Story is unbetaed. Anyone interested in betaing for me I'd greatly appreciate it. I've tried a few betas but everyone seems so busy it's tough.

Chapter 1: A Simple Patrol

Buffy raced after the vampire as Spike dealt with the two left behind. He was easily fighting them barely letting them get a hit in as he continued his punching and kicking as Buffy finally caught up to the vampire that was trying to get away. He had led her to their secret hideout where one vampire quickly turned into six causing her to groan knowing this was going to hurt one way or another.

She stood posed for fighting as she stated in a loud voice, "So I see you have decided to lead me to your lair. Not a smart move as you will have nowhere to run and hide and all your family will be blowing in the wind soon."

The vampires looked unimpressed and Buffy wasn't sure if it was because of her or their stupid friend who had managed to ruin their perfect shack.

Buffy blocked the kick the tallest vampire threw but managed to get knocked from behind to land on the red haired vampire who pushed her high into the air using his feet. She managed to land on her feet swaying slightly to catch her balance as she swung around to aim a kick towards the brunette with freckles that had kicked her in the first place.

So the fight began as Buffy swung around with her fist hitting three out of five vampires before finding herself surrounded as the five got into a circle around her. She heard a roar and managed to dust one as Spike distracted them entering the fight with her. Two against one wasn't bad odds at all as she managed to kick one knocking him into the other. She jumped on top the closet one but was pushed off into the second who held her arms behind her back. She swung her legs up and over her head to land behind him getting out of his tight grip only to plunge a stake into his heart from behind. The female messing with Spike screamed as she dusted on sight and Buffy blinked knowing Spike didn't have a stake in his hand since it was on the ground.

She didn't have time to think her confusion out as she dusted the second vampire leaving her in a pile of dust. She breathed in some of the dust coughing as she stood up covering her mouth as the coughing stopped. Spike ran up behind her tapping her back slightly as she leaned against him whispering, "What happened to the female?"

Spike frowned, "They were mated. When one vampire dies the other mate dies as well. That's why it's not practiced."

Buffy frowned but said nothing as they walked side by side with Spike's arm around her waist and her head on his shoulder. They ran into large demon but Spike merely tackled him from behind slamming his sword into his stomach. Buffy found the fight sometimes boring and she longed for adventure and a rush.

She grinned as she spotted a circle of vampires who were about to feed on a few teenagers. Now this would be action. About ten to twelve vampires against two would prove to be a fight. She pushed her way into the crowd stating, "Aww look a party Spike and we weren't invited. We should crash it."

She beamed a smile at Spike leaning her head against his shoulder as he spoke up with a smirk covering his face, "That isn't nice to crash up someone's party, luv. You should always ask first. Looks like they even have snacks though."

He switched into game face as the other vampires eyed the couple trying to figure out what exactly was going on. Buffy whispered towards the girls who were cowering against the crypt, "Run!" as she swung around knocking the leader to the ground with a grin.

Spike chuckled, "Aww sweetheart, that's no way to treat the host."

The leader looked angry as he stood up then stating with a slight hiss, "Sssslayer."

Buffy rolled her eyes as she turned with her back against Spike whining loud enough for all to hear, "Why do vampires always call me Slayer? Why not Buffy? Summers? Hell I'll even settle for Chosen One. But no, they always have to call me SSSSssslayer with that slight hiss."

She pretended to pout as Spike turned around placing a quick kiss on her lips. While the vampires were still watching them in shock not knowing what to make of them, the duo both sprang into action at the exact same moment.

Buffy pushed off Spike as they both swung air into the air kicking their vampires. They landed gracefully on the ground linking arms as they ran around in a circle then jumped up at the same time to swing around kicking every vampire they could see. Unfortunately that only covered five out of ten of the group but that was enough to start the fight. Buffy decided to whine a little more about the namecalling as she punched a vampire closest to her, "Spike you get to be called Spike even though William might be more appropriate. Perhaps it's the same thing. You get called Spike because of what you used to do as a job and I get called Slayer because of what I do for a job. I think I shall call you William for now on."

Spike hissed towards Buffy, "Only in private my luv."

Spike took on the ones nearest him leaving Buffy with seven. She pouted as she swung hitting a vampire squarely in the face, "Why do I have seven? I'm just a little girl."

She swung around kicking a vampire into another as she heard Spike growl then state, "You my dear are hardly little."

Buffy grinned as she jumped up kicking a vampire squarely on the chest knocking him into a fallen branch dusting him on the spot even as he gasped in surprise. She turned towards the six as she stated, "One down!"

Spike chuckled, "Already dusted two, slayer. Stop messing around and earn your keep!"

Buffy muttered something about being called slayer again as she managed to throw her stake into one vampire taking the other on in combat. Punching him three times in a row in the face, she grunted as she grazed her knuckle on the vampire's teeth. He licked his lips as she heard Spike growl out, "You ok Buffy?"

Buffy shouted back, "Yea just a graze from a badly placed punch."

She shot into action, as the vampire seemed more eager than ever to kill her and quickly managed to land three kicks to her chest knocking her against a tree. She used the tree to pull herself up and over the vampire landing at his back which gave her time to pick up her fallen stake from the pile of dust, and to plunge it into him as she now faced four vampires instead of seven.

The last four all jumped on her at once knocking her around even as she managed to dust one leaving her with three. She was then thrown over against a tombstone cutting her leg on a sharp edge from where it broke. She felt blood rushing down her leg and knew this fight was about to become brutal. Once vampires smelt her blood, they seemed to go wild.

She sighed as she swung around ignoring the pain from the leg and kicked the vampire in the stomach making him double over in pain. She slammed her fist into his back making him fall further to the ground as she swung around quickly kicking the two vampires who had punched her in the back.

She then heard a growl as Spike twisted the vampire's head clean off so dust rested where the vampire doubled over in pain once stood. He hoisted Buffy up into the air where she flipped up and over the vampire to plunge her stake into his back easily as Spike turned the last vampire around pushing him into Buffy's carefully aimed stake dusting. She coughed again as she inhaled the dust muttering, "If I die early from dust inhalation you will know why. No big surprise that slayers never live long. They die from vampire dust if they live past 30."

Spike chuckled tapping her back again with a grin, "Think it's home time yet? I bet you swallowed enough vampire dust to last a year."

Buffy didn't laugh and instead leaned against him feeling her leg give out as Spike knelt down looking at the bad gash on her leg. Without asking he ripped her pants leg to get a better look then used his tongue to cleanse and seal the wound shaking his head towards her, "Buffy luv, you worry me with your injuries. I know you heal fast and all but really, that shouldn't have happened. You take too many risks."

Buffy frowned, "I thought you said I was a killing machine and that nothing can touch me."

Spike allowed her to lean on him as they walked towards the house through the cemeteries, "Usually they can't but sometimes, they get you good."

Buffy nodded as she rested her head against their joined arms with a sigh, "It was a tombstone. I broke it and as I fell, the sharp edge got embedded into my leg causing the gash." Spike nodded not saying anymore as they made their way home.