Enigma of Mine

For those who are asking about Goro thinking of Keiran as his mate, the note bellow on the last chapter said Goro's about ten (mentally): him thinking of Keiran as his mate is basically a child's crush. So, it'd be kind of cruel for Keiran (who is used to the proposals) to out right say 'theres no way' to what's virtually a child with a crush whose helping him get out alive.

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Chapter Four

"Just what are you, kitten?"

Riddick purred, circling Keiran as a predator would his prey. Keiran eyed the larger man with a slight weariness, his eyes narrowing on the smug expression on the taller man's face.

"...Shouldn't we be taking these power cells back to the ship?"

He finally answers after a moment's silence. Keiran could see the suns beginning to set and he wanted to try and get back before they fully set. Hopefully Fry would be able to put her pride aside for the time and follow his instructions. Keiran would have much, much less to worry about if they would wait for him in the escape ship with the lights on.

As if reading his mind, Riddick's smirk widens.

"I told you before, kitten, theres no need to fear the dark: I'll...watch that pretty, pert little ass of yours for you," Riddick purrs, licking his lips, giving Keiran's ass a firm squeeze.

Keiran would have jumped had he not been thinking of more important things (ie: getting off the planet alive).

"Joy. Now can we leave?"

He inquires dryly, giving Riddick with unimpressed emerald orbs. Riddick smirks.

"Fine, fine, kitten. We can get going...but expect to be answering questions later," Riddick grins slyly, looking over Keiran's form one more time before starting the journey back, effortlessly

Keiran hadn't expected any less from the escaped convict.



Apparently, 'later' meant maybe an hour later, because Riddick wasted no time in shooting off questions after a brief stretch of silence.

"Where did you get that name, Keiran de la Noir? I've never meet anyone with names from the forgotten languages," Was Riddick's first question. Deciding the question to be as innocent as they were going to get, Keiran answered after a moment of thought.

"Keiran Galvin was the name of a favorite author of mine, who's books I've collected since he began to write, and de la Noir is simply my godfather's last name translated into an olden language—French. When I had spent enough in solitude and had forgotten my name, I took up these names because they were my favorite," Keiran stated slowly, lifting the power cells further up on his shoulder.

"How is it that you remembered your godfather's last name, but not your own, kitten? And what does de la Noir mean?" Riddick asked again, smirking down on the shorter male.

"De la Noir means 'of the black', my godfather's last name was 'Black'. I remember simply because I kept several of the papers he was mentioned in, all which stated his name," Keiran offered simply.

It was true. He remembered only a few of his old friends: Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood, because he had kept all of the letters the two had given him, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black from the newspapers he had kept from his time and letters, and an old lover of his, Charlie Weasley, whom he vaguely remembered had died in a war and who had sent him many letters and pictures. Other than that, he remembered no one from his time.

"Papers? What was he in the papers for?" Riddick was getting closer and closer with each question he asked, moving so that their sides pressed against the other's warmly.

Keiran ignored the feeling and continued to half-run, half-walk, not wanting to exhaust himself but wanting to get back quicker.

"He was a mass murderer who escaped from one of the best prisons of that time," Keiran left out that Sirius had been innocent, which he had re-learned from letters to and from Sirius and himself.

Riddick seemed to perk at this bit of information.

"And yet you became a Merc?" Riddick asks, wearing that same signature smirk of his.

"It's what he would have wanted," Keiran responds vaguely before the faint sight of the ship and camp had him speeding up.

By the time they got to the ships, it had already started to get dark, in fact, Keiran could see the three suns going down.

"I'm going to make sure everyone is there, can you start putting the power cells in?"

Keiran waited for an affirmative, making sure to leave the power cells close to Riddick before he left. He was at the front of the ship in seconds, greeted by the sigh of Fry holding a shot gun to his head.

"Is everyone here?"

Keiran ignored the gun pointed at his head. At the silence that greeted his question, Keiran narrowed his eyes, silently taking in Imam's three apprentices huddled together and taking note of the missing Jack and Ali as well as the lack of Ogleby's cowardly comments or shaking.

"N-no. Ogleby freaked, he got frightened at how long you took and tried to leave to hide in the prospector's camp, ended up dragging Ali and Jack with him. We know he's dead, heard him scream, but..." Imam offered solemnly, his hope that the two were alive palpable, "Zeke had gone after the three to try and bring back Jack and Ali, but he didn't make it and when he didn't come back Shazza went after him."

