Arashi: My second Yellow story, mostly deals with Goh's thoughts of Taki.

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Goh never understands half of the things Taki does but he still loves him. He hates how Taki doesn't understand his advances and what's the reason why he won't be with him.


Reasons why I love about Taki

I never could understand how Taki like woman.

Sure I like boys that have a slenderer look to them but I find myself changing.

There are times when I want to kiss those gorgeous lips and what does he pull out?

His gun or mine even an intractable needle!

That idiot needs to get laid and pronto.

Ugh, I can't sleep at night that well anymore.

I lost my bunny boy but oh well.

I can always find a new one later on.

I got angry seeing him chained up as a couple of creeps were about to take what's mine.

He had to call out to me to hurry up.

I wanted to impress him and get him to fall for me.

Our next mission dealt with a girl and I can't work with girls at all.

I'm the gayest man in Japan and will not work at all with her.

I found out she was in fact a he.

I think even Taki fell for her/him a little bit.

We argue constantly but we work well together though.

We a perfect match but does Taki see that?

He never talks about his past and it intrigues to learn more about him.

I didn't know my wish was going to be answered.

One day for one of our little jobs, I found my Taki talking to a woman with a dog in her arms.

I yelled at him, saying he's a moth or is it the women are the moth.

I didn't care at all but I was jealous and that man and his body are mine.

Only to find out that woman really was a man at one point and he help raise Taki.

I meet his father in the park and he told me about a tiny bit of his life from before.

Taki finally told me that the reasons why at first he ignored my advances was because of his second parent who he considered as a brother wanted him to be his lover.

Taki was scared and that he only swore he cared about women but I made sure to change his mind.

He told me that his parents could easily kill me but I didn't care.

What's the point of living with out him?

The day I finally had him in my arms at last, he left the following morning to protect me.

Why can't that idiot get that I love him?I'm willing to beat up the Sandfish to prove my love to him.

Taki can't you get it that I love and I want to cherish you?

Only to find him tied up.

I told him personally that I'm willing to die for him.

I want us to leave happily after this situation is done.

Rescuing my dear Taki we drove away.

I got my family to meet him and they loved him.

The old man better be happy that his daughter is alive and leave my Taki alone!

I finally got Taki to marry me.

We had our Honeymoon in Rome.

That Jerk teased me about tossing the two coins.

I smiled secretively as I watch him deny the woman serving him his food about going out with her and him telling her that he's on his honeymoon.

We made love at last and I know for sure that I will always love him.

This is the reasons why I love about Taki


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