It's Just Lunch

AN: So I apparently have an issue with starting stories. I can't help it! I get these scenes in my mind and in a couple days I develop them into stories, and I just have to get them down on "paper". So this is my newest one. I have not given up on Rounding Third, in fact I'm working on a banner for it, so hopefully I'll have one soon.

So here is my newest baby! I don't have a lot of it written out yet, but my outline indicates this will be about 25 chapters. I hope you all like it!

Disclaimers: I have two dogs that shed too damn much, a Twilight DVD and distaste for all things broccoli. The rest is all SM.

Bella Swan

"So tell me babe, who would be your top five?" I asked shutting off the TV.

"Rosalie Hale, Irina Merriman, Tanya Denali, Kate Garrett, and Carmen Garcia," he said, looking pretty smug.

"Really, Em? All blondes?" I teased. "Are you sure you want to be with me? You didn't seem to hesitate on that either."

"You asked my top five list and I gave them to you. It's your turn by the way," Emmett said.

"Okay, fine. Edward Masen, Tyler Crowley, Alec Connors, Eleazar Santos and Jacob Black," I replied.

"I knew you would say Masen! You've been obsessed with him ever since I can remember," he laughed.

"So? It's not like I'm ever going run into anyone on my list. Are you jealous?" I teased.

"Nah, I know you're mine Bells, an in two more months you are going to be mine forever," he rubbed his hands together like a villain. "Honey, if you run into Edward Masen, you have my permission." He kissed the top of my head as I snuggled into his chest.

"So when I go to LA for my fitting, and I run into Edward Masen, and he decides he wants to fuck me senseless, I can?" I asked with mock horror.

"Absolutely. Maybe I should come with you and see if I can stalk Rosalie Hale?"

"Now you're just being silly," I laughed and slapped his chest. "You know I'll hold you to that."

"Just don't get caught in the tabloids. The last thing I need is mother trying to give me an 'out'" He warned, trying to keep a straight face using his air quotes. "I really am sorry about all the shit she's put you through, babe. You know I love you, right? I still can't believe she forced you to sign those damn papers."

I placed my fingers over his lips, "Shih…just stop. Just remember, Daddy had you sign those papers too. I love you more than anything and you're killing my buzz here, babe," I paused to yawn. "Besides, I'm leaving in the morning and I have to plot my ways to stalk Edward Masen."

"I'm going to miss you. Promise me you'll call when you land?"

"Of course, don't be daft. Now are we going to keep talking or are you going to give me something to make me want to come back home?" I could feel him hardening against my leg as I began to place light kisses along his broad chest muscles.

"Oh, I've got your memory right here," he said as he pulled my leg across his waist.


"Bella! We're here! What were you thinking about?" she paused, and then held up her hand, "Wait, I'm not sure I want to know."

I couldn't help but blush. Regardless of the fact I lost my virginity six years ago, just getting caught thinking about sex caused the blood to rush to my cheeks. "I can't help it if I'm marrying a sex God, Alice, don't be jealous. Besides I was thinking about the conversation Em and I had before bed last night."

Alice rolled her eyes, and looked down at her journal, "Anyways, I have our itinerary for while we are down here. You have your fitting first thing tomorrow, and mine is right after yours…HOLY SHIT! Is that ours?" she screeched.

"What are you talking about?" I quizzed. I looked out the window, and frowned. There was a limo, and a couple of the airport employees loading our luggage into the back of car.

"Bella, seriously? A freaking limo? God you are so lucky!"

"I'm going to kill him."

"What are you talking about?"

"I told him I wanted to just have a relaxing time away, not to worry about me. We were supposed to have a basic sedan for us to get around for the next few weeks." I started digging around my purse for my phone. I had no problem with being chauffeured; hell Renee probably had a town car bring me home from the hospital the day I was born. The problem I had was spending it on frivolous and unnecessary things.

"Bella let the man spoil you! You're getting married in two months and you might as well get used to his money now."

"I'm not with him for his money. I have my own you know."

"I know that silly, and I know he does too. He clearly loves you; why else would he do this for you?"

"He also said I could have an affair with Edward Masen."

She laughed, "Now you have to tell me how that came about."

I replayed our conversation for her from the night before, describing how watching an old episode of Friends led us to allow each other the freedom to have celebrity romps.

"We're getting off track. Tell me about our schedule again."

"Right. Well we have dress fittings in the morning, lunch with Uncle Aro, and then we are finalizing the flowers via video conference in the evening. Then we are having dinner at the Four Seasons."

"What are our plans for the rest of the day?" I asked.

"Since it's only nine am here, we still have a bit of time before lunch really gets going. It's going to be hard getting adjusted to LA time. I'm still stuck on New York time. Maybe we could do some shopping and relax today. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to take a lot out of us."