"And that bastard Ogleby took the key with him, too. We can't leave without it," Johns snapped, glaring at the wall, his hands in fists at his side.

"Well then, someone'll just have to go back for it, won't they?"

Everyone but Keiran jumped at the sound of Riddick's voice.

"Did you get them all in? It didn't take long," Keiran commented, half-turning to Riddick who smirked in response, lazily wrapping an arm around the shorter male's shoulders.

"You took longer then you thought, kitten. It's been at least thirty minutes," Riddick remarked casually, drawing Keiran closer, "And like I've said before, if we wanna get off this piece of shit called a planet, someone's going to have to go back to get the key Ogleby stole."

"Who's the one here who can see in the dark?"

Johns snapped, turning his furious expression on the escaped convict who had been smirking at him, his choice of who should go obvious. Keiran rolled his eyes at the childish show of display.

"The three of us will go. Leave Fry the shot gun and give Imam a pistol, Johns," Keiran ordered, eyes narrowing when Johns tried to immediately protest, "I know you have at least three pistols on you, they'll need protection too, even with the lights on. Take a flashlight, too," Keiran added to both Riddick and Johns as he grabbed a flashlight for himself.

"How do you know she won't just hardwire it while we're gone?" Johns demanded, obviously trying to stall. Fry snapped around, glaring at the man as her grip tightened on the shotgun in her hands.

"Don't be an idiot, Johns! If I could hardwire it, you wouldn't need to get the key! And even if I could, I wouldn't until you brought back Jack and Ali!" She raged, restraining herself from shooting the man in front of her in her anger.

Grinning, Riddick grabbed one as well, following after Keiran as Johns reluctantly followed after the two.

Fry waited until she couldn't hear them before she all but dived for the control panel and started to dig into the wires.



"How the hell do you know she isn't just going to leave us?"

Johns demanded for what seemed like the hundredth time in the last five minutes. Keiran resisted the urge the roll his eyes, it seemed the man was growing more and more confident around Keiran was time passed and had no problem voicing his thoughts.

It was annoying.

"Yes, I know Fry can hardwire the ship---" Keiran began before Johns cut him off, again.

"Then why the hell did we leave!" Johns demanded, again, glaring at him and looking ready to hit the smaller male.

A second later the man was being held up by the scruff of his shirt by a pissed looking Riddick. Keiran could have smiled at the silence the action brought.

"Idiot, why the hell do you think we left? Why the hell do you think Fry lied? She didn't want to leave the damn kids behind if their alive, and obviously neither did the kitten. So suck it up, stop fucking complaining and grow some damn balls already," Riddick snapped, slamming Johns into the wall further.

"All we need to do is hurry up and get the kids, if they're alive, and come back to the ship which Fry is hardwiring already," Keiran explained, coming to a stop as they got to the camp and narrowing his eyes, searching for the kids aurora.

Eyes narrowing on the coring room, Keiran motioned for both of the males behind him to follow.

"Found them, kitten?" Riddick grinned, dropping Johns unceremoniously and following Keiran with a smirk.

Keiran simply nodded, his focus completely on following the kids auroras. At this rate, they wouldn't make it in time to save them. Johns was going entirely to slow and even then by the time they got there, it would be dark already. Keiran could make it, with the magic he had stored in his boots for when he needed added speed, and he was small enough to fit in the small opening he saw in the other wise locked doors.

As if reading his mind, Riddick's smirk widened.

"Go on, kitten, we'll watch your back," Riddick's hand roamed to the small of his back as he said this before pulling away.

A moment later, Keiran was gone, nothing but dust and sand in the air showing he had stood there a moment before.



Crying out in fear, Jack and Ali immediately jumped as far back as they could, their backs pressed against the cold wall and their hands grasped firmly in the others, trying to to look at the growing pool of blood that began to soak their feat.

The only thing that kept them from being ripped apart and eaten, as Ogleby had, was the thick layer of crates and fallen metal that had once been part of the ceiling and that had collapsed with the weight of the bioraptors that had been sitting on it. Although by the way it was cracking, it wouldn't last much longer, and Ali and Jack both dreaded the thought of what would happen it it broke completely.

Snapping metal and screeching assaulted their ears, and Ali and Jack clung to each other together, crying out in terror when the front of their safe haven was harshly pulled off, clenching their eyes shut and pressing themselves as far back into the wall as they could.

