So I know I need to be updating " Caught" and " A Perfect Circle" but I decided to start working on a new story! It's going to be a short story, only about 5 chapters long but I felt like posting it up. So I hope you guys enjoy :)

" Drain You"

Chapter One

" About A Girl"

Disclaimer: No own Naruto!! If I did Sasuke and Sakura would have their own porn movie right now and it would be a best seller!!

Sakura Hauno sighed out as she stared at herself in her mirror that was located in her bathroom. She dab some more of her light foundation liquid onto her bruised cheek, trying her best to cover up the discolor on her face. After she was done applying the rest of her makeup which consisted of light pink lipstick, rosy blush, black eyeliner and grey eye shadow, she left her bathroom and walked back into her room. Sakura knew that she probably looked like a slut right now but it was the only way to make her bruises on her face go away temporarily. She walked over to her dresser to pick up one of her black scrunchies and pulled her hair that goes down to her shoulder blades to a pony tail.

When she was done putting on a pair of tight black pants and a red long sleeve shirt, she slowly walked out of her room, making sure that she didn't create a sound. It was near midnight and was planning on sneaking out to go to a party that a friend of hers was throwing. She noticed that her step father was passed out on the couch that was located in the living room of their trailer home. She frowned when she noticed the empty whisky bottle that was lying on the floor next to the couch but she wasn't surprised.

Ever since her real mother had abandoned her, her brother and her stepfather one day while they were at the movies, things were never the same. Sakura was fourteen years old when that day had happened and to this day she still hadn't heard anything from her mother. Her older brother of five years, Sasori was currently in jail because he got caught with possession of drugs. Her stepfather became an alcoholic a few months after her mother's disappearance and began to start abusing Sakura. Sakura was beaten up earlier this evening because she was late coming home because she had gone out shopping with her best friend Ino. Sakura left the home without waking her stepfather and got into her Mazda 3 and drove off.


When she got to her destination, she jumped out of her car and walked over to the Uchiha house where the party was going on. It was now summer vacation and to Sakura's disappointment that meant no school and more time at home alone with her stepfather. She passed by the parking cars and walked up to the front door and knocked a few times. When the door opened up Sakura looked up and smiled at the male who invited her to the house party. Itachi Uchiha. He was very good friends with her brother Sasori and when he got locked up, Sakura and Itachi began to hang out a lot more.

" Hey Sakura, glad you can make it." Itachi said with a smirk on his face while he let the pink haired girl into the house.

" Thanks, sorry I'm a little late but I had to wait until my stepfather passed out."

Sakura commented out as she looked around and noticed a whole bunch of people were already drunk. She then noticed a male that looked about the same age as her sitting on the couch, trying to ignore a drunk female that was trying to make the moves on him. She squinted closer then realized that the male looked almost exactly like Itachi except his hair style was different.

" Come, I want to introduce you to someone." Itachi said as he led her over to the couch.

" Sasuke." Itachi spoke out while the younger male looked up at him.

" Hn." Sasuke responded while still pushing the red headed slut away from him but she was too drunk to notice what he was doing.

" I would like you to meet Sakura. Sakura is Sasori's younger sister. Sakura, this is my younger brother, Sasuke. He has been away at a boarding school for the past year and is here for summer vacation. I think I have told you about him before."

Itachi mentioned while Sakura looked back over at Sasuke and smiled while he only glared in return.

' Great, another slut who wants to try and rape me.' Sasuke thought to himself as he got up from the couch and walked away from everyone.

" I guess he doesn't like me." Sakura said with a frown on her face.

" Don't worry, he doesn't like anyone so just enjoy yourself." Itachi smirked at the younger girl.


A few hours later, Sakura was feeling pretty good after drinking a few shots and having a couple of beers. Most of the company that was over was ether passed out or making out with someone or something. Sakura wobbled her way over at Itachi who was currently making out with a female.

" Itachi. I'm going to bed."

Sakura poked at him while Itachi looked up and nodded his head then went back to kissing the girl underneath him. Sakura began walking up the stairs but not before taking a glance over at the hallway to see Sasuke making out with the same red headed slut that was annoying him earlier. Sakura didn't know why the feeling hurt so much since she didn't even know the guy and the only thing she has ever heard him speak was the phrase hn. She brushed off the feelings and walked up stairs and entered the bedroom.

