Heroes Revamped

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Sometimes, in our darkest moments, we see the brightest lights. We reach, but they are just out of our grasps. But for some of us, we can reach that bit further, and grab the light, and pull it close, and never let go. But, there is danger in the light. It keeps us safe, but at what cost? Social demonization, shunned from society, dark glances. They all stem from one thing: Jealousy. Jealousy of the light. But the real question is, are you ready to accept that?

Chapter 4: Covered in Light

* *

Pinehearst Facility

A few people come into a large room, dragging Adam along.

"Oi! Put me down! I said let go!"

He's thrown onto the floor beside a bed. He looks up and sees a horrific sight. Something he never thought he'd ever see again.

"Hello, Arthur." He said.

'Hello, Adam.' He heard in his mind.

"Ah, telepathy. Well, we've been busy haven't we?"

'Enough with the games Adam. You know why you're here.'

"Really? I thought it was just a little reunion. You know, glass of punch there, some hor'derves. You know, the usual."


Someone grabs Adam from behind.

"Oh come on now! You can't do this to me!"

Maury throws Adam onto a table and straps him in. He grabs a needle and stabs Adam. He draws some blood and Adam looks to calm down a tad.

Maury takes the needle over to Arthur and injects him with the blood.

While he's doing this, Adam's working the straps.

After all of the blood is injected, Maury removes the needle and steps back. A moment later, Arthur moves his hands. He leans up and grabs the tube down his throat and pulls in out and breaths deeply.

Adam then breaks the straps and makes a break for it. Morrie begins to go after him.


He stops.

"Let him go. We may need him, and now that he knows I'm alive, he knows he'll never escape me."

* *


Claude knocks three times on a solid steel door.

The spyhole opens.

"I got it." Claude says.

A number of locks click open and the door creaks open. Claude walks through the door.

The inside was very normal. It looked more like a reception area. Claude shifts uncomfortably. He walks over to the reception desk.

"I'm supposed to drop this off here?" Claude asks.

"We've been expecting you. Third door on the right."

She pushed a button and the door to the right opened. Claude walked through the door hesitantly. Once he's through, the door slams shut behind him.

'I don't like this place very much.' He decided.

He went to the door he was told about, he knocks.

"Come in!" A cheery voice answers from behind.

Claude opens the door and goes inside.

The inside is a sort of laboratory. A solitary man is standing there in a lab coat. The man looks to be in his 20s, his thick brown hair, and a small pair of thin glasses.

"Ah! You must be Claude." the man says with a very slight Irish accent.

"How do you know my name?"

"Oh, we know much about you. We know about everything. Now, do you have the formula?"

Claude pulls the paper from his trench coat.

"Ah, very good. Now then, if you'll hand it to me, you'll receive your payment."

"One question."

"Very well."

"What do you plan to use this for?"

"Ah, a very good question. Come, and I'll show you."

The man takes off his coat and places it on a table.

He's wearing a light brown shirt with dark jeans. He opens another door and walks through it. Claude follows hesitantly.

When he steps through, he enters a large outdoor area that looks like a large park. The man is against a wall.

"Come, walk with me."

* *

Sullivan Brothers Carnival

An Irish man is performing in front of his audience. To them, his is known as Samuel, the Rock Crusher, but to the Carnival, he is known as Joseph's younger brother.

He usually doesn't mind that title, but still, he wishes for his own identity.

After his performance is done, and the audience clears out, a man with white hair approaches him.

"Hello Samuel. Quite a performance tonight."

"And who would you be?"

"Oh, how rude of me. My name is Linderman. And I have a proposition for you."

"Really now? And what would that be?"

"I am a representative of a company looking for people like you. Like me."

"Oh, really? Well, if you haven't noticed, as I'm sure you have, I'm already a member of such a thing."

"Ah, yes. But this, this is so much greater than your little fun and games here. You could make a difference."

"Thanks for the offer, but I'll decline."

"Very well. But, if you change your mind. Here's my card."

Linderman hands Samuel the card and walks away.

While he would never leave the Carnival, Linderman had given him a good little idea. He crumbled the card in his hands and threw it into a bin.

The next few months would be very interesting for him.

* *


Claude follows as the man leads him through the garden. People are walking casually around, nodding when they see the man, all wearing smiles that make Claude very uncomfortable.

"So, I bet you have some questions about us. What with all the secrets and the security."

"A few. But I learned long ago not to question every little detail. Keeps you alive longer."

"Oh, come now. No one here harbors ill will toward anyone, lest you."


Claude was still a tad bit skeptical. All he really wanted was to get payed, but if there's anything he's learned after all these years, it's that when someone says something, listen.

"Now then, introductions. I know who you are, but you know nothing about me. My name is Louie. And this is the Garden."

Louie waves his arm across the length of the garden and keeps walking.

"All of us here were chosen. We have the Light. You have the Light as well. That's one of the reasons we hired you. Your gifts made you an ideal worker. Now this," he holds up the paper, "was just to see if you could do it. Now about your payment."

"Yes, let us talk about that. What are we talking about here? Pounds, Cash, etc.?"

"Oh, yes, but the main payment, is an offer. We'd be greatly enhanced if you were to join us."

"No, I've already been a part of a fanatical group of specials once. I'd rather get the money."

"Very well. Just to let you know, the offer won't be retracted. Leave through that door," he points to a door across the yard, "and you shall receive your payment."

Claude walks and goes through the door. Louie walks over to a throne-like chair.

"Well then, the first piece has been placed. Soon, we shall have checkmate. But remember Claude," his hand forms a small orb of light that turns into an apple, "we are the peacemakers. And we will have peace."

He takes a bite from the apple.

* *

Primatech Paper, Odessa, Texas

A man is standing outside of the break room, leaning against the wall playing with a yo-yo.

The man has long black hair tied in a ponytail. He looks to be in his 40s and is wearing a crisp white suit.

Bob walks over to him carrying a file.


The man catches the yo-yo in his hand and looks Bob's way with a large smile on his face.

"Hey, there boss man. What's up?"

"It's Ezekiel. We've found him."

He tosses the chart at Seltzer.

"He's active."

The smile on Seltzer's face gets bigger and happier. The yo-yo in his hands disappears in a flash of light. He turns around and starts walking away.

"Will do."

Chapter End

* *

Author's Note: I'd like to thank Mr. Thumbsup for the character design of Seltzer. He shall be a very integral part of the story.