"You're alive," Jack instantly recognized Keiran's voice and all but threw herself at him, followed quickly by Ali.

"Keiran!" Jack half-sobbed, clinging to the man tightly. Keiran squeezed her briefly before doing the same to a terrified Ali.

"Come on, everyone else is okay and the ship should be ready to go. We just need to leave," Keiran coaxed the two out of their makeshift whole, holding his light up and nodding at Goro who currently held the only two current bioraptors off.

"I'm going to need you to hold on tight for this, as tight as you can," Keiran murmured to them. As it was now, he could apparate them just outside to where Riddick and Johns waited, with Goro and all.

Although it wouldn't get them to the ship, it was still pretty damn close in Keiran's opinion, and any time shaved off was appreciated. Neither Jack nor Ali questioned him and immediately latched on, gripping him as hard as their small arms could and burring their faces in his sides.

'Hold onto me, Goro, we're leaving,' Keiran hissed to the bioraptor, who quite happily wrapped his scythe like tail gently around Keiran's middle.

Squeezing his own eyes shut, Keiran allowed the now familiar feeling og being squeezed through a tube to engulf him, taking the four to safety.

A second later, the ground where the had stood crumbled as hundreds of bioraptors erupted from the ground like lave from a volcano.

The night had truly begun.



"Heh, pretty interested in the little thing, aren't you, Riddick?" Johns taunted, circling Riddick with a superior smirk, his arrogance coming back ten fold at the disappearance of Keiran, " Do you even know what that thing is?"

He mocked, his hands gripping his pistol tightly. Eyes narrowing behind black goggles, Riddick remained silent, circling Johns as well and alert to the fact that they were being surrounded by bioraptors, the only thing keeping them away being Johns and his joint lights.

"Of course you don't, the little thing doesn't get out into public eyes much," Johns spat with a surprising amount of contempt, "And yet you still want to fuck him, huh? Would you still want him if you knew what he was? What kind of monster he truly is? Although I suppose that wouldn't bother you, the two of you would get on great, wouldn't you? The little monster—fuck!" He sneered, his rant cut off with a curse as his head was almost sliced off, courtesy of the annoyed ex-convict.

"He's mine: that's all that matters," Riddick smirked.

"That's all that matters, huh? So then the fact that that thing is over eight thousand years doesn't mean anything? Or the fact that he founded the Mercs? What about the fact that both prisons you broke out of were his creations?" Johns smirked when Riddick tensed at his words.

Neither, however, were able to say more before Keiran and the children were there, the bioraptor that Keiran claimed as his immediately hiding in a shadow away form their circle of light.

Keiran frowned at them, taking in their fighting stance and the cut on Johns face from were Riddick had almost sliced it off completely.

"We should leave," Keiran stated, pulling his eyes away from the scene, and hosting Jack on his back despite her weak protest and the scent of embarrassment that mingled with her first bleeding, motioning Riddick to do the same with Ali.

"It's okay, Kyra, I already know," Keiran murmured to a surprised Jack before they set off. He didn't see her thoughtful look at the name Keiran had used to refer to her femininity.

Throwing Riddick a silent sneer, Johns remained quiet as they quickly made their way back, huddling as close as they could so they could stay in the protection the light offered them, Goro following behind them all the way through.

The way back seemed much longer to Keiran then the way there, Jack on his back and their lights slowly dying. He estimated they had been running for at least fifteen minutes, and the ship was still pretty small. At this rate Keiran wasn't sure they would all make it.

As if reading his thoughts, or perhaps just his sudden frown, Johns whirled around, making the group come to an abrupt halt, Keiran holding onto Jack firmly so she wouldn't fly off him at the sudden stop.

"At this rate we won't fucking make it, and you damn well know it!" Johns snarled at Keiran, ignoring the children's whimpers at this admission and Keiran's hard glares.

"But if we left something behind...perhaps on of the kids, we'd make it," Johns continued, his eyes taking on an insane glint as they turned to Jack, specially her leg which was dripping with her own blood as well as Ogleby's blood, who cowered into Keiran's back.

"The boy is already bleeding! A body would slow them down enough for us to make it, and then we can leave the other one closer up just in case---" A fist to the face cut off whatever Johns was going to say.

Keiran glared at the man, disgusted as he shifted Jack so she was pressed into his back firmly as his reassurance to her.

