-Wolf Encounter-

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"Hey, you lost?" Harry whipped around his eyes searching for the voice's owner. He had come into the forest near his home to get away from his cousin. Knowing he wasn't supposed to leave without warning the Order guards that seemingly protecting him when he was at the Dursley's. Staying in the forest till it got dark to sneak in with the cover of darkness seemed to be his best option.

"Whose there?" It wasn't anyone he knew. First of all it was too cheerful, of course that could mean Tonks but it was male. Second , he would usually see the person after one look around. From where he stood in the clearing no one was around him, nothing but the tall trees and thick undergrowth. Harry started feeling on edge, his body tensing.

"Aw come on. You can't sense me? You have to be at least above that level by now!"

A figure fell from above the young wizard, shocking him into falling back onto the ground. In front of him landed a man, or what he thought was a man. The person had strange black wolf ears on his head and when he stood Harry saw a bushy tail of the same color swaying excitedly behind him. The man was tall, or at least taller then him, 5'5 at least. A long russet brown braid of almost 4 feet hung behind him practically having a mind of its own as it moved to swing around the man's shoulder where he patted it comfortably. That attracted the eyes of the young wizard who soon eyed the threatening looking claws that grew from his hands. His clothes looked like they were made of black silk as they flowed over his body ghosting over his slightly tanned skin. Persian indigo eyes gleefully gleamed at him, a large grin formed on his face as he looking the kid before him over.

"You're an Unawakened! You don't see many of your kind around now days. Too many search for you and get swooped up before other packs can get to you, how old are you? Where are you from? Did you know there was even a pack out here?" The man rambled on so fast Harry had a hard time even hearing the words he said. He stood backing away slowly, he had no idea what this man was going on about.

"Uh, right I'm going to go home now." Order be damned, he'd rather face them then the man in front of him now. Before he could even take a step another figure landed next to him in the direction he was going to go, effectively blocking his exit.

"Duo, you've been gone for over an hour. The pack's getting restless." The new person was the same as "Duo". Strange russet wolf looking ears rested on his head twitched in the direction of the other, his tail was a lustrous russet and rested calmly behind him. His black hair was pulled back into a tight pony tail giving him a very sleek look. Black eyes pierced the other "wolf's" eyes, a scowl set on his face. The clothes on him were tight unlike the other a black tank top stuck to him like another skin showing abs and a slim figure thinner his friend, though the pants were slightly looser long and white(surprisingly white considering where they were) hung low on his waist showing beautiful bronzed skin. Sort of like the training pants Harry had seen in a dojo he passed with the Dursley's once.

"Have I been gone that long? I couldn't help it, caught a scent too enticing to give up." He looking straight at Harry. The new person sent a small glare pointed at him and relaxed as he caught a scent of the young one.

"An Unawakened? How is that even possible? We've been living here for at least seven years, how did we not notice him?" The black eyes softened at him. Harry on the other hand was having panic attacks in his head. Wondering just how he always managed to get into these situations.

"What's your name pup?" The question directed at Harry surprised him. He quickly answered not wanting to provoke those claws.

"Harry! Harry Potter." The Duo person walked closer to them snickering as he did.

"Well nice to meet you Harry Harry Potter." The Chinese looking one glared at him before looking back at the young pup before him. "I'm Duo Maxwell, I may run and hide but I never tell a lie!" Harry was surprised that they didn't seem to notice who he was thinking they were magical creatures.

The other faced him he smiled softly for a split second before his mouth smoothed out to a thin line again. "I am Chang Wufei, call me Wufei though. It seems as Duo here has found an attachment to you. I welcome you into our pack."

The young wizard was having a difficult time trying to process what was going on. First of all, he had no idea what an "Unawakened" was, and second he didn't even know what they were.

"Attachment? Pack? What's going on?" The two seemed taken aback at his words.

"You don't know? This is a problem, what guardian wouldn't tell him? It seems Fate isn't picking very good guardian's now days." The Chinese man announced talking more to himself in the end then to anyone else. "I guess we should take him to the Alpha. Though with the amount of time we've been gone he might show up himself." Duo nodded and looked around then back at Harry.

