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Chapter 1: Friends… with benefits?

Ryan let out a long sigh as he let himself fall on the couch in the break room. He felt completely drained; there wasn't an ounce of energy left in him. All he wanted to do now was go home and go straight to bed. The only reason why he was still at the lab was because he wasn't really sure if he would make it home safely without falling asleep while driving.

"You're still here?"

He opened his eyes tiredly and watched as Calleigh sat down next to him. Even if she looked as exhausted as he felt, she still managed to smile at him. "You should go home. It's been a long day."

Ryan pursed his lips and closed his eyes again, agreeing with her. "You're telling me. That case was, without a doubt, one of the most difficult ones I've ever had to work on."

"Even more a reason to get out of here." She grinned and grabbed his hand. She stood up and pulled him off the couch, groaning as he didn't even try to help her. "Come on. Walk me to my car."

Ryan grinned and offered her his arm, which she took. "Now that's something I can't refuse."

They both made their way through the lab, waving at the very few people left from the day shift. As they came out of the building and walked down the stairs, Calleigh couldn't keep herself from stealing glances at her companion. They had become a lot closer lately, their relationship going from coworkers to really good friends. She actually felt really lucky to have Ryan Wolfe in her life. He was such an easy person to be around. And she definitely needed more simple people around her.

At work, Ryan Wolfe was nothing more than the most professional, serious CSI she had ever worked with. However, she had had the opportunity to hang out with after-work-hours-Ryan, and had absolutely enjoyed every second she spent with him. Outside the lab, Ryan Wolfe was one of the funniest guys she had ever spent time with. Who would've known?

They walked slowly, taking their time. When they finally reached her car, she realized she didn't really feel like going home. Sure, she felt tired, but tomorrow was hers and Ryan's day off, so she'd sleep then. Right now, she felt like spending time with friends. "Any plans for tonight?"

Ryan shrugged and scratched his eyes tiredly. "Not much. Eat. Shower. Pass out."

Calleigh snorted and shook his arm slightly. "Well that sucks. Let's go eat somewhere, have some relaxing fun."

"Hmmm…. I don't know if I'm gonna be much fun to be around, Cal. I'm just so tired… I'll probably fall asleep before we get to order." He really DID feel exhausted.

Calleigh giggled and gave him her cutest puppy dog eyes, hanging onto his arm. "Come on, Ry! We haven't been out in forever!!! I'll keep you awake! You KNOW I can!!!"

Ryan snorted and lifted his eyebrows at her. She was winning, of course. She always won. He sighed and grinned. "So you're asking me to choose between my bed, and an evening with a really hot blond?"

Calleigh laughed and slapped his chest. "Easy choice, right?"

"Do you want to ask Delko and Natalia if they want to tag along?"

She shook her head. "Nah. I heard Eric say he had a date tonight, and Nat left half an hour ago, saying she was going straight to bed."

He shrugged. "Alright. It's just you and me, then!"

They both agreed to take their own car and meet at the restaurant, since they both didn't have to come to work the next day. As he reached the restaurant, Ryan wasn't surprised when he spotted the blond woman standing by the entrance, waiting for him to join her. Even If they had left the parking lot at the same time, she had managed to outdrive him within the first five minutes. He shook his head and parked his car. She drove way too fast… and of course, she knew it.

This being a Wednesday, the restaurant wasn't full, so they got to choose a nice comfortable booth. They sat down and started chatting and drinking, finally able to unwind from the long day they had had to endure.

At the end of the evening, both of them had had a lot more to drink then they had planned. As they stood in the parking lot outside the restaurant, they both realized they would have to find another way to get back home.

"I'm too drunk to drive." Ryan shook his head and shoved his car keys back in his pocket. He wouldn't be using them tonight, that's for sure.

"Yeah. Me want to share a cab?" She gasped and grabbed his arm. "You could crash at my place. We both can't drive and we have to take a cab and we'll have to take a cab to come back here to get our cars back." She frowned and made him look at her. "Do I make sense or am I just too drunk to be logical?"

He chuckled and shook his head. "Right now, you could be talking French and I would probably understand you better… Just tell me what to do, and I'll do it."

Calleigh laughed and took hold of his arm. "Ah, Ryan, you're definitely every woman's dream."

He laughed and threw his hands up exasperatedly. "I KNOW! And you're the only woman who seems to realize it."