"Don't even think about speaking that way, Johns," Keiran hissed dangerously.

He would have said more had Riddick not shoved a child into his arms. Frowning in confusion, Keiran turned a confused look to a sadistically grinning Riddick, moving Ali so he could cling to his back as Jack was.

"Leave, kitten, Johns and I have business to attend to," Riddick smirked.

Keiran would have protested, would have asked the man how he expected to get back alive, but thought better of it. He knew enough about the man that Johns wouldn't be able to kill him, and he would tell Goro to stay behind to help the man if necessary from the other bioraptors...but he still worried. It was weird, Keiran hadn't wanted anyone to live as much as this man, as much as Riddick, but the lives of the children were hanging in the balance and Keiran would rather die then watch a child die.

Handing over two of his lights and replacing the other with one of the children's, Keiran hesitated for a brief moment before turning around and running as fast as he could.

'Goro, go back and help the man get back to the ship,' Keiran hissed silkily to Goro a moment after he started running.

Head tilting to the side a little, Goro took a sniff of the air before hissing loudly.

'He attempted to mark you as a mate,' Goro grumbled, but non the less obeyed and turned around to help the alpha that had marked Keiran as a mate, 'After all this is over, I intend to fight him for the right to mate you!' Goro called back as he stood watched over Keiran's suitor.

Smiling a little, Keiran speed up. He wouldn't have expected any less from the little bioraptor. It would definitely be fun to see Riddick react to the fact that Goro wanted to make Keiran his mate.

Frowning a little, and shaking his head as if to rid himself of the strange thought, Keiran outwardly sighed. He knew Goro wouldn't let Riddick be killed; it was bioraptor custom to personally fight and kill any competition for a potential mate, anything else such as sneak attacks or ganging up on the competition was considered cowardly. If he allowed Riddick to die it would be a personal offense to himself, especially as a future alpha, so he would definitely have to help Riddick get out alive, if his help was necessary.

"Wi-will Riddick be okay?" Jack sniffed into Keiran's, pulling Keiran from his thoughts.

"Of course he will be, who do you think he is?" Keiran teased, for the first time in thousands of years, his eyes on the now rapidly approaching ship which glowed like a beacon in the starless, pitch black night.

Jack laughed, her sniffles making their way into her laugh occasionally. There was a moments silence before Jack spoke again, Ali laying his head sleepily against Keiran's shoulders, comfortable just listening.

"How did you...know about me?" Jack asked hesitantly. Smiling slightly, Keiran brushed aside the urge to wink at the girl the same way Sirius did to him in some of the picture he had left.

"I always knew, Jack. Your scent was much different from what it claimed to be...especially after you started to bleed," Keiran stated, holding back a laugh when the girl blushed in embarrassment and when Ali gave them both confused looks.

All three were cut off as Imam's voice cut through the air.

"Ali!" The man ran to his apprentice, taking him from Keiran's arms and thanking Keiran profusely.

It was just then that Keiran noticed that they were in the safety of the light the ship made, his own light flickering dimly before going out completely black as he looked won at it.

"Where's Johns and Riddick?" Fry called from her spot on the ship, frowning at the lack of the two men.

"Back in front of the camp," Keiran responded quietly and distantly, his frowning gaze turned to where Riddick should be showing up any moment so they could leave.

The sound of foot steps assaulted his ears as Fry jumped down from the ship, at least three lights in attached to her and her pistol secured firmly in one hand.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Fry demanded.

Keiran would have found it annoying had it not been for the fact that she showed the same worry that he did.

"Johns wanted to kill the children and use them as bait for the bioraptors to get away. We didn't agree, Johns and Riddick started to fight," Keiran frowned.

How much time had passed? It had to be at least ten minutes, so why wasn't Riddick there yet?

Fry's gasp barely registered to him before the sound of sand crunching under boots had him snapping around to Fry who was already running in the same direction Keiran had come from.

"Where are you going!?" Keiran snapped, it was the first time he could recall raising his voice in...forever.

"Someone needs to save Riddick's ass! And you're need here to keep everyone safe, so I guess it'll be me!" Fry called before she disappeared from sight.

It would be the last time they ever saw her alive.



"You think you know him? Do you actually fucking think you know him?!" Johns snarled angrily, his face bleeding profusely and his light almost out.

A second later he lay on the ground, one of Riddick's ulaks shoved into his back. Twitching for a moment, Johns lay completely still afterwards as Riddick pulled his knife back out with a smirk.

