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"Understand pup, our race is very limited to who we are able to mate with." Wufei kept a knowing smile on his face. Having gone through the same thing many years ago.

"Sure, if you wanted to just have a tussle in the sheets with anyone not Wolf demon, you could." Harry made a face at Duo's comment, who wiggled his eyebrows at him. Heero pushed him aside to stand in front of his pup.

"What we're trying to say is that Wolf demons are able to only procreate with others of our own." He said calmly forcing Harry to pay attention. Harry made of face of confusion.

"But then why Malfoy? Can't I find someone else?" Duo laughed at his words returning to toss his arm around Harry once again.

"Pup, there are around one hundred fifty wolf packs around today. That means if there are around five in each pack like ours, there are only seven hundred wolf demons alive. Out of those seven hundred guess how many are your age?"

Harry glanced at the others of the pack, all seemed to have the expression of amusement on their faces. "Uh I have no idea?"

"Well. Currently. There's about fifteen around your age." Harry glared at that.

"That means there's fourteen others that I could still be with!" Duo burst out laughing, Wufei and Heero just smiled smugly.

"Harry, Harry. I'm sorry to tell you, but most of those others either are already paired with their own mate. Or live on the other side of the planet." A hand fell on his head and mussed up his hair. The pup flinched at the contact but remained still.

"Don't worry much. At least you know him and it's not like he's a complete stranger you have to mate with." Harry looked up at the tall brunette who smiled kindly down at him. Trowa lifted his hand and went back to his own mate. The two were so gathered up with each other Harry could just see the love around them.

Would he really be like that with his own mate? He could hardly imagine having someone to love at all. Let alone another male like Draco.

"Come on pup! So little time, so much to learn!" Duo whined at him, seconds later he was gripping onto Duo's arms as they seemed to fly into the trees.

"What are we doing?" The young wizard shouted at his supposed father. The other man just laughed as they stopped on a tree nearly thirty feet above solid ground. From their vision they could see the pack start to move onto what they were doing before. They could also see the edges of Harry's old town.

"Ya gotta get used to this pup." Duo steadied the younger with one hand as he himself gazed out across the trees. "This is how we're going to travel later on. Soon you should be able to move like that too!"

Looking down at the drop to the ground Harry wished he had his broom. He hardly heard his Alpha mate's voice. "Are you really sure this is safe Duo?"

A hard pat on the back almost had him tumbling forward over the branch's edge. He clung onto Duo's arm that had hit him.

"Don't worry! Being a demon has its perks you know?" A large grin was fixed on his face.

"Now. Look out through the trees. Don't think about the height. Your up here to learn something!" He scolded when Harry stared straight down again. His head snapped up at the sound of Duo's voice and quickly scanned their surroundings.

"Ok, now. What do you see?" Harry looked at him with a face that clearly said 'are you serious?'

"What am I supposed to see?"

"Just tell me pup you can do it." Duo told him in an encouraging tone. The wizard sighed and looked again slowly this time around.

"I see…" The braided demon leaned closer with an excited expression. "I see…"

He glared at the scenery around them.

"Tress." He said with a deadpan look. Duo nearly fell over laughing at him. "What were you expecting me to say?" Harry grumpily asked.

Duo whipped a tear from his laughter away and patted Harry on the back.

"Well for one. To the right, you see right there." He pointed through the trees and sure enough Harry saw a doe and her fawn. "Guess what that is?"

"It's a deer?" Harry answered as if somehow it wasn't, though he was quite sure it was a deer and its child.

"Yes, yes it is. But it is also dinner." Duo barked out a laugh at the expression on Harry's face.

"But it has a child!" He protested which was quickly quieted as Duo picked him up again and they pretty much flew through the trees toward the two deer.

"I normally don't do the hunting for the pack. That's Heero and Tro's job. But I teach the young how to do the basics and they fine tune when they get older." Harry watched silently as Duo left him in the tree they landed in. The older man jumped through the trees till he was above the unknowing pair. Then his heart lurched as Duo dropped straight down onto the doe's back, which caused the animal to launch into a wild gallop with his adoptive father on top.

"Duo!" He couldn't help the shout that tore through his lips in worry. The man simply laughed.

"You watching pup?" In a swift move, his right arm wrapped around the doe's neck, the other arm came around under the doe's chin and his claws ripped the thin skin there. All Harry saw was the red blood flowing from the fatal cut. The animal's eyes were wide, black, and they slowly lost life. Duo jumped off it's back landing gracefully on the grass as the doe fell to the ground twitching.

Harry sat numbly in the tree his mind reeling. He was expected to hunt for food in this new life, to take another's life to sustain his own. Never was he asked such a thing minus the whole Voldemort thing. How was he going to live this way? He couldn't jump or run the way they did. Questions plagued his mind even as Duo appeared at his side.

"Hey! Harry!" His attention snapped toward Duo, then to the man's blood covered arm. He almost fell from the tree in fright; if it weren't for the arm that snatched the back of his shirt he would have been a wizard pancake.

"Woah there. What's wrong pup?" Pure concern pooled in Duo's eyes as he gazed into Harry's own.

"It's. Nothing." Harry was determined not to show his fear and weakness to him. He didn't need to put anything more on the ones taking him in.

"Well. Don't be afraid to tell me anything alright?" At Harry's nod he jumped back into a happy mood. "Right! So we need to get this back to the pack now. Let's go."

The older wolf picked him up again and landed near the carcass. Duo let him walk on his own as he hefted the carcass on his shoulder like it was nothing. They walked back in silence, as Harry was too shocked at Duo's amazing display of strength.

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