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Italics – character thoughts, usually they all belong to Tsuna unless stated otherwise.

Tsuna shifted on the cushioned chair he occupied. His eyes darted nervously from his left to his right and back again. It wasn't everyday that all, yes, all of his guardians were together in one room, sitting together at one table.

Tsuna, the Vongola boss, sat at the very head of the table. Reborn sat to his left on a small-reborn- sized black leather sofa that looked almost out of place on the dark brown table.

Although Hibari was the first to arrive once the meeting was called, he did not sit down at first. He just stood in the corner until everyone has arrived and sat before he took a seat at the end of the table; refusing to sit next to anyone. The seat was facing directly at the brunette, adding to Tsuna's discomfort. Hibari's sharp eyes glared at Tsuna practically saying this better be important because if you waste my time with these imbeciles, I'll bite you to death. Tsuna looked away from Hibari's intense stare and to his tutor, hoping that he would start the meeting already. After all, it was Reborn who first call the meeting. The Vongola had no idea what Reborn wanted to say.

Finally, Reborn cleared his throat signaling the start of the meeting. "A very interesting circumstance is taking place," the Arcobaleno said.

"What's that?" Tsuna asked in surprise. He had never heard of this before.

With his lips curled upward in his signature arrogant smirk, Reborn's eyes traveled around the room before settling back on Tsuna. "Rather than telling you, I thought it would be more fun to show you."

"Well, let's see it to the extreme!" Ryohei said excitedly leaping out of his chair. He was never one to be kept waiting for long.

"Shut up, turf head! Sit Down!" Gokudera shouted back at Ryohei, angry at the energetic boxer's impatient remark.

Tsuna swallow the lump on his throat. He never liked it when Reborn smirked like that. It usually meant that he was going to be experiencing something either painful or embarrassing or both.

Everyone waited curiously at what Reborn was going to show them. Even Hibari had an interested look on his face.

"Dame-Tsuna," Reborn began. "What do you want?"

Tsuna blinked. What do I want? "Why does what I want have to do with anything?" he voiced the question that appeared in everyone's mind.

"Don't question me," the Arcobaleno said. "Just say what you want right now. Anything you want, it doesn't matter."

Tsuna wasn't sure how to answer that very random question. "Ehh…" he rattled his brain for anything he wanted at the moment.

"Hurry up!" Reborn urged.

"Hiee! Chocolate!" the Vongola boss said quickly. "I want chocolate." Of course Tsuna didn't actually want chocolate. He just said whatever had popped up in his head.

Looking around, Tsuna noticed that every single one of his guardians except for Lambo was gone. 'What the –'

"Where did everyone go?" Tsuna questioned.

"You'll see." Reborn said as he sat back on his chair. "Just wait."

The brunet nodded with no small amount of hesitation before turning his attention to his only remaining guardian.

Lambo's hands were in his massive afro, what he usually did when he was searching for something. Sure enough, Lambo pulled out a half eaten milk chocolate Hershey's bar. "Here Aho-Tsuna." The young cow held the chocolate bar towards Tsuna.

Tsuna stared at the candy suspiciously. Lambo never shared his sweets, ever! However here he was, holding out the piece of chocolate. That, and god knows how long that chocolate had been lost in the world of the little cow boy's hair.

Reaching for the chocolate, Tsuna suddenly stopped in his tracks as the rest of his guardians all filed into the room at once, most looking slightly out of breath.

"Here's the chocolate you wanted." Gokudera said as he presented Tsuna with a fancy looking box of assorted chocolate truffles.

"Here Tsuna." Yamamoto practically pushed some chocoballs into the shocked brunet's hands.

"Here's some extreme chocolate!" Ryohei shouted as he gave Tsuna the biggest Hersey's Kiss he had ever seen.

"Um… here boss…" Chrome shyly held out a cute bag of white chocolate.

"Hm…" Even Hibari held out a plain but expensive looking dark chocolate bar wrapped in fancy gold.

Overwhelmed with the amount of offers, Tsuna backed himself as far into the chair as possible not sure what was going on. Each guardian was practically shoving chocolates into his hands. Tsuna turned towards Reborn, not surprised to see the baby smirking once again. Of course Reborn knows what's going on… he always does.

"Well? Take them, dame-Tsuna." Reborn answered Tsuna's silent question of how to handle the situation. Tsuna took everyone's chocolate leaving Hibari's last. His hands shook as he reached to get his Cloud Guardian's sweets, not believing that this was really happening. If someone told him a day ago, heck even a minute ago, that he would be getting chocolates from the Hibari, Tsuna would have told them that they were crazy.

As soon as Tsuna took the chocolates out of his guardians' hands, they seemed to snap out of whatever trance they were in, confused at what they just did.

