Welcome to the Palace by Atem~of~Egypt

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I sighed. The worst day of the year. Well, maybe not the worst. More like the most boring. From all over the world, gifts were sent to me to keep the trade going, and getting a shot at Egypt's wealth (yeah, right). For hours I would sit on the hard, golden throne listening to the dribble of my fellow priests. Keeping tally of what was given, they scratched on papyrus scrolls throughout the day. Whether it was spices, dancers, or exotic animals made no difference to me. I was just about to send myself to the Shadow Realm to escape this madness, or lack of it, when five scantily dressed slave women walked up to the throne, carrying a large box. Struggling with the weight of the heavy wood, it was set down in front of the throne's raised platform. I stared at them, trying hard to not fall asleep. One stepped forward and bowed her head, avoiding her eyes.

"Great and honorable pharaoh, we have been sent from a small country in the west. Please, accept our gift, lord." She said nervously. I watched her.

"What is it?" I drawled slowly, fighting the urge to nap. She gulped.

"Pharaoh, it is a creature of such beauty that it is meant only for a god's eyes, such as yours." I snorted, causing her to jump.

"Really? Open it." I said with slight amusement. Assassination came in all forms.

A few of my guards hurried forward and pried open the box. Inside were some linen type cloth, and a huddled figure. It was a young girl. Her shaking shoulders were turned from me, hiding much of her. I peered in closer. Her hair was long and brown, and her naked body was a deep tan, like mine. I cocked my head, looking at the women.

"What is this? Who is this girl?" The lead slave shivered, head still bent low.

"H-her name is Mana, lord. She is the most beautiful girl in our village. Her eyes are like emeralds, bright green. W-we are hoping she will please the pharaoh with his wishes." I leaned back, stretching like a cat on the throne.

"And you put her in a box."

"She must not be seen by others. Her beauty is for gods alone."

"And this was the village of…?"

"Gheru, great pharaoh." I nodded, and Priest Seto marked it on his parchment.

"Very well, you may go. Tell your king I give my thanks." They bowed deeply, and stumbled back down the long hall. I glanced at the box, which the girl, Mana, was still in. I waved my hand and several guards took it and placed it behind the throne. I would investigate her later.

Many more gifts; horses, camels, much spices, gold, bronze, and other metals arrived. Occasionally someone would check on the girl, who was still shaking in fear. When it was finally over, it was late mid-afternoon. I stood and stretched, walking behind my throne. Poking the girl, I bent over her.

"Mana, get a hold over yourself. No one's been beheaded yet. Please get out of the horridly small box." Hurrying to obey, Mana crawled out into the open, sunlight shining on her. She looked at my feet, avoiding my gaze. I bent down, cupping her chin.

"Look at me." She did, slowly, and I gasped. Her eyes were like emeralds, ranging from deep green to an airy lime. Light shined on them, making the orbs sparkle spectacularly. It took me a moment to realize that they glittered so because she was crying. Tears leaked out from the bright jewels. Her head was jerking in fear.

His face was somewhat cold. The deep crimson and amethyst eyes seemed to glare deep into my soul. I was extremely scared. Seeming to sense my fright, the pharaoh stood, looking down at me. My face was already flushed from the fact that I was naked, but his hard stare made me turn even redder. He was very handsome, deeply tanned, and muscles moving under his smooth skin. A white linen tunic stopped just above his knees, and gold arm and leg bands accessorized his features. Earrings were dangling from his lobes. A long, billowing purple cape reached down to his slipper-like shoes. He did not smile. Thinking I had disappointed him, my heart crashed.

"I-I'm sorry…lord…please, do not hurt the girls….it's m-my fault….punish me i-instead…" He snorted, and I jerked.

"Mana, you do not have to kiss my royal ass. I get enough of that from the council and my priests. No offense, Seto."

"None taken, pharaoh."

"Can you stand? How long have you been in there?" She grimaced.

"A-about 6 hours…" she murmured. I cringed. Taking her arm gently, I helped her to her feet. A trembling hand took mine as she tried to steady herself. Several moments after regaining her balance, Mana seemed to realize what she was doing and her delicate fingers yanked back to hide her face. Despite her brown skin, Mana's blush was clearly visible. I took off my cape and wrapped it around her shoulders. Smiling, I led her back to my private quarters, looking ahead as I spoke.

"I assume you thought me to be someone giving unreasonable orders, and expect unquestioning obedience? Perhaps the latter, but I don't do things without reason. Except," I said with a twinge on evil, "on Nile Wednesday." She looked at me, eyes full of doubt and slight curiousness.

"N-Nile W-Wednesday?" I gripped her hand tighter.

"The first Wednesday of every new month. Nile Wednesday, otherwise phrased by Seto as 'what-in-the-name-of-ra-is wrong-with-you-crazy-people party day. I call it the best fun of the season. You'll like it here, Mana. You'll like it here a lot. Welcome to the palace."