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Amu rubbed at her sleepy eyes and gave a contented sigh. She didn't, however, open her eyes. She felt very peaceful at the moment and didn't want to let go of that feeling. Plus she was really sleepy. Amu never was much of a morning person.

After a few minutes she realized that her head was resting on something that was harder than a pillow. She moved her hand across the object. It felt like... clothing? Clothing covering something... Amu's eyes shot open.

Her head was on Ikuto's chest. The chest that she had felt up with her hand just seconds ago. She looked up, praying that he wasn't awake yet. Amu wasn't that lucky. Ikuto was staring down at her with a smirk.

"Awful affectionate this morning, aren't we?" Ikuto snickered.

Amu screamed and scrambled off of him. "What are you doing in bed with me!? Get out!" She grabbed a pillow and whacked him in the chest with it as hard as she could.

"Ouch," Ikuto grumbled, rubbing his stomach. He put his hands up in defence when she tried to hit him again with the pillow. "Hey! You're the one who fell asleep on top of me!"

Amu glared at him. He was just making everything worse. He sat up and gave her a grin. In return she kicked him right off the bed.

"Fine, I'll leave," Ikuto said as he hauled himself off the floor. "I have business to take care of anyways. Do whatever you want until I get back." He grabbed some clothes from a dresser then left.

Amu sat still on the bed for a few minutes, letting her hot cheeks cool down. She realized that she had no idea what to do now. She also didn't know her way around and therefore didn't feel comfortable leaving Ikuto's house.

Having no other clothes, she had to keep on the clothing she wore all day and night yesterday. She peaked out the door, half expecting to find Ikuto standing there. He wasn't.

At a loss for what to do, Amu just started to wander along. She opened one door just to find another – seemingly endless – hallway filled with doors. Amu strolled along. She dragged her right hand against the wall, but dare didn't open even a single door. She came to find a door with the words Do Not Open painted on in white. She bit her lip, debating whether or not to open it. She was about to turn away when the door creaked open a millimetre. Amu nudged the door with her foot, but it opened only to show an empty room with concrete walls.

"That was stupid," Amu snorted. She slammed the door shut and went back the way she came.

She heard the sound of a doorbell and rushed downstairs towards to let whoever it was in.

"Hello Amu," said Nadeshiko. "I thought I'd come by and see how you're doing."

"So obviously I had to come too," Nagihiko added, grinning. "And I invited Rima."

"Hi Amu," Rima said. A flood of people began to come into the house. I stepped aside to let them pass. "I also invited some people – Yaya, Kukai, and Kairi."

"Yo, Hinamori!" A guy with messy brown hair waved. I wondered how he knew my name. The only reasonable explanation was that the demons I met yesterday had been talking about me. It made me feel a little embarrassed.

"Um, hi," I responded.

"You have to say your name," Rima nudged him with her elbow.

"Oh, right. It's Kukai," said the brunette guy.

"Kukai! You're in the way!" protested a young looking girl with brown hair in two pigtails tied up in big red bows. She shoved him a little and stepped in front. "I'm Yaya!" She gave Amu a big hug, leaving Amu speechless. That girl was really hyper.

"Kairi," a guy with green hair that was a bit longer in the front shook my hand. He wore a pair of square glasses over his eyes. They seemed a bit too big for him, as he had to keep pushing them up the bridge of his nose.

"H-hi everyone, come in," Amu said. Everyone was already inside, but she thought it would be polite to say it. "Why don't we go into the living room?" Amu sat down in between Nadeshiko and Rima on the couch.

"Amu, how come you're wearing the same clothes as you did yesterday?" Rima asked.

Amu blushed at the question. "Well... I didn't get to bring any clothes with me when I came here..."

"Later today you should come by mine and Utau's place," Rima offered. "Utau likes to dress people up."

Amu shuddered at the thought of having Utau force her into several girly outfits. She didn't do girly. "Uh, yeah, okay. But nothing too girly," she said.

"Yaya wants to come too!" Yaya pouted, tears pooling in the corners of her eyes.

"D-don't cry, y-you c-can come t-t-too!" Amu stuttered.

Yaya jumped up from her seat and happily squeezed herself in between Nadeshiko and Amu to give her a hug. The three other girls giggled together.

"Amu, you should go get some snacks. I'm hungry," Yaya ordered.

Everyone nodded in agreement, so Amu went to the kitchen in search of some sort of food. Amu searched through all the cabinets. Ikuto sure didn't have very much food in his house. Eventually she was able to find a box of several different kinds of cookies. She spread them out on a big plate and carried them back to the living room as carefully as she could. Amu was a bit clumsy, and she was incredibly worried that she would drop Ikuto's very expensive looking plate.

"So guys, why do you think Ikuto brought Amu here? I mean, she's nice and all, but why?" Kukai asked.

Amu froze where she was. They were talking about her and Ikuto? She hid around the corner to hear what they were saying. She couldn't help it, she was curious. She wanted to know the answer to that question just as much as the others.

"I think he's in love with her," Nadeshiko said. Amu almost laughed out loud and almost dropped the plate as a result. She breathed out a silent sigh of relief.

Rima nodded, "It's the only the answer that seems to make sense. But how do you think Amu feels?"

"He's taken her from her home, her family, and everyone she loves," Nadeshiko reasoned. "I think a better question is can she ever love him?"

Oh my gosh, they're serious, thought Amu. But... if he did love me he would've said something, right? Or at least shown some sign that he did. Feeling slightly more reassured, Amu came jogging into the room, purposefully making sure her steps were extra loud.

