I sat there and watched as she cried her heart out.

"Ami!" She sobbed. She sat down on a chair near the hospital bed, clutching her younger sister's hand comfortingly – well, it would've been comforting if the younger girl had been conscience. "Please! Someone help! Someone save her!"

The girl's sister had come down with a bad sickness. Right now she looked to be in a deep, troubled sleep. Her cute, plump little face was damp with sweat, and her curly light reddish brown hair was messy and flat. She did indeed look sick.

And why was I here? I was here to fulfil a wish. But to grant that wish I needed to hear three words.

"Please! I'll do anything!" she wailed.

That's my cue.

"Would you Amu? Would you do anything?" I asked, finally appearing in a visible form.

Amu whipped around to stare at me. "Who are you?" she whispered.

"I'm... someone who grants wishes," I grinned devilishly. "For a price, of course."

She nodded, "That seems fair."

"So Amu, would you really do anything to save your sister?" I repeated, moving closer towards her.

"You... you could do that?" Amu inquired excitedly. The tears had stopped leaking down her face. She looked very hopeful now.

Amu was a pretty adorable kid. She was ten years old at the moment (her sister was five). She had shoulder-length pink hair – that had been left down today – and golden eyes. A slight blush seemed to perpetually decorate her cheeks. It was adorable, really.

Normally I didn't pay any attention to the appearance of people, but Amu was special. I could sense a kind of strength within her. I was going to pay special attention to her.

This wasn't the first time I'd seen her. I've lurked in the shadows plenty of times since her sister had gotten sick. Ever since Amu had found out about Ami's sickness (I didn't know the details about it, Amu wasn't the one I was concerned with) she had been desperately searching for a way to make her better. I've been waiting for her to say those three words – "I'll do anything" – so that I could finally make myself known.

"Absolutely," I answered.

"But, you're not even that old. How can you do it?" Amu asked.

I allowed myself a small chuckle. To her – and the rest of the human world – I looked like a seventeen year old boy. I had dark blue hair that was a tiny bit long for a boy, indigo eyes, and a lean yet slightly muscular body. I was 5'10 in height.

"I have special powers," I said with a smirk. "And let's just say that I'm older than I look."

Amu gazed at me in awe. "Will you... help... me?"

"Of course. But there is a price. I'll heal your sister, but in return I get your soul. So, what I'm asking is, are you still willing to do anything for your sister?" I asked.

"Yes! I'll do anything!" Amu nodded vigorously.

Most people said that without really meaning it, thinking that they can get out of it somehow later or pretending that there was no real consequence to their wish. If that was the case I'd take their soul anyway, I didn't really care what happened to them. Amu, however, knew exactly what she giving up, and she was prepared to do it to save her little sister. That's why I liked her. She was a strong, determined child, with a kind soul. I wasn't sure what I'd do with her soul yet. All I knew was that I wanted it.

Some people would say it's wrong to take people's souls, but I'm not really evil. You can't get something and not give something in return. The earth has to balance out.

"Good," a wick smile spread across my face as I said it. "You'll have six years, six months, and six days to spend with your sister. I'll come back for your soul six years from now on September 27th. Deal?"

Amu nodded. "Deal." I stuck out my hand and she shook it. The deal was completed. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure," I blinked in surprise. Usually this wasn't part of the transaction.

"Um... are you the devil?" she wondered.

I laughed. What a sweet assumption. "Nah. He got bored of this job. I'm just a demon," I replied.

"Oh," Amu murmured. I was kind of joking, but she seemed to take it seriously.

"I should go now," I said and turned away from her.

"Wait!" she exclaimed, grabbing onto the back of my shirt. I spun around and she immediately let go as a blush grew on her cheeks. "Did you... Did you fix her?" Amu enquired.

"Yup. She'll start getting better now," I responded. "Soon she'll be fit enough to go home."

"Thank you, uh..." Amu paused. "What's your name?"

"Ikuto," I said. Not much of a demon name, I'll admit, but it suited me.

"Thank you, Ikuto," Amu whispered. She held her hands up near her chest, and if she extended her fingers it would've looked like she was praying or something.

"Thanks aren't necessary. I'm getting something in return, remember?" I grinned, and Amu just blinked at me – though her understanding showed. "I'll be seeing you, Amu." I walked towards the window at the back of the room, slowly disappearing as I did so.

I hung around just long enough to see Amu smile when her sister blinked her eyes open, and then I left.

Today was the day. I was back. Well, back again. I'd visited her periodically over the six years, six months, and six days since we'd made the deal for her soul. Not that she ever saw me. I was just... checking up on her.

