How Hogwarts Got Its Motto

It was the end of October, and the weather was getting cold. The reason for walking in the Forbidden Forest, was for potion ingrediants. Hogwarts had just started a few years ago. As Salazar and Godric came upon a couple caves, Salazar stopped.

"What's the matter, Sal? Scared of a few caves?" Godric gave him a cheeky grin and kept on walking.

Salazar sneered at him. "You do remember that I can speak to snakes, right? Well there is a giant on in that cave. I for one, have no really don't want to lose my life." Godric shrugged and kept on walking. Glaring Salazar followed, keeping his distance.

What they came upon, neither could have guessed. A giant dragon and a female at that with a nest was curled up sleeping. Smoke billowing out of her huge snout every now and then. Salazar then noticed Godric sneaking around the dragon towards her nest.

"What are you doing!" Salazar whispered furiously.

"I want an egg." Was all that was said. Salazar started to walk very slowly backwards, he seen Godric take out his wand and point it at the dragons belly. The next thing they were running very fast shooting flame freeze spells behind them.

Slamming the castle doors, they both slid down panting. They looked up as two shadows fell upon them. Helga and Rowena stood there with their hands on their hips glaring.

"Why is it, that every time you two leave this castle, that some kind of monster follows?" Helga said.

"And please explain why there is a dragon circling the castle?" Rowena spit out.

Salazar glared at Godric who just grinned cheekily, while saying, "Never tickle a sleeping dragon."