"We just flew for what seemed like the longest time, I really want to grab a shower, nap and then we can grab a bite? Plus I want to check out a bookstore or something here." She nodded, knowing my methods for decompression. Ever since our freshman year of college, she had always been able to read me and just know what I needed.


Alice and I met through my job. I was working in a boutique book store in the artsy district of New York City and she was employed as a personal assistant to Felix McCarty. Felix had just purchased an impressive living space, and turned one of the rooms into a library. The bookstore that I worked in specialized in rare book collections, and somehow the owner had his connections and he could get anything. Of course, you paid a hefty price for it.

The first time she came into the store she looked me up and down and wrinkled her nose, informing me that she was sure my shoes were comfortable, but ugly. She didn't say that in so many words, but the message was clear. She offered to take me shopping, but I politely declined. She told me she had a good feeling about me, and would be back. I remember staring at her and wondering who the hell she was.

The second time I saw Alice she had a very familiar looking handsome man with her. He had a heartwarming smile that instantly made me smile back. She introduced him as Emmett McCarty, her boss' nephew. She went about her business through the store, placed her order with me, and as they were getting ready to leave, I realized I had forgotten to get her contact information. She looked up at me, and gave me a sly smile and wrote down a phone number. If I knew then, what I know now, I would have never called the number she wrote down that day.


We settled into the limo and twenty minutes later we were still going over our schedules, my phone rang with the Monday Night Football theme song. I didn't need to look at the caller ID to know it was Emmett.

"Hey babe."

"Hey! How was your flight?"

"It was fine, we are just getting to the hotel now," I paused, hoping he would explain his reasoning.

"I wish I could say I was sorry, Bells. You know I just want the best for you."

"I know, but you are what is best for me. I would have been happy in our little rental."

"So I take it you aren't to the hotel yet?" he sounded nervous.

"No...What did you do?"

"Hmm, what? Me? I didn't do anything," I could hear the grin on his face.

"Just for that, I'm going to go seek out Edward Masen."

"Just remember to double bag it." I loved this about Emmett; we could joke around like this and not feel any sense of jealousy. He and I both knew that we were in love and only had eyes for each other.

"Oh look! There he is!" I yelled and rolled down the window. "Edward! Oh, Edward! Please come feel me up, Edward!" I called out the window. I could hear Emmett laughing at the other end and Alice was rolling her eyes, grinning at me. "Seriously babe, we're pulling up to the hotel, I've gotta go. Love you!"

"Love you too, bye." With his final sentiment and he hung up.

Edward Masen

I woke up with cotton mouth, again. I rolled over and pretended to still be asleep. I felt a coolness next to me, and opened my eyes, relieved that she was gone. I was thankful Lisa or Laura or Leslie whatever her name was had had left before I woke up. That always saved me the trouble of kicking them out later and making things awkward.

Groaning at the headache that was now paired with the dry feeling in my mouth, I forced myself to pull on some boxers and head downstairs.

"Hey bro! Welcome to the world of the living," Jasper said as he offered me a cup of coffee.

"Thanks," I replied as I held up the coffee in a mock toast.

"So who was the blonde piece of ass doing the walk of shame this morning?" he raised an eyebrow leaning against the kitchen counter.

"Hell if I know. I don't even remember taking her home, which reminds me, how did I get home?" I ran my fingers through my hair, standing against the island, trying to remember anything about the night before.

"I brought you and your girl home."

"Where the fuck is my car?"

"You're welcome by the way. It's still back at the club. Don't worry though we have to stop by Carlisle's for an early meeting at the Four Seasons, and we can pick it up on the way back." I nodded.

"Thanks for the coffee, and thanks for the ride last night. What time are we meeting Cullen?"

"We have to be there in an hour. So get your ass up and moving, Son! We've got some scripts for you to go over this afternoon. For some reason people think your skinny ass can act and they want to talk to you." I glared at my manager; he knew I hated it when he called me 'son'. I was just about to remind him of that, when his phone rang.

"I'm gonna take this, and put some fucking clothes on will you? We're leaving in thirty," and he walked out of the room to answer his call.


We pulled up to the Four Seasons ten minutes late. Carlisle was not going to be pleased. I didn't care though. I was nursing one of the worst hangovers I had had in a while and the only thing that sounded remotely appetizing was a McDonald's sausage, egg and cheese muffin.

We pulled up to the valet at the Four Seasons right behind a black limo, as we were getting out of the car I heard a sexy voice call out "Feel me up, Edward!" which was followed by laughter. Jasper looked at me and raised his eyebrows.

"I have no fucking clue dude! Don't even look at me like that." I put on my Rayban's and walked toward the entrance of the hotel. I glanced around hoping to see if I could tell who the sexy voice belonged to, but I didn't notice anyone in particular.