Okay, so maybe I checked up on her more than was required. And maybe I started to like her a lot more than I should have. It was weird. I'd never cared for anyone as much as I do for her. I wanted to protect and be with her, not that I could've – until now at least. I did "accidentally" trip one girl who had been really mean to Amu, but that was about the extent of what I could do for her. I think... I love her. How odd.

I've never been in love before. I didn't think I'd ever fall in love – I didn't think it was possible. But it happened. And it truly was a weird feeling.

Right now Amu was pacing back and forth in her bedroom, biting her lip. She was waiting. For me. She was so nervous. Of course, any normal person probably would be.

A mischievous smile spread slowly across my face as I watched her. I was going to have some fun before starting business matters. I appeared behind her, leaned in, and blew in her ear.

Amu yelped and jumped up in surprise. She turned around with wide eyes that soon turned into a glare. "What was that for?" she demanded.

I shrugged, "Fun."

"I've been waiting in agonizing paranoia all day waiting for you to come. Where were you?" Amu frowned.

"Huh. Most people try to avoid me. No one really waits for me to come. You're really strange, you know that?" I teased.

"Shut up! I am not!" Amu yelled. Her cheeks were already tinted that adorable shade of pink. "I was just trying to hold up my end of the bargain. I thought I had to wait somewhere you could find me."

"I can find you anywhere Amu," I whispered into her ear.

She shoved me back and I laughed. She was very amusing. "That sounds very stalker-ish. You better not have been stalking me for six and a half years."

"Stalking is a rather loose term, isn't it?"

Amu rolled her eyes. "Loser." I stood there silently, and she fidgeted anxiously. "Aren't you um, going to take my soul or whatever?"

"Yeah, soon," I said.

"What... what do you do with the souls?" She whispered fearfully.

I had just finally decided what I wanted to do with Amu's soul in the six and a half years the day of the deal. I could do anything with it that I wanted as long as she didn't stay on Earth. "Usually I just send them away for eternal damnation and punishment," I said in an unconcerned tone. I moved closer towards her and wrapped my arms around her waist. Amu let out a startled noise and gave me a wary, questioning look. "But you... you're special. I'm going to keep you."

"K-keep m-me? Wh-wh-what d-does that m-m-mean?" Amu stuttered. She looked a bit scared, which wasn't what I wanted. I frowned. This wasn't going completely as planned. For some reason I was hoping she'd be... happy, I guess. That's a really stupid thing to hope for, but I still did.

Before answering her I stroked her cheek with the back of my hand. She looked pretty surprised at the tender gesture. "I'm going to keep your soul, instead of sending it away. You'll stay with me," I said.

"You can do that? I thought you had to send souls away," Amu said.

"I can do whatever I want with souls, they just can't stay on Earth," I informed her. "So you'll be mine now. My little Amu."

Amu frowned. "Okay, first, I'm not that little. And two, I'm definitely not yours."

"But you are. You gave me your soul. You're one hundred percent, completely, mine," I argued.

Amu sighed sadly and stared down at the floor.

"Are you ready?" I asked. I was having mixed feelings about this. In some ways, I didn't want to even take her soul. She looked so sad now. She didn't want to go. But I had to take her, because I already granted her wish. To have her with me all the time though... It's such a nice idea. I want to be with her.

She met my eyes and whispered a soft agreement. I tilted her chin up and pressed my lips to hers. Her mouth felt so nice and soft that I instinctively pulled her closer towards me. Amu didn't resist, but when my tongue grazed her lips she let out a surprised squeak. That was a mistake, as I took the opportunity to slide my tongue into her mouth. Still holding her chin, I stepped back pulling her soul out at the same time. I felt the weird tingly, sparking sensation I usually felt when removing a soul, but this time I felt it with my mouth.

Amu pushed me roughly away as her empty body fell to the floor. She turned around and saw her body sprawled out on the floor. A mix emotions flooded across her face – shock, wonder, fear, confusion. After a minute of staring down at herself she managed to say, "Is that really what my hair looks like today?"

I burst out laughing, much to her irritation. "What? It was just a question," Amu mumbled resentfully. This just made me laugh harder. She stuck her tongue out at me and I pulled her into another kiss. She ended it by stepping on my foot. Hard.

"Ow, that kind of hurt," I gave her a pretend pout.

"You deserved it. Pervert," Amu said.

I laughed and took her hand. To my surprise she didn't fight me as I led her away (although she did call me a pervert again), back to the place where I live. It was going to be pretty interesting from now on.


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