Chapter 1

Creation of ice

What happens when time stops and everything disappears? Nothing left of the world you once knew except a shadow of the old world that follows the few survivors. They wonder threw nothing the world they knew has become a shadow full of sorrow and suffering, but amongst the survivor's there is hope for the fallen world. When the child of ice is consumed by lighting and the embers shall flare again and bless the child of shadows shall this fallen world be saved? Now let our story begin with the child of ice.

I walked threw the rubble toward a mountain spring. I'm growing into a hunter; I can kill most of the beasts in this area so I guess that's why I stay here. I looked down at the clear water, noting at how different I looked from when I was younger. Then the reflection changed. In the water was my little sister, wearing her favorite dress. She was one of the people I missed so much and her angelic voice spoke. She said "I'm glad you're well Keita were all fine too!" I reached in the water to hug her, for it had been long since I had heard her sweet voice, but as soon as I touched the cool water she disappeared as the ripples formed. I knew it was an illusion so I fell back into the despair of having your family dead and while you still live.

I was wondering in the woods to calm my mind and soul from the sudden shock. As I walked in a daze towards a giant beast. It would have been fine if I had thought to bring my blades, but I hadn't. Immediately he recognized me and stood still waiting for the chance to snatch his prey. Then as he saw me walk towards him, eyes closed, and none of my senses working properly. As soon as he realized this he pounced, claws stretched out, teeth a shown he ran towards me wanting my flesh. I barely realized the danger I was in until it was almost too late to move. I pulled out one of my spare blades and put as much force as I could on the blades to stop the in coming attack. My efforts were successful; the blade tore threw the shoulder of the beast and it screamed in agony but the hunter became more alert with the skills of its prey. He gained speed and strength because of his wound. I tried and tried again to wound the beast further, but it was futile.

So the light that my eyes had once been so full of faded to darkness. When light was regained to my world, I heard the screams and groans of the dying. When I tried to stand up to help them, my legs would not allow me to get off all fours and it was night; yet I could clearly see all the bodies as if it were dawn. So I wandered in the forest on four legs until I came to a stream and looked at myself in the water.

I had yellow eyes and white fur, except for a black paw and a dark grey stripe that started at my head. My claws were sharper than normal wolf claws and I had dragon like wings with a sharp claw at the tip of each. As I wandered threw the dead bodies, a spirit of a young girl with tattered clothing kneeled next to me. She smiled at me and ran towards the ice plain that now covered this world. I followed the young spirit on the plain of ice, when suddenly the ice turned into grass and we came to a meadow.

At the center of the meadow was a giant tree that was withering away. The little spirit patted the tree and spoke "This is the meadow of dreams, and we call this tree the tree of hope; for it has stood unharmed through all kinds of tragedies and has guided many lost souls to the next world Many others used to live here and call this tree their home, but they have all left, so this tree can die in peace." For a while she stared at the tree that had given hope to lost souls for many years and the little soul shed a few tears for the tree and continued. "When all hope in this world is lost, a new future shall sprout from all the chaos of the old world and give to the people of the lost world a new future, fate and destiny." She smiled at me and I gave her a confused look.

Then she spoke of a legend I had often heard "Only when ice is consumed by lightening shall a guardian arise; and from the falling ambers that turn into the darkness of the death be blessed by fire and shall the fallen world be saved." Then she jumped into the tree and disappeared, smiling, and when the little soul left, the meadow that had been so beautiful a second ago disappeared whisked away with the wind. So the ground beneath me turned into air and in the process of trying to reach the ice. I lost my footing and fell into the abyss below me. When conciseness was coming back to me, I heard many voices some whispering others talking but I never understood what they said.

When I could see again, I was lying on a cloud. It was soft and farms lay around the whole thing. No one was out but I could feel a pair of eyes on me, waiting for me to move. I stood up finding out I was a human again. I stood their debating what to do now. I hadn't really noticed the people coming towards me with strange stick like things in their hands. Once they were only a couple yards away the men stopped pointed their weapons at me.