The following is a preview for the upcoming sequel to All We Know Is Falling...

The remaining Rocket meets Ash in the center of the room, unsheathes a small knife from his boot and lunches for the agent's stomach. He easily dodges the attempt and catches him by the forearm and neck. One quick snap of his wrist causes the Rocket to drop the knife, and is forced to meet the enraged agent in his cold eyes.

"Where is she?"

The Rocket manages a cocky smile, earning him a vicious blow to the face and a trickle of blood down his broken nose.

He shakes him again. "Damn it, tell me! Where is she?" he screams and slams him to the floor, holding him tightly by the collar. The man dangles in his grasp, completely at the will of his ferocity, but his broken smile still lingers through his battered countenance.

"You fool," he chokes out. "Did you really think she'd be here?"

His patience ends with another strike to the jaw. The man grunts and falls to the floor, reeling in pain. Ash stands over the Rocket, face a mantle of hatred, eyes swollen with anger - and what few tears he cannot hold back, bravely escape down his cheeks and outlines his profile before falling freely on his clothes. Shaking off the Rocket's blood burning his knuckles he wraps his fingers around his neck and squeezes.

"I'll kill you," he whispers face to face.

"Look at you," the Rocket coughs weakly as his grip intensifies. "You can't even help yourself... how can you help her?"

"Tell me where she is. Now."

- 'Brand New Eyes', scheduled to be posted 5.25.11