Ok I am so so so so so so so so so sorry, I havent been updating like I've been promising and I'm sorry for all these authors note that make you think they're a story update, but i have a couple very valid explanations. As I'm writing this, it is Friday, June 4th. My last day as a freshman in highschool. We've had TAKS (those that live in Texas know what that is ), and then we've had finals, My family threatened to file a law suit on a company because they all but killed our pet, and my friend and I were just in a car accident on the way to school, which in turn caused us to miss one of our finals. Nobody was hurt, but I had the most potential for being hurt seeing as most of the impact was on the passenger side of the car (I was in the passenger seat), and the car is now totalled. It sucks. I've also been on the verge of failing my classes.I passed though, which means more writing time, more time with mis amigos :D, I get to go to Port Aransas, I get t go to East Texas, and New York. I can't wait this will be the best summer yet. And now that I have time I will be writing.

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Different Classes of Society:

Bella and Edward come from Different social circles. Edward is just an average small town boy trying to make his break in the music industry by heading to New York City. Bella is the daughter of one of the best lawyers in New York City. What happens when Bella and Edward meet? What happens when a cocky Jacob comes into the picture and Charlie thinks he's Perfect for Bella?

My Night of Death, My Day of Life:

After a relationship gone wrong, Bella is forced to leave her only two friends, and go to Forks to start a new life, but when your trying to start over, good things are bound to happen...but with good things there's always bad things lurking in the shadows. Bella=Human Cullens=Vampires

What A Girl Dreams About:

Bella never knew her dad, A split minute decision sends her to england to find him and more... Along the way she finds more then just a father...she finds a family. At the end of the summer will she decide to go back to Boston to live with her mom or will she stay with the new family she never knew existed, in England? **I'm currently having trouble with where to go with this. If you want to beta this story P.M. me :)**

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