"Then come on kid. You need to come with us. We wont hurt you." Harry suddenly went into fear mood. These people were trying to bring them to their "Alpha", he knew that those terms were usually used when dealing with animals. But considering the outlook of the two he didn't think he was very far off. But he had to get home soon, it was getting dark and he didn't even know them!

"Hey, calm down kid." Duo approached him noticing his breathing quicken and diluted eyes. He exchanged a look with Wufei before grabbing the boy around his waist and over his shoulder. The younger thrashed but not really standing a chance against the larger bulk of the Wolf Demon.

"We're not going to eat you. But I assure you that if you kick my face I'm dropping you." Wufei came around looking the boy in the face while grabbing his hands together, he closed his eyes, whispered a bit and then let go. Harry panicked as they wouldn't come apart, they seemed to be glued together at where his wrists were touching. With very strong glue.

"Should keep you from attacking us and harming yourself. The spell can't be broken by anyone but those of our pack. Well, unless you decide to cut your arms off naturally." Wufei saw the desperation settling into his eyes. Clawed hands shot out and were put on the sides of the youngling's head bringing their foreheads together, he then whispered to him.

"We will not harm you ever on purpose. I give you my word as a Wolf Demon." Wufei's body glowed a faint red that soon enveloped the other's head and spread though his body before fading away.

"What did you do?" The wizard finally choked out after Wufei let his arms fall away from his head.

"I placed a sort of ward on you that blocks out any attempt of harm from anyone in our pack. It'll last for about five hours. Its usually only used on those giving birth on the mate to prevent harm that those in labor are known to dish out." A small smile formed on the wolf demon's face before he jumped above them onto a branch of a tree that had to be more then fifteen feet tall.

"Lets go before they worry too much. I'm sure by now Quatre must be anxious and pacing a wear into the den's floor." The braided one nodded and jumped after the other. Harry held his breath such a leap is quite impossible by physics to him, but they acted like gravity didn't exist! Though as a Quidditch player the height didn't bother him as much as it should have. Then they were suddenly running though the trees at an astounding speed. Everything seemed to whisk by if Harry tried to focus on something it was gone in less then a second. So much for finding his way home. He decided to just let it go. If they killed him, well. At least he would never have to deal with Voldemart ever again.

Heero looked down at the young pup brought before him by his two mates. He was scrawny, timid, and smelt deeply of humans. You could only, very slightly smell his wolf side. It was covered with the thick electric smell of magic only England wizards used. Though he had a incredible strong aura, extraordinary beauty, and a strange eerie grace. The clothes he wore were excessively large for him. The over sized shirt nearly falling off his shoulder, pants hung from his waist only hanging on due too the belt that was clenched to the last hole. It was like someone had bought his clothes thinking he was the size of a overweight pie-eating contest winner.

"So your telling me that this Unawakened just walked into our forest without any of us knowing?" His braided mate nodded patting the kid's head with a grin on his face. The young pup shook his hand off his head and looked wearily at his mate's claws.

"He doesn't even know what he is? Have you seen a hint of his Guardian at all?" The two looked a bit grim and shook their heads a clear negative to him. The pup decided he was tired of keeping quite and finally spoke up to them.

"Ok I really don't know what's going on. But can someone please explain what I am since you seem to know what your all talking about!?" Quatre of the pack's beta pair took that moment to step out of the den, in his arms a freshly skinned deer hind. His pair followed closely behind shadowing the smaller of the two.

"What's going on? Have Duo and Wufei come back?" His question answered by the two meeting his eyes and nodding to him in acknowledgement. Duo's nod was followed by a cat-like grin. Then the healer of the pack noticed the small pup brought back by his pack mates.

"Whose this? You've brought a hu-…" He stopped as the winds changed, he caught the scent of the very human looking wolf demon.

"An Unawakened?! Here? Why didn't you get me sooner!" He handed the skins to his mate before rushing over to him, who laid the skins off to the side to be cleaned later. "Wow. He's beautiful! Let me get a good look at you. By Allah, you need a lot of food. Your way to skinny for a pup your age!"