They finally found a cab and sat together on the back seat, giggling uncontrollably. They spent the fifteen minute ride laughing at about nothing, right until the seemingly annoyed driver dropped them in front of her condo. Ryan followed her on unsteady feet, reaching out with his hand in search of an invisible wall to support him. He had been way too tired to drink; the first beer had gone right up to his head, which had been followed by another one… and another one… and then just too many.

Calleigh, on the other hand, was drunk, but not as drunk as her friend was. Even if she had had as much, if not more to drink then Ryan, she could still walk and think straight. She unlocked her front door and walked in, followed by Ryan, who quickly walked past her and let himself fall on her couch. "Ry, you still can't hold your liquor? It's not as if you haven't had the chance to practice lately!!!"

Ryan didn't even look up, just lifted his hand up and pointed at… the ceiling. "I can hold my liquor just fine, thank you."

She giggled and shook her head, locking the front door. "Yeah, I can see that." She walked up to him and sat on his legs heavily, making him groan. "We should really go to bed. Sleep this off."

He didn't move, just turned his head, trying to find a comfortable spot on the cushions he was lying on. "Good night then."

She slapped his chest and stood up. "Come on. You can sleep in my bed, with me." She grabbed his hands and pulled. "We're way too drunk for anything to happen anyway."

Ryan snorted and grinned drunkenly, letting her pull him off the couch. "If I wasn't this wasted, I'd make love to you."

She laughed and kept hold of his hand, guiding him towards her bedroom. "If I wasn't this wasted, I wouldn't let you."

He stopped abruptly and frowned, glancing at her. "I may be drunk, but I can still hear, you know. And I just thought I heard you say you would let me make love to you right now, since you're drunk."

Calleigh threw her head back and let out a loud hearty laugh. "Ryan Wolfe, you need to sleep this off." She turned on the lights and guided him to her bed. She then put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him down, making him fall ungracefully on top of the covers. "Now, take your shoes off and get comfortable. I'm gonna go to the bathroom and get ready."

He looked up at her and grinned. "You go get ready, I'm gonna make this night unforgettable."

The blond laughed again and pointed at him. "I'll be back in five minutes." She went to the bathroom and washed her face before changing into her pj's. She then swallowed a couple of aspirins and drank a tall glass of water. Satisfied, she filled the glass again and brought it to her friend, along with two more aspirins. He would definitely need it.

As she walked back in the bedroom, she wasn't surprised to see that Ryan hadn't moved a muscle. He was still lying on the bed, his feet on the floor. Seemed he had succeeded in untying his first shoe, but had abandoned the second one. He was now asleep, his forearm covering his face. She snorted and walked around the bed, setting the glass and two aspirins on the night stand. She then walked back to him and got down on her knees, working on untying his second shoe. She took both his shoes off and stood, frowning at his still unmoving form. She sighed and reached for his belt, deciding he would sleep a lot better without his pants on. She had actually never imagined herself undressing Ryan. As she was working on his pants, she gasped in surprise as two strong arms grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her down on the bed.

She let out a little cry as Ryan quickly turned them over, effectively holding her down under his body. He didn't waste any time, crushing his lips to hers. She knew the right thing to do should've been to push him away and force him to sleep on the couch. But she couldn't keep herself from kissing him back. Even drunk, Ryan was a great kisser. Their lips parted and tongues met, deepening the kiss. Too soon for her liking, his mouth left hers and travelled down to her neck, making her shiver. She moaned as he worked wonders on her skin, pressing himself into her.

'Oh my… this is not happening. I'm about to have sex with Ryan Wolfe.' She was enjoying this way too much. He was her best friend… she didn't want to ruin their friendship with sex. She sighed, letting her hands travel over the muscles of his back and down to his strong butt. He felt so good against her. He was still kissing her neck lazily, making her want more, when he just… stopped. His head became heavy on her shoulder. She frowned, opening her eyes and turning her face to try to get a better look at his face.


His only answer was a soft snore.

Calleigh sighed and let her head fall back on the bed. It was better this way. Having sex with your friends was NEVER a good idea. Groaning, she rolled him off of her and stood from the bed. She watched him for a few seconds and finally shook her head. Ryan was sprawled on her queen sized bed and left absolutely no space for her. Grinning, she took one side of the covers and tried to cover him the best she could. She grabbed her pillow and went to the closet from which she took a warm blanket. She then turned off the lights and went in the living room, which would become her safe haven for the night.

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