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" Drain You"

Chapter Five

" Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Sakura could not believe that today was the day that she was going to see her older brother again after so long. Today would also be the day that her and Sasuke would go on their first date together. Kai was trialed for being abusing and raping Sakura and was sent away to prison for 20 years. There was also proof that Sasori was framed for drug possession.

Sakura stood in the shower, letting the water hit her body when she heard a door open up and closed. Before she had the chance to turn around, she felt a pair of arms being wrapped around her waist then a pair of lips attacking her neck.

" What are you doing in here Sasuke?" Sakura moaned out while Sasuke brought one of his hands up and cupped her breast, massaging the mound in circular motions.

" Mine." Sasuke hummed out then he started to leave love bites on her shoulder.

" You didn't answer my question." Sakura spoke out as she turned around to face the male.

" I missed you." Sasuke responded as he leaned his head against hers.

' I can't believe I went from getting raped and betting bruised everyday to being treated like a princess . I think I am in love with Sasuke.' Sakura smiled to herself as she wrapped her arms around Sasuke's naked body.

" I'm so nervous." Sakura whispered out but loud enough for the male to hear. He knew that she must be feeling different emotions because she was going to see her brother.

" I know you are but it will be alright. I will be here for you." Sasuke told her which caused the pink haired girl to look up and smile at him.

" Thank you." Sakura spoke out as the couple continued to shower.


A few hours later, Sasuke and Sakura decided to go watch a movie in the living room while Itachi left to go pick up Sasori at the station. Sasuke thought that it would be better if they had stayed at the house so she would be away from the jail.

" Where in the world are those two? They were supposed to be here like." Sakura looked down at her cell phone while Sasuke was laying on the couch with his head resting peacefully on her lap. " Five minutes ago." Sakura sighed out.

" Relax Sakura, I'm sure that they are on their way here now." Sasuke replied.

" I guess." Sakura mumbled out.

" So why we wait for them to show up, you should tell me where you want to go on our first date." Sasuke said as he looked up at the girl and smirked at her.

" Oh I know! Can we go to that ramen shop down town? I haven't been there in forever." Sakura said which was true. Her and Sasori used to go there all the time but she hadn't gone since he was put away in jail.

" Sure." Sasuke replied back then both of the teens heard the front door open and the couple got up and walked over to the front door to see both of their brothers walking inside the house.

" Sasori!" Sakura chirped out with her eyes widen as she watched Sasori look over at her with a grin on his face.

" Sakura." Sasori said as he watched her younger sister run up to him and crushed him in a hug which he returned as much force. They stayed like that for a moment but when Sasori felt wetness on his shirt, he looked down to see the pink haired girl sobbing into his shirt.

" It's alright now Sakura. I won't ever leave you again and that bastard is gone." Sasori comforted her.

" I know but I'm just so happy to see you! I missed you so fucking much!" Sakura cried out then the siblings pulled apart. Sasori smiled down at his sister then looked up at the younger Uchiha who was now standing beside Itachi.

" So, you must be the one who saved Sakura from Kai." Sasori said.

" Hn." Sasuke simply replied then looked over at Sakura who was wiping his tears and his eyes soften.

" So Sakura, does that mean that you have a boyfriend now?" Sasori raised an eyebrow at his sister who only looked away and blushed. She then opened her mouth and was about to say something when she was cut off.

" We are getting married." Sasuke responded casually like it was no big deal.

" Sasuke! Listen Sasori, he was just kidding. We aren't actually getting married." Sakura talked back.

" We are getting married." Sasuke said then turned around and began to walk up the stairs.

" Wait Sasuke! You get your ass back here right now!" Sakura yelled out but Sasuke wouldn't listen.

" Haha I think you are screwed Sakura. Well Sasori, I guess this means that we are going to be brothers." Itachi said while Sasori shook his head.

" I guess I have been out of the loop." Sasori replied back.

" I will be right back! I'm going to go get that asshole." Sakura growled out then ran up the stairs to find the younger Uchiha. She walked into their bedroom and found him sitting on his bed with a small black box in his hand.

" Sasuke?" Sasuke looked up after hearing his name being called out and watched as Sakura began to walk over to him until she took a seat beside him.

" What is it? Is there something wrong?" Sakura asked the male but he shook his head.

" Then why did you leave suddenly? Do you not like my brother or something?" Sakura asked out in a concern tone of voice but instead of Sasuke talking back, he pushed the small black box into her hands.

" It's yours." Sasuke said as he stared into her confused eyes. She took a glance down at the box and opened it up to see a platinum diamond ring. Sakura slightly gasped out.

" Sasuke? Are you sure?" Sakura asked him while he nodded his head then Sakura looked back down at the ring and smiled.

" Fine, I will marry you." Sakura said with a smile on her face the leaned down and kissed her fiance on the lips.

" Thank you." Sasuke whispered out.

" I love you Sasuke." Sakura spoke out while staring into his eyes while he smirked back at her.

" I know." Sasuke replied then got off of the bed and walked out of the room, leaving a dumbfounded Sakura who was registering in her mind of what just happened.


The End

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