Harry just watched nervously and tried inching back, he felt someone's legs stopping his slow retreat. The wolf-man-thing Duo stood over him a smile focused on him.

"Hey Q. I think your scaring him. Though I really have to agree on the food part. He looks more starved then I did when I was taken off the streets." Quatre backed off after one more full view of the boy before joining his mate that had come to stand behind their Alpha.

"I found him in the forest near the human dens. I think he must live there with some of them. But I'm sure he knows more then I do. Care to share pup?" Harry's mind raced he really still didn't know what was going on! If anyone didn't tell him soon he feared of how his magic would react to his frustration.

"I live with my Uncle, Aunty, and cousin. But please can someone explain what. Is. Going. On!" He felt a small portion of his magic break from his grip and he quickly lassoed it back before he hurt anyone.

"Whoa. Kid. Did you guys feel that? I think we're dealing with a power house here." Heero nodded, the magic that had come from Harry was pure and powerful. It amazed even him that the young wizard had the power to control it on his own.

"Alright. Keep clam. We'll explain, but first. Introductions." Heero nodded to his pack and went and grabbed the boy by his arm to help him off the ground. Wufei and Duo grabbed some skins that were hanging on a tree to the side of the small cave they had made their den. Quatre and Trowa moved swiftly going into the den and coming back out with a couple of scrolls each in their arms. The Alpha led Harry to the skins laid down by his mates and sat pulling the pup down with him. Wufei sat on Heero's side and Duo took the side next to Harry. Quatre and Trowa put the scrolls in front of their Alpha before seating themselves.

"Ok. To start off. I'm Quatre Winner." The blonde started pointing to himself and then grabbing Trowa's arm. "This is Trowa Barton. We are the Beta pair of the pack. I am also the healer."

Heero nodded to the two and turned Harry's attention to himself.

"I am Yuy, Heero. Alpha of the Gundam Wolf Demon Pack of the East. I'm sure my mates have already introduced them selves. So we'll start already." Heero pulled one of the scrolls from the pile and opened it. It was old, the edges of the paper were brown with age and chips of it were missing. On it was strange lettering in a language Harry didn't know.

"This is our history. But by the look on your face, I'm sure you don't understand the language. Its Japanese. Our pack came from Japan, we moved to England about 200 years ago." Heero ignored the look he got from the pup and continued on. "Our pack wasn't built like normal ones though. The more modern pack's now years are purely family and close friends from what I've heard. Our pack was formed through I guess what you would call "hardships". When we met there was a war raging though our lands. We were all from very different backgrounds, there was only one thing that connected us. Our need to stop the war. Though when we figured out we were Wolf Demons changed our relationship's drastically. We'll let you figure that all later though. I'm sure you want to know more about what you are." The "elder" rolled up the scroll and grabbed a new one. It looked similar to the other one, old. But this time he passed it to Wufei.

The Chinese wolf unrolled the scroll on it were different characters then the other scroll. Though similar they were different.

"This is written in Chinese. My native language. You, Potter Harry, are a wolf demon. Wolf Demon's are one of the very few demon's allowed onto Earth. Long ago Fate granted the first Wolf Demon's to roam the lands in its stead. For Fate as one of the Gods could not leave its post in the Heavens. Thus, it sent out Wolf Demon's to carry out justice on humans, and to make sure things went according to Fate's plans. Humans at the time had been acting out against the Gods. Some of the other Gods had sent out creatures in their stead as well. The Dementor being on of the most deadly of them, as sent out by Death. By records winged humans had been sent by Life to heal certain things on Earth. But they became too powerful over the weak minded humans and was called back by Life. The Winged Humans became known as Angels by regular humans.

Wolf Demons jobs were to settle conflicts in the Human Realm for Fate. We are granted the bodies of power in various different forms. For one was our main, the human-like appearance with the addition of the Wolf parts. The tail, ears, claws, fangs, and the internal parts are enhanced considerably compared to normal humans. The hearing for example can be tuned to certain sounds and even hear over three meters from where one stood. Wolf Demons communicate with Fate though something called a Guardian. The Guardian is actually a part of us, the form is usually another part of the Wolf Demon. Most Wolf Demon's Guardians come in different forms and tend to change from pack to pack. Our pack's Guardian's are usually take the form of large cats. Mine is a Melanistic jaguar. Though its odd for a Guardian not to show itself to an Unawakened at your age.

