. "She... Bella was so happy. She'd smile at the most simplist things. She was so open and caring. She was friends with everyone. As my father would say... she was the perfect all-american girl. Everyone loved her... it was hard not to."

At that a quiet sob broke from my lips, and I bowed my head down covering my face with my hands. I'm so sorry... so so sorry.

"And what changed?" My lawyer asked.

"Well at first it was small things. Barely noticable. It was as if the light was knocked out of her.... and her smile... well it didn't seem as care free anymore."

"And you said it was barily noticable... so how did you notice?"

"Bella is my best friend. I love her... she's like a sister to me." Angela said. And it was at the moment that I realized she was crying. I'm so sorry Angela, so sorry.

"What else? What tipped you off that something was wrong with her?" My lawyer asked.

"Well she started to become edgy... withdrawn even. She barily smiled anymore....and she was just a shell of herself. It was when her physical apperance started to change that I became even more worried."

"How so?"

"Well.... she was becoming extremely pale... and she started to get bags under her eyes, then soon enough.... she started to look like she was loosing extreme amounts of weight. For a while I thought she was sick... or just going through a rough patch in puberty, I don't know. But when I saw bruises on her arms I finally confronted her." I bit my lip harder and shook my head fiercly, my tears coming at full force now.

"And what did she tell you? When you confronted her?" My lawyer asked. Angela cleared her throat.

"She.... She told my that her monster of a step father beat, and raped her.... he not only physically scarred her, but it was emotionally as well." She said. It was silent for a while before my lawyer spoke.

"And who is her step father?"

"Phil." She spat.

Alice P.O.V.

Soon after Bella's lawyer was done talking to Angela, the bastards lawyer went up next. And his questioning was shit hole material.

"And why did you keep Bella's secret? Are you sure she wasn't lying to you? Maybe she was just doing this for fun? Maybe-"

"Objection!" Bella's lawyer yelled standing up. "That question is-"

"No." Angela said shaking her head. "I'll answer that." It was quiet for a second before Bella's lawyer sat back down.

"Actually sir." Angela sneered. And I didn't have to be my husband to know this girl was disgusted at the man standing before her. "Bella is a selfless person. She has ALWAYS put other's feelings before hers. She always cares about a person's happiness and well being more than her own. So I know for a fact that Bella did not enjoy what that sick bastard did to her! The only reason she put up with that type of abuse was because that monster made her mom happy. She loves her mom dearly... all she wanted was for her to be happy!"

After her little rant I heard Bella's mom let out a choked sob and my heart went out to her. Not only did she find out that her husband raped and abused her daughter... but she also found out that her daughter went through that hell just for the sake of her mother's happiness. I sighed sadily and turned my attention onto Bella. Her frail shoulder's were shaking from repressed sobs, and she kept on shaking her head from side to side. It's going to be alright in the end Bella... just hang in there.

Angela P.O.V.

"You did good kid." Charlie whispered to me as I sat back down. I just nodded and tried to wipe away the tears that were still streaming from my eyes.

"Here honey." Renee whispered, handing my a tissue.

"Thanks..." I croaked back. "I'm... I'm sorry I don't know what's wrong with me." Renee gave me a watery smile.

"We all care deeply for Bella. It's only normal that we cry for what we lost and for what she's been through." She said, before she turned her attention back up to the stand where Alice Cullen was now sitting. This time it was asshat's lawyer who went up first to talk to her.

"How do you know Isabella?" He asked.

"We go to school together.... she's my best friend." She replied. He nodded and placed his hands behind his back.

"So... would Bella... by chance go to you for everything? To... I don't know... vent?" He asked.

"I would hope so.. yes."

"So.... did she tell you about her eating disorder?" He asked. Alice shook her head.

"No... not technically."

"What do you mean?" He asked. Alice shrugged.

"We found out and basically confronted her about it.... that's when she told us the whole story that went along with it."

"Oh." The lawyer said with a small nod of his balding head. "You mean that story about Phil?"


"And you believed her?" He asked. At this Alice raised an eyebrow at him.

"Excuse me?" She asked.

"Well... are you sure she wasn't lying? For attention?" Alice sighed frustrated.

"Really?" She asked. "Are you always going to fire back with that acusation? 'Are you sure she didn't enjoy it?'" She said, imitating his voice to a perfect T. "'Was she just doing it for attention?' Oh! Or my favorite one! 'Are you sure she wasn't lying?' God dammit! Get it through your thick skull okay! Bella wasn't lying or looking for attention. That man over there" She yelled pointing her finger at Phil. "Ruined her! I mean the evidence piled against him is enough to prove him guilty! Hell we shouldn't even be having this trial! But that jerk off just had to plead that he was innocent! When we all know he's not! So yes to answer your question I did believe her! I still do! It's hard not to when you look in her eyes!"

The whole court room went dead silent, so silent it didn't even sound like anyone was breathing. Everyone sitting stock still in shock. Even the people in the jury who were mostly sitting there with an unemotional mask the whole time seemed shocked. And asshat's lawyer was staring at Alice with wide eyes. And for the first time since I went on stand Bella finally lifted her head. I was pretty sure I could bet my whole bank account on her tear stained face being the most shocked out of everyone else's.

"Alright Ms. Cullen, calm down that's enough." The Judge said, seeing as he was the first one to recover. Alice nodded and slowed down her rapid angry breathing.

"Right... right i'm sorry." She said. The judge nodded then turned his attention on the still shcoked lawyer.

"Are you done?" He asked the lawyer, who just nodded and rushed back to his seat. It was no more than five seconds later that Bella's lawyer seemed to regain herself and moved towars Alice.

"Who long have you and Isabella been friends?" She asked.

"Well.... not as long as Bella and Angela have been.. but long enough." Alice replied.

"So what was your first impression of her, when you first saw her?" She asked. Alice sighed and looked over at Bella, but she had her head bowed down towards the table again.

"My first impression of her.... Well when I first saw her I noticed how frail she was... how innocent she seemed. But she also looked weak.. not physically weak per say... but more emotionally weak. Like... well as if just the smallest of words could be said.. or spoken in the wrong context and it would send her spiraling downward to hell." Alice said, tilting her head to the side and looking at Bella with a soft smile. "But at the first moment I... well my family and I met her, it was as if she was suddenly our world. It was strange you know? We didn't even know this girl yet... but we already cared deeply for her."

Bella's lawyer nodded and said. "That's all."

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