"I'll know every damn inch of him soon enough," Riddick snickered, wiping his knife on his shirt before turning around to make it back to the ship, both his and Johns' lights in hand.

At the sound of a gun firing, Riddick snapped around, ready to stab Johns again if needed before he found himself staring at the body of a dead bioraptor.

"Miss me?" Fry smirked, gun held out as she warily watched the shadows, ignoring what she recognized as Goro who slid behind them away from their light and seemed to motion for the to hurry with his scythe like tail.

"The real question is, Fry, if you missed me seeing as you came all this way for little old me," Riddick smirked, sashaying away from Johns body which Fry eyed with disgust.

"I wouldn't care if you died, Riddick," Fry spat in disgust, "I only came because if we want a chance of living off this planet we'll need as many hands as we can get."

"Oh, so your doing it for every one else, huh Fry?" Riddick purred.

His kitten was much cuter, but it was still fun to see the woman's face twist in anger. She would make a good leader some day, he admitted to himself.

Glaring and looking ready to snap, Fry's face twisted into a mask of pain and confusion for a moment, looking down and holding a hand to her stomach which was pouring crimson liquid.

"Wh-what?" The word barely left her lips before she was torn in half, her upper body snapping into the shadows and her lower half hitting the floor.

Fist clenched at his side, Riddick threw himself at the shadows.

He hadn't liked Fry as much as Keiran, but the woman had spunk. She would have made a good leader, and good captain some day, and just as he thought it they killed her.

They would fucking pay.



"Dammit, Riddick, were the hell are you?!"

Keiran hissed, pacing the length of the ship's door as the other huddles in the far back. They would have to leave soon, the lights and batteries wouldn't last forever and they would have to get into space sooner rather then later.

He would rather run out of gas in space then stay on the planet any longer. At least then they still had a chance to survive, with Keiran able to use some magic again.

Arm slid around his waist, pulling him back into a well toned chest and his neck was nuzzled, and Keiran found himself sagging into the touch with a relief he hadn't felt in centuries.

"Worried kitten? Don't be, nothing'll keep me from you," Riddick purred, "Especially that sweet ass of yours."

"Riddick!" Jack's excited call cut off Keiran's response as Riddick closed the door, pulling Keiran with him as he sat at the captain's seat, making Keiran sit on his lap.

There weren't enough seats for him to have one, anyway, Keiran told himself inwardly as he allowed the act.

"Where's Fry?"

Imam sound somber as he asked, already knowing what had happened to the woman.

"Dead," Was all Riddick said.

Tears came to Jack's eyes at this, but instead of crying, she held herself higher. For having disliked the woman at first, Jack was still sad to see her go, especially seeing as she died helping Riddick.

Ignoring everything else, Keiran threw himself into preparing for take off, Riddick doing nothing but holding his waist as he did so.



"Riddick? I have a question," Jack asked hesitantly," Actually, I have a few. What about food? And what if we run into a Merc ship? What do we tell them about you?" Jack asked quickly.

Not moving his chin were it lay against Keiran's neck, Riddick answered without turning around.

"You tell them I'm dead. Richard B. Riddick dies somewhere on that fucking shit of an island," He grunted.

"Um, what about food, and water? And air? And staying warm?" Ali asked after a moment of silence.

Tilting his head aside, and half-smiling when a kiss was pressed to the side of his mouth, Keiran answered the boy.

"I've got it covered, Ali. Just trust me," There were no further questions, and no protests from the group Keiran had unknowingly won the devotion of.

They had no problem trusting him.

Smirking against the side of his mouth, Riddick briefly toyed with the idea of resuming his questing from earlier, Johns' taunts fresh in mind before he tossed it aside, harshly capturing Keiran's mouth with his own and plunging in when he received no protest.

He could question the man, later, for now, he just wanted to have a little fun with his kitten before the shit began to hit the fan, as he knew it would sooner or later.

Smiling briefly into the kiss, Keiran allowed himself to be turned around to straddle the man's lap, the chair keeping them from view from the others as a hand slid down the back of his pants.

He could get used to this. Riddick's mouth, dark and spicy and dominating, tasting of shadows and blood and something he couldn't identify, but definitely wanted more of.

Although that didn't mean he would go down without a little—or a lot-- of scratching and biting. But he got the feeling the larger man wouldn't have it any other way.


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