Chapter One: A Friendly Game

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When Sonic first met the gang he had uncertain thoughts that they would be just regular people he had to help, but it is far more than that. Sonic grew to really enjoy them. Eggman invaded their world, along with him was Azula. But a sudden betrayal by Eggman resulted in Azula being put in prison. Sozin's comet was brought back and destroyed along with metal madness. The doomsday weapon Eggman had was as well destroyed by sonic. Peace has came to the avatar world, Aang and Katara are both in love, but Sonic is still missing when he left Ba Sing Se. Harmony came to the world, but how long will it last when Eggman is lurking in the dark with a new plan ready to be unfolded.

The gang are at Ember Island, relaxing for once in their life. "Peace at last.'' Aang said falling backwards on the sand of the beach. He took his shirt off and stretched. Sokka was making a sort of sand sculpture, but he couldn't quite cut it. Toph was making a sand city using her new ability to Sandbend. "Have you seen Katara?'' Aang yelled over to Sokka. "Here I am!'' she said running past Aang in her swimsuit with her hair down. She froze a portion of water and turned it into a board.

She bended a wall of water, she went up and over it spinning in circles then landing back on the water. Katara then made a wave of water rise up. She waved her arms, a small hole led inside the wave. "Yeah!'' she rode through it and out the other end. "Since when did she learn that?'' said Sokka "She's pretty good.'' Aang added "I'm better though.'' a voice from behind said. Aang and Sokka looked and saw a person in a black cloak with the hood over his head, he wasn't very tall, about Toph's height. "Hold on, you think your better than a master Waterbender?'' said Aang "That's' what I'm saying, I can beat your girlfriend in a race across this water.'' "Excuse me?'' katara walked up on the beach at him. She looked down at him, she couldn't see his face as it there was a cloth around his mouth and a pair of dark glasses on his eyes. "You wanna' challenge me?'' she pointed at him.

"Sure it'll be fun to win.'' he laughed "I don't know who you are shorty, but you have a big mouth.'' she said angrily "Lets see about that, a race from here to those red flags out there-'' "What red flags?'' asked Aang "Put these out there.'' he tossed twp red flags that were planted on two circles. "First one out there and back is the winner, you in?'' he offered. Toph just walked in and stood next to Sokka, Sokka and Aang looked at their friend. Katara took one glance at them and back at the stranger. "Your on.'' she agreed.

Katara was waiting at the edge of the beach waiting for her challenger. He came out of the bushes with a blue board with two yellow lines along the side. He stood next to her, two red flags out in the ocean waited a mile away. "You ready?'' she asked "Ready to win.'' he put his board in the water. Katara put her ice board in the water as well. Two green flames came out of the two exhausts that were in the back of the board. Aang held a seashell and let out a loud noise from it. Katara sped of into the water making a wave under her board, making her go faster.

The challenger was riding his strange board, he caught up right next to her. The stranger turned toward her and crossed his arms, he yawned. Katara gritted her teeth, she pushed herself further. He stepped on the back of his board and it sped forwards. Once again he caught up to her, he stood facing her with his arms still crossed. She fired an icicle at him, he merely took a step to the left avoiding it. She fired three more, he quickly laid down on his board with his hands on his chest. Katara noticed the flags were nearing. She bolted herself faster, around the flags. He went right around them too. Katara looked over her shoulder, he was catching up again. She turned toward him and waved her arms in the air creating a wall of water in front of him. Katara turned back toward the front with a smile of victory on her face. The stranger went up the wall of water and jumped off the top doing three full spins before landing on the water again. She widened her eyes at the sight. The stranger jolted right behind her.

He smirked, he lifted himself and the board off the water and landed a few feet in front of her. He started spinning his board in complete circles. He created a circling tornado of water. Katara narrowed her eyes, she approached the water tornado and swung her arms making an opening. The never-ending circle of water was around them. The stranger waited inside. She gave him a glare, "First one out?'' he mocked "Will be me.'' katara rode along the water tornado, heading for the opening at the top. The stranger followed her up the tornado. Going in circles, katara saw the wide opening in front of her, sunlight shining down at her. The stranger smirked, he grabbed some water in his hand. She was inches away from the top. Just when she was at the top, he came right next to her. She looked at him and threw the water in her face.

She fell off her board flying through the air. The stranger jumped his board off the tornado a split second before it fell. He came flying after her, he grabbed her in his arms and landed back on the water.

He came and stopped at the beachhead. He stepped off his board, Aang quickly grabbed her and placed her on the sand with Sokka and Toph. She coughed up some water and cleared her throat. "What were you thinking?! Are you crazy?'' Sokka exclaimed at the cloaked figure "She could've died!''. The cloaked figure remained silent, katara stood back on her feet and looked at him. "Aren't you gonna' say something?'' she said. "Actually yes. I have one question.'' he replied "What's that?'' asked Katara. The stranger tossed the glasses to the side, removed the cloth on his mouth and put his hood down, the gang gasped at who it was. "Am I really that short?'' asked Sonic.