Whenever she would get fucked up at Itachi's house, he would let her take a short nap before going back home in the bedroom next to his. She closed the door behind her and walked over to the bathroom that was connected to the bedroom. Sakura looked into the mirror and noticed that her makeup was still covering her bruises and smiled. She heard the bedroom door open the closed again and was wondering who had came into the room and opened up the door and her eyes widen to see Sasuke was currently making out with the same red headed girl on the bed. She had her top off so her blue bra was showing but Sasuke still had all of his clothes on. They heard the door open up and the two teens looked up to see Sakura standing by the bathroom doorway.

" What are you doing in my room?"

Sasuke snarled out at the pink haired girl while she was first shocked that he was speaking so harshly towards her then realized what was happening.

" I'm sorry… Itachi usually lets me sleep here but I guess I will find somewhere else to crash."

Sakura spoke out softly as she looked away from the couple and stormed out of the room. Sakura ran down the stairs because she was so embarrassed of what she saw that she didn't hear someone chasing after her. She was about to reach the door handle when a hand grabbed her wrist and yanked her head around and her eyes widen to see that Sasuke was the one that was not allowing her to leave.

" Sasuke?" Sakura whispered out as she could feel the blush rising to her face but then it felt like something over washed her with something strong because she suddenly blacked out.


Sakura slowly opened up her eyes and squinted them a little bit because of the bright sun that was shining through the window. Sakura recognized the window as it was the room that she would always lay down in before driving back home.

' I guess the situation with Sasuke didn't happen.' Sakura thought to herself but she was glad that she didn't make a complete fool out of herself. Sakura turned around so that she was lying on her back but shrieked when she noticed Sasuke was standing by the bathroom doorway with nothing but his pajama pants on.

" Hn. You are awake." Sasuke simply stated while Sakura was beginning to freak out on the inside. She looked down and noticed that her clothes were still on so nothing must have had happened the night before.

" What happen?" Sakura asked out while a pain began to take effect on her head.

" You passed out so I let you sleep in here." Sasuke spoke out then Sakura's eyes widen.

" Oh shit Sasuke I'm so sorry that I interrupted your time with that girl but I-" Sakura was then cut off by the Uchiha.

" Don't worry about it. It gave me an excuse to get rid of her ass." Sasuke said as he walked over to his drawer and took out a blue shirt and placed it over his head.

" But weren't you going to have sex with her?" Sakura began to ask questions.

" You are annoying. Haven't you ever heard of a quick fuck?" Sasuke asked her while Sakura looked away from him.

" All too well."

Sakura muttered out while she didn't noticed Sasuke's eyebrow raise, trying to figure out what she meant by her statement. Sakura then shook her head and got up from the bed. Sakura was too busy enjoying her little chit chat with Sasuke that she then remembered that she was suppose to be at home by now.

" Oh fuck me. What time is it?" Sakura asked out while Sasuke looked down at his watch.

" it's almost noon, why?" Sasuke questioned the girl while she began to freak out.

" Shit! I have to go!" Sakura shrieked out as she ran as fast as she could out of the bedroom and ran out of the house. She knew she was going to be in big trouble once she got home. She had almost made it to her car when a hand grabbed her wrist.

" What's wrong?" Sasuke demanded from her but his facial expression soften when he noticed the tears that were now rolling down the girl's face.

" Sakura?" Sasuke asked as he let go of her wrist and brought it up to her face. His plan was that he was going to wipe her tears off but it was ruined when she took the chance to run away and got into her car and drove off, leaving the younger Uchiha behind.


When Sakura arrived back at her so called home, she took a deep breath when she saw her stepfather's truck sitting near the trailer.

' Fuck. I am so dead.'

Sakura frowned to herself while she had removed her tears by her hand. She then thought back at Sasuke and just talking to him and the memory of it placed a smile on her face. She got out of her car and walked into the home. She closed the door and was immediately thrown to the ground. She looked up to see her step father hovering over her.

" H-Hi Kai, I can explain." Sakura stuttered out but then was smacked in the head by his fist.

" You fucking slut! Yeah explain how you spent your whole night fucking while looking like a fucking hoe!" Kai roared out and he repeatedly punched and kicked Sakura everywhere while she whimpered in pain.

' God I wish Sasori was here. This wouldn't be happening if he was still here.'

Sakura thought to herself as she was then picked up by her stepfather and was carried into his bedroom. He roughly threw the girl on the bed and Sakura tried to get off because he knew what he was planning on doing to her body. Kai punched Sakura in the jaw again then ripped her pants and panties off and took off his pants and boxers and began to thrust into the girl while she screamed out in pain but then an image of Sasuke flashed into her mind which made her feel more at ease while being in such pain.