"Carlisle said he'd meet us by the pool." I nodded and headed in that direction.

"You guys are late!" Carlisle called.

"Sorry about that, Carl, Eddie here had a hankering for Mickey D's," Jasper apologized.

"Don't worry about it, I'll just take seventeen percent from your next picture instead of twelve," Carlisle smiled and laughed, but I had a feeling he wasn't joking. Carlisle Cullen was one of Hollywood's super agents. I didn't mind, I had enough money, and chances were Carlisle would end up earning it anyways.

"So why are we here, C?" I asked.

"We gotta talk about your future Eddie. How would you feel about doing commercials?" I snorted.

"Is this a joke? You dragged us from the Hills to ask if Edward would do fucking commercials, is this some kind of sick joke Cullen?" Jasper snapped. Carlisle and Jasper had been at odds over my career ever since we moved to LA. Jasper and I had been inseparable for the past twelve years. It was a natural reflex for him to jump to my defense, regardless if it was over my career or personal matters.

"Oh calm down. I was kidding. Masen, you need to tell your boy here that he's not on the farm anymore," Carlisle said facing me. He loved to make hillbilly and farm jokes at Jasper's expense. Jasper may have moved from Texas over twenty years ago, but he never lost his accent. He turned to Jasper, "Eddie is too big to do commercials. I do need to know if he's read anymore scripts. I have some people who are starting to call, and I can't put them off forever."

"That's fine; I was planning on reading a few today. I'll let you know if I come across anything interesting." my agent nodded. After appeasing Carlisle with my promise to read over a few scripts, we settled in and for a long while it was as if Jasper and Carlisle actually seemed to enjoy each other's company. Ever since we had moved out to LA the two of them were at odds. Jasper was on the lookout for projects that he knew would appeal to me personally, and Carlisle was constantly sending projects my way that would make a lot of money.

"So are we done here guys?" I asked, and I started to stand up. Jasper and Carlisle nodded and began to rise too. As I stood up, I realized my hangover was gone. I still felt like shit, but at least I didn't have the headache and the cotton mouth anymore. The fact that I didn't want to dry heave into the plants around the pool was a bonus too. I looked at my watch and realized we had been talking for over two hours. Not that I hate Carlisle or anything, in fact the man is a fucking genius funny as hell too, but spending two hours with him? Nah, I had better shit to do with my day.

I looked around as I put my sunglasses on and someone caught my eye. Jasper must have noticed her at the same time, and let out a low whistle.

"E, man. Check out the hottie in the corner over there," he was staring at the far end of the pool. There was a petite brunette bending over spreading out her towel across one of the deck chairs. She had long brown hair and in that bikini her legs could go on for days, her ass was round and from where I was standing, it was begging to be palmed, by me.

When she turned around, I was able to catch a full sight of her. She was stunning, a natural beauty. I could feel my breath catch in my throat; suddenly I couldn't remember how to breathe. She had curves in all the right places, but wasn't overweight by any means. She had full lips, but the rest of her face was hidden behind those ridiculous sunglasses that were all the trend. I thought they made chicks look like insects, but whatever.

"Hey, you good for a moment?" Jasper asked. I nodded, but before I could say anything, he was walking over to the opposite side towards the pool. I felt Carlisle step up to my side where Jasper was standing.

"If I wasn't married, I'd be all over that," Carlisle commented. Somehow I didn't doubt that, Carlisle had a reputation for a reason. "But I have Esme at home, speaking of which, I'm late. Tell Farmer John I said good luck, he could use a break from the sheep." He briefly shook my hand and left the hotel.

I turned my attentions back to Jasper and the beauty at the edge of the pool. He was no doubt using his southern charm and accent to its full capacity. She held out her hand to shake his, and instead of shaking it, he took her hand and placed a kiss on the back. Smooth mother fucker, I thought. What caught me by surprise the most was the way she blushed. She fucking blushed. Nobody in L.A. blushes anymore.

I noticed Jasper nod his head in my direction, she faced me and lifted her sunglasses on top her head. If I thought she couldn't be any more gorgeous, I was completely wrong. She eyed me up and down, and put her sunglasses back on. She looked at Jasper and gave him a small smile and nodded. He bent down to kiss her cheek, and this time he shook her hand and began to walk back over to me.

"So, what's the deal?" I asked when he got back.

"Her name is Bella; she's in town for a few days." Bella, how fitting, I thought.

"Okay and what now? Did you get her number?"

"Nah, we are meeting her for lunch at the Ivy in a couple hours."

"The Ivy, that's just wrong, isn't that a little cliché, even for you?" I knew Jasper liked the Hollywood hotspots, but even I had my limits for getting my photo taken.

"It's not a big deal; we'll just ask to be seated inside. Besides, it's just lunch. What's the worst that can happen?"