The room went completely silent as she entered. "I hope everyone likes cookies, it was all I could find," said Amu to break the silence.

"Hooray, cookies!" Yaya cheered. She jumped up off the couch and grabbed the plate from Amu. She shoved a big chocolate covered cookie into her mouth.

"Why is everyone in my house?"

Amu turned around and hit her head on Ikuto's chest. She stumbled backwards but didn't fall.

Ikuto smirked. "You okay?" he asked.

"Why were you standing so close to me!?" demanded Amu.

"I don't know," he answered. Amu felt rage starting to bubble up inside her. "Why did you shove your face into my chest?"

"It's because you were standing so close, stupid!" She yelled and pounded a fist on his chest.

Ikuto draped his arms around her. "You're so cute when you're mad," he cooed mockingly.

Amu looked up angrily, but felt it all drain out of her when her eyes met his. They were incredibly blue. Her face was really close to his, and his grin was making her uncomfortable. Her face grew hot.

Suddenly she remembered the discussion from earlier. I think he's in love with her, echoed through her head. The room was completely silent, and Ikuto had stopped grinning, he was just staring at her. Feeling self-conscious and embarrassed, Amu pushed him backwards and turned away.

"Everyone, get out of my house," ordered Ikuto.

"But we just got here!" Yaya pouted.

"Did you eat all of my cookies?" Ikuto frowned.

Yaya laughed nervously and slid the now empty plate onto the table. "I think we should go now," she said and hurried out of the room.

Nadeshiko and Rima said goodbye to her, Kairi nodded, Kukai gave her a thumbs up and a wink, and Nagihiko smiled at her before they all left.

"I-I'm going t-to g-go to b-b-bed," Amu stuttered.

"No you're not. I have something to show you first," he said. Ikuto grabbed her hand and dragged her upstairs. He directed her to a door beside his bedroom that she was pretty sure wasn't there earlier.

"Eh? Was this door here before?" Amu asked curiously.

"No, not really," Ikuto answered.

Not really...? That doesn't even make sense.

He opened the door, revealing a beautiful bedroom. The floor was a dark hardwood and the walls were painted white with gold highlights. There was a white sheet-covered bed on the far side, surrounded by silky cream curtains. On the right there was a long white velvet couch with on top of an ornate blue rug. Beside the couch was a small table with a blue lamp on top. The rest of her room was filled with a set of double doors (that she was secretly hoping led to a walk-in closet), some gold and blue velvet chairs, a mirror, and a vanity table.

"Wow, it's so pretty," she paused. "Um... it is mine, right?"

He snorted. "Who else's would it be?" Ikuto asked.

Amu ran into the room, running her hand along all the new furniture. Finally she made it to the pristine double doors. She threw them open and almost let out a squeal of delight when she saw that it really was a walk-in closet. After all, doesn't every girl dream of a giant room to hold all of her stuff? The closet was just a bit smaller than her room. One was had a long post full of hangers; another was comprised of shelves; and the back wall had a floor-length mirror and a table filled with drawers designed to keep jewellery.

"How did you come up with all this? How did you make it?" Amu questioned.

"Well, to be honest, Utau designed it. And in this world, you can make whatever you want; you just have to focus," Ikuto explained. He was shuffling around, looking out of place in this extremely girly room.

"Huh," Amu paused, seemingly deep in thought. She closed her eyes, held out her hand, and yelled, "I demand a ham sandwich." She opened her eyes, but sadly there was no sandwich in sight.

"You're human, you can't do it," Ikuto laughed. "But you did look hilarious when you tried to conjure up a sandwich."

"Shut up, it wasn't funny!" Amu glowered at him.

"I have one last thing for you, here," he shoved a medium-sized box into her hands. It was a dark blue box tied up with a light blue ribbon.

"You have to stop making stuff appear out of nowhere, it's unnerving," Amu muttered as she took the box from him. Although she seemed nonchalant, she was actually rather surprised that he had done any of this for her.

I think he's in love with her... She shook the thought out of her head. There was no way it could be true.

She tore the ribbon off the box and opened the lid. Inside sat a worn gold-turning-silver handle mirror. "Oh goodie, an old mirror," Amu said sarcastically. "Why are you giving me this?"

"If you look through it, you can see whatever – and whoever – you want. I know you miss your family and all..." Ikuto let his sentence trail off. His back was facing her, and his hands were shoved into the pockets of his pants. He looked surprisingly, dare she think it, cute.

She acted on a wild impulse, and gave him a quick hug. His body went stiff when she did so. She guessed that he just wasn't expecting her to hug him.

A flurry of emotions was zooming through her. She wasn't sure if the gift was so sweet that it made her happy or want to cry. Who would she want to look at first; her family, or her friends?

"Amu," Ikuto said, and turned around to look at her. "You hugged me." He looked thoroughly shocked and maybe kind of embarrassed.

"Stating the obvious, but yeah, I wanted to thank you for the gift," Amu replied. The room had an uncomfortable atmosphere now, and Amu wanted nothing more than to leave immediately. "I'm sorry, if you, um, don't like hugs..."

"No, it was nice," Ikuto said and gave her a devilish grin. "Won't you hug me again, Amu?"

"No. And don't say my name like that," she snapped. Amu couldn't believe she was actually starting to consider him to be a good person before.

"Amu!" Utau burst through the doors and into the bedroom. "Wait, why is your face so red?"

This just made Ikuto smirk and Amu blush even harder. "It's not!" she yelled.

"Okay..." Utau drawled. "I'm picking you up. We're going to my place."

"Utau, wait-" Amu started, but it was too late. Utau grabbed Amu's hand, snapped, and then they were gone.


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