Title: Moments In Time (261-270)
Rating: This one is probably a hard PG-13 (a little bit of language)
Notes: Every now and then, these two play in my mind again...

Grandmama Cabot

"So, when are you going to do this, hm?" Alex's grandma pinned the young attorney with a look.

"'This?'" Alex questioned.

"This!" the elder Cabot moved her arms, encompassing the reception hall in which they were celebrating Alex's brother's wedding. "When are you going to get married?"

"Grandma…" Alex started.

"Don't 'grandma' me. It's legal now, right? So what are you waiting for?"

Alex gapped at her grandmother.

The older woman got a sly smile on her face, "You kids think grandmama doesn't know these things." Grandma Cabot winked at Olivia, then looked back at her granddaughter, "But grandmama knows.


As they walked away from the restaurant, Alex suddenly stopped and faced Olivia.

"I'm not usually unsure of myself," the blond stated bluntly.

Olivia paused a moment then replied, "I can see that."

Alex nodded slightly before continuing. "But I'm a little unsure right now. About you. About me."

Olivia held Alex's eyes for another second. The detective was unsure, too. But it was a risk worth taking. Without a word she leaned in and kissed the attorney. Softly. Tentatively. Then pulled slowly back and asked "How about now?"

Alex blinked several times. Then her lips formed a confident smile.

Some Nights

Some nights Alex dreamed of the shooting. She was back there on the cold sidewalk with the sirens growing louder and Olivia's voice growing softer. Those nights she awoke in a cold sweat, breathing hard, fight or flight. Those nights reality came back slowly as she reassured herself she was safe.

And some nights Alex dreamed of having never been shot. Wrapped in Olivia's arms, cradled in the detective's body, moving gently against her and with her. Those nights she never wanted to awake.

Those nights reality came back way, way too quickly.

Alex wasn't sure which nights were worse.

Stay Warm

Olivia reached a hand out from under the blanket long enough to hit the snooze button then quickly snuggled back under the covers, "It's freezing out there," she mumbled against Alex's neck as she spooned closer to the blonde and shivered.

"You need to get your super to turn the heat up," the blonde mumbled back.

"Or we could start wearing pajamas to bed," Olivia reasoned.

Alex looked over her shoulder at the detective as she pushed the length of her naked body along the length of Olivia's naked body.

Olivia smiled languidly. "I'll talk to my super," she concluded.

A Reason

Alex's first thought upon entering their apartment was "Oh, shit."

For it smelled amazing, the dining table was set for two with flowers adorning it's center, the lighting was dimmed.

"Olivia?" she called out.

The detective poked her head out of the kitchen. "Hey, beautiful," she smiled at the blonde.

Alex bit her lip and approached Olivia nervously, "Am I…" she looked around the apartment, "Am I forgetting an anniversary?"

"No," the detective answered simply.

Alex frowned, confused.

Olivia tenderly drew her finger down the side of Alex's face. "Do I need a reason to show you I love you?"


Olivia's foot had gone to sleep.

Because it was tucked up under her other leg.

But she was loath to move it.

Because, well, see, Alex had lain down to watch the Amazing Race (but, don't tell anyone; it is strictly forbidden that anyone know Alex watches reality TV!)

But then Alex had fallen asleep.

With her head on Olivia's lap.

And Olivia didn't want to wake her.

Which she'd do if she tried to untuck her foot.

So she didn't want to untuck her foot.

So that foot would just have to remain asleep.

Like Alex.

On Olivia's lap.

Hey Alex

"Hey Alex," Olivia called from the dining room, "do you want red or white wine with dinner?"

When Olivia didn't get a response, she started to repeat her question but stopped herself short.


She swallowed hard and took a deep breath before walking to the kitchen where her girlfriend was.

Her girlfriend, Jessica.

Not Alex.

"Jess, I'm… I'm sorry," Olivia apologized sincerely.

Jessica looked at the detective, "When we started, I know you told me you still weren't quite over her. And I know she meant a lot to you. But she's been gone almost two years now, Liv."


Awareness came slowly to Olivia as it often did on Saturdays when she wasn't catching. Her body somehow knowing that no alarm or call was going to jar it out of slumber.

But then she realized that *something* had awakened her.

Her eyes cracked open and she turned her head to the side.

Then she simply smiled lazily as her eyes slid back shut.

Alex, whose eyes had been watching Olivia's face, and whose hand had snaked underneath Olivia's shirt to play with the detective's breast, also smiled before leaning down to kiss and otherwise caress the detective fully awake.

Oh, Elliot

The squad had a get together every summer. Coney Island. Barbeque. Kids playing in the water. Adults drinking under umbrellas.

Olivia had come each year, but never really got into it.

Then Alex joined the squad.

Elliot couldn't believe his eyes that first year: seeing the two women chatting and laughing and so at ease with each other, and wearing only shades, bikini tops, and light wrap around skirt.

And everyone else couldn't help but give Elliot a hard time every year after: about how his wife had to reach over and use two fingers to shut his slacked jaw.

Please Stay A Moment

It had gone poorly in court that morning and the three of them had just been strategizing what to do next. As the two detectives got up to leave Alex spoke, "Detective Benson, please stay a moment."

Elliot cast a questioning glance at Olivia. She gave him a light shrug. Elliot shrugged back, then quietly left Alex's office.

"What's up?" Olivia asked as the door closed behind Elliot.

Alex rose and came around her desk, looking her girlfriend in the eye. "I just needed a hug."

Olivia let out a breath and happily wrapped her arms around the weary attorney.