Have you ever heard a voice talk to you before? Like a nagging sound in the back of your mind?" Harry thought, the only thing that came to him was the times when he had lived with the Dursleys before knowing he was a wizard. Back then, there was always a voice that told him he didn't have to deal with his human relatives and how he could over power them easily. But when he met Dumbledore, it disappeared. He hadn't thought much of it because of all the different things that suddenly were around him.

"I had before. When I was younger. It went away though." The young wizard flinched back slightly as he saw the Alpha's eyes narrow at his statement.

"When did it go away?"

"After I started school at Hogwarts." Duo stifled a laugh at the word "Hogwarts".

"Hogwarts is a school? It sounds more like a disease." Harry glared silently at the wolf demon for insulting his home.

"Hogwarts is the best school of witchcraft and wizardry in all of England! You can't talk down on it!" Duo ruffled the pup's hair in a calming gesture, not a bit afraid of the smaller boy.

"Ah come on! You have to admit the name is funny!" Harry opened his mouth to answer and was quickly silenced by a glare from the Alpha.

"Quatre. Check him for any locks or curses holding his Guardian and wolf side." The blond nodded and came to sit in front of said wizard. His eyes closed as he breathed out a blue glow faintly covered his body. The others watched with anticipation as their healer worked his magic.

A few minutes went by and his eyes suddenly popped open shook covered his face. He turned to the waiting group.

"He has two locks on his main magic. Three on his wolf side. There's also a dark curse on his Guardian." Harry looked surprised and confused at the news. The others just seemed incredibly livid. "There's also something else. I can see a tie on his psyche. Its… covered in darkness."

The young wizard's eyes darkened. "Its Voldermart. He's an dark wizard whose trying to wipe out muggles. He tried to kill me when I was a babe. Apparently I have an connection with him though my scar. Professor Dumbledore told me though it I gained some of his abilities and traits. Professor Dumbledore said my mother's magic protected me with love and saved me from him. That day my entire family was gone. Killed." He didn't know why he was spilling his guts to these wolves. He had just met them, they kidnapped him even! It was just something he felt, inside something seemed to tell him he would be fine even protected by them.

"Who do you stay with now?" The healer's mate finally spoke startling Harry. His voice was quite and smooth like a river.

"I live with my aunt, whose my last living relative she's my mum's sister, and her husband and son." Out of the blue Quatre, the least excepted to, quickly grabbed his shirt and pulled it up revealing his stomach and back. Wufei and Duo gasped at the sight. Heero even let out a low growl.

The young pup's back was covered in welts about two inches thick in varying lengths. One his left side under his arm was a thin deep cut that was healing badly. There were also tiny little slits made in various places on his body, like someone had just taken a table knife and just poked him all over the place. His front wasn't as bad but still must have hurt like hell. There was a bruise the size of a large fist right in the middle of his stomach, it looked quite fresh as most of the wounds did. There were other bruises that spotted his chest and arms. Some were odd and random like someone had just picked up a random item and chucked it at him. Most on his arms were finger like that indicated he had been grabbed and manhandled a lot.

The wolves couldn't believe what they were looking at. One of their own kind has been abused right under their noses and they didn't even notice. It was strange how out of his entire body his face wasn't hurt. They suspected his tormentors made it that way so that others wouldn't notice that he even had other horrible wounds. To them since he was just a pup, it was either a death wish or war proposition.

It was Heero who finally spoke breaking the shocked and tense silence.

"We aren't going to let you go back to them." Harry looking around at the others. The same determination that was on the Alpha's face showed on all of theirs. For once in his life. He felt the connection that he had always longed for.

He smiled.

Ok as a reader suggested I have broken up the Past and Present for this story. Sorry if it created confusion. I never really thought of it while I was writing. I hadn't planned I would even do a past really until the beginning of the second chapter.