Monsters and men

NOTE: Insight into the first episode.

Randel didn't send the 2nd lieutenant to find the antidote because he was afraid of hurting her. One of the few good things about the lantern was the ability to tell friend from foe.

One reason that he did send her was that it just made sense to spilt up like that.

But the other reason…he didn't want her, this sparkling girl, this reason to still believe in humanity, to see him with the lantern on any longer than she had to.

He didn't want to her to see him as a monster.

And she didn't.

Even as she ran, Alice shook her head. The blue light may not be leaving her eyes, but neither would his face, the way he had looked as they talked. Sad faces, gentle faces, him as she first saw him, with the silly leaf sticking out of his mouth. The look on his face as she jumped out of his arms. How he looked when he told her that ordinary people shouldn't mess with tanks. The look on his face when she put herself so close to him that their noses touched.

Those weren't faces a monster would make, right?

And then, when she discovered that the antidote was missing and while chasing after them, she saw most of the fight.

In the heat of the moment, she might've cried out a few times; when the acid round hit him, when the tank was spinning around with him on it.

But he survived, and when he refused to shoot the bandit holding the antidote, well…she just knew.

Maybe he had the body of a monster. But when she saw his eyes, Alice knew that HE was as human as she was.

But as she approached him, staring off into the distance like that, she couldn't help but feel a little bit worried. Some people wouldn't understand that…wouldn't understand that one could be a man, and yet have little in common with other men.

Alice smiled. "Your clothes are tattered." she told him. "Oh well, I don't have a choice. I suppose I'll have to get you some new ones."

And that will keep you by my side. With Section 3, you won't be alone. Machs and Oreldo and Stekkin and Captain Hunks-they're all good people. With us, you'll be safe.

And when Section 3 begins to earn support, when they realize that whatever purpose we were created for, we are helping the Empire, that support will extend to you!

No one will turn you away then.


…Why does this pairing eat my brain? I mean seriously, Inu's been on my back to write about Watson Pritchard from House on Haunted Hill in Silent Hill and I want to work on it(And it'll give me a chance to work with Rose from Legend of Dragoon too. Haven't ever done anything lengthy after game, so...) but I'm working on this. And it's not even romantic, really, it's just(waves hand) them. Well, Alice, mostly. Being semi-sneaky. Love how she views herself as the one who has to protect him, despite the fact that he takes down tanks. Partially because she's right.

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