"Sit down." The Arcobaleno ordered and everyone returned to their seats except Hibari.

"I demand an explanation, baby." He said icily, not liking the feel of not being in control. He could not figure out why he had given the herbivore that chocolate, he just felt the need to.

"I'll tell you, once everyone is seated." Reborn answered not at all affected by the prefect's tone of voice.

Seeing no point in arguing with him as Hibari really wanted to know the answer, he reluctantly returned to his seat.

"When the Vongola Boss officially comes to power, they will inherit a new skill," Reborn began as soon as he saw Hibari was seated. "This power has been known throughout the generation as Absolute Command." The room was in complete silence as they listened to the baby's explanation. "Absolute Command is a power that will only come in effect when there's a need to establish a stronger bond between the Vongola Boss and his guardians. When this power is in effect all the guardians must obey their boss no matter what."

Reborn looked around the room to make sure he still had everyone's attention. "To put it simply, all of you guys have to do anything and everything Tsuna wishes and says, whether you or dame-Tsuna means it or not."

"I refuse to obey this herbivore's every whim!" Hibari snapped as his chair crashed to the floor in his violence to move. "There's no way I'll submit to this—this idiotic power!"

"But the chocolate you gave to Tsuna proves otherwise." The Arcobaleno spoke, directing all attention to the said teen. To make matters worse, Tsuna had just taken a bite out of Hibari's chocolate and froze in mid-bite. Well, what else were you suppose to do when you had all these chocolates in your hands?

"Kufufufu~" came the all familiar and much dreaded laugher of the mist guardian who had decided that it was a good time to switch places with Chrome. "This doesn't sound too bad. I'm looking forward to obeying Vongola's wishes." Mukuro sent a rather suggestive look to said eighteen year old male. "What ever they may be."

Before Tsuna could protest, Hibari's tonfas had already descended upon the illusionist who blocked it without much trouble.

The prefect was already fuming about the whole ordeal and the presence of the illusionist was just adding oil to fire.

The fight seemed to snap everyone out of their initial shock about the news. "Woah! Let me join this extreme fight too!" Ryohei stood and was about to join the fight. Luckily, Yamamoto, who was sitting right next to the boxer, grabbed him from behind to prevent it. "Mah, mah, this isn't the time for fighting." Ryohei struggled against Yamamoto, but it seemed the rain guardian had the upper hand.

"Like I'll listen to Aho-Tsuna's order!" Lambo shouted, making a face at Tsuna (whose full attention was actually on Mukuro and Hibari's fight).

"You stupid cow!" Gokudera shouted. "How many times have I told you not to call Jyuudaime that!?" The hot-headed storm guardian somehow managed to appear on the other side of the table and gave Lambo a good punch in the head. Tears ran down the eight-year old boy's face, "To-le-ra-te" he mumbled, before turning into an all out tantrum.

This is turning into another pointless battle… Tsuna thought to himself. "STOP EVERYONE!" he shouted. I'm starting to feel like a heroine from those sappy romance films. "I WISH EVERYONE COULD JUST GET ALONG!" He was really getting tired of all this useless fighting in this "family".

All fighting ceased.

What the—Tsuna thought.

Ryohei and Yamamoto had their hands on each other's shoulders and laughing happily about something. Though it wasn't a weird sight, Tsuna didn't see what was so funny.

What was weird however was that Lambo was on Gokudera's shoulder and he wasn't biting the older boy's ear off! Gokdera's hand was on Lambo, however it was there to support him and the two were staring at each other with a smile on their faces like they were the best of friends.

That wasn't the weirdest thing either.

"I'm terribly sorry for what I have done." Mukuro's voice rang throughout the room.

"No, I was the one at fault. I started it." Hibari said. "I hope I have not caused you too much harm."

Ok, what the hell— Tsuna knew that Hibari never took the blame and he had always meant to cause Mukuro harm.

"Let's say we put this behind us and let bygones be bygones. " The mist guardian continued, holding out a hand. Hibari shook the said hand. "Indeed."

"REBORN? WHAT'S GOING ON?" Tsuna turned towards the baby who was silently watching the show on his leather coach.

"Calm down, dame—Tsuna" Reborn replied, completely unaffected by the scene before him. "You were the one who said 'I wish everyone can just get along'. They are following your orders."

"Really?" the brunet said in disbelief. Just one careless sentence he uttered could cause such a reaction from his friends? "Well, how long will the effect last?"

"Depending on how out of character the request is." Reborn answered chuckling slightly as he saw Mukuro and Hibari agreeing to be each other's "life-long friends". "The more the wish is against their character, the shorter the effect of the wish."

"I see…" Tsuna mumbled more to himself as he stared at his mist and cloud guardian. They were certainly running towards the sunset (that Mukuro created through illusion) together. Okay… That's just creepy…

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