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The girls Pov…

BEEP BEEP BEEP BE-SMASH! Kiyomi groaned and sat up slowly looking at the broken clock, she glared at it.

"I thought I broke you the other morning," she said still glaring at it.

"You did, I bought a new one," Kagome said walking into the room fully clothed.

Kagome Higurashi was an 18 year old girl with creamy white skin and long ivory hair. She had two chocolate brown eyes, and an athletic body. She was wearing a green tank top and white shorts with her hair down and white nikes.

"Why, I'll probably break that one tomorrow morning," Kiyomi said combing her hand through her long, silver hair. She looked at the cable box.

Kiyomi Higurashi was an 18 year old girl with slightly tanned skin and long silver hair with two dog ears at the top (hint, hint). She had one gold eye and one emerald eye, and an athletic body ( If you haven't figured it out she's an Inu Hanyou or do half demon)

"Why'd you wake me up at six," she said in a menacing whisper.

"Cause we have to move into our college dorms today," Kagome said ignoring her tone.

"There's no such thing as college, college is just a myth," Kiyomi said going back to bed.

Kagome sighed. She walked over to the bed and tore the covers away from Kiyomi, then she opened the curtains making Kiyomi get right up.

"I dislike you highly at the moment," Kiyomi said getting up and stretching.

"Whatever I picked out your clothes and the truck is packed, now take a shower and get ready," Kagome said sternly.

"Yes mom," Kiyomi said sarcastically.

Kagome rolled her eyes and left.

Kiyomi took a short shower, brushed her teeth and hair, and got dressed into a black tank top with white shorts with her hair in a high pony tail with white nikes (déjà vu). She walked outside.

"Alright sis let's go," she said hopping into her black and white Veyron Bugatti. Then they head toward Tokyo University.

Guys Pov…

Hitoshi groaned and leaned against the front of his black Lamborghini.

"Where the hell is Inuyasha?" He said.

"Patients little brother, he'll be out in a minute," Sesshoumaru said reading the Art of War.

Sesshoumaru Takahashi was a 20 year old dog demon with pale skin and long silver hair. He had two golden eyes and an athletic body (Ima say this for almost everyone deal with it). He was wearing a white polo shirt and blue jeans with white vans (prep seems to suit him very well don't ya think?).

"Well he better hurry I wanna get my stuff unpacked and go to bed," Hitoshi said.

Hitoshi Takahashi was a 19 year old wolf demon with tanned skin and short light brown hair. He had two emerald green eyes and an athletic body. He was wearing a black wife beater with black jeans and black nikes (No people he's is neither gothic nor emo).

"Why would you sleep? Its 12:01 and the drive will only take 20 minutes," Sesshoumaru said.

"No because by the time Inuyasha is out here it'll be 6:00 am," Hitoshi shouted toward the house.

"Calm down damn it, I'm right her," Inuyasha said walking over to the passenger's seat.

Inuyasha Takahashi was a 19 year old Inu Hanyou with slightly tanned skin and long silver hair with dog ears on top (hint, hint). He had two golden eyes and (wait for it…) an athletic body.

"Get out of my seat mutt," Sesshoumaru said grabbing Inuyasha by the shoulder and pushing him away just when he was about to sit down.

"You bastard, it's my turn to sit up front," Inuyasha yelled getting in the back.

"Children sit under 12 aren't allowed to sit in the passenger's seat," Sesshoumaru said buckling his seat belt.

'It's gonna be a long drive,' Hitoshi thought sighing.

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