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Chapter 7

It had been over six months since Vivi's sudden departure and Hana's powers would every now and again randomly emerge without her notice. Hana had gotten extremely close to the new students Aimi and Isamu almost to the point that they were practically inseparable. The trio would often walk home together and spend copious amounts of time in each others' company. They would often laze around in the afternoon sun on weekends and pick flowers to place in Isamu's hair much to his annoyance. While Aimi took a more aggressive approach in trying to win Hana over, Isamu tried a more passive one and it was because of this that he and Hana had especially become close in the time that had passed. His normally gruff exterior would lessen when he was around the petite brown haired girl although his brash behaviour would rear its head at bad times. He seemed almost attuned to her shifts in moods and was normally the first to notice when she would become quiet and slightly depressed. He would offer her a kind word and listen to her worries and troubles about not being able to see Vivi. Isamu did not approve of her being around demons, especially her deep attachment to Vivi. Although he kept these thoughts to himself and did not voice his true opinions he also offered her no words of solace, instead opting to remain silent and to let her talk it out. In the beginning, whenever the demon was talked about with contempt she would become upset and angry at the pair. But as time went on her trust for the demon's return for would waver a bit at instances and yet she still held firm to her beliefs.

Much time had passed and Hana was beginning to worry that Vivi may never return to home. As much as she enjoyed her time with Ayame she was starting to miss her home and everyone who worked there, especially Vivi, Felten, Eleanor and Toni. She was still given no reason as to why she was left in the elder woman's care and was most put off by the fact that she was not allowed to visit her home to see the others. It was almost as if she had been cast out of her only home and Hana had become distraught over the matter on more than one occasion. During these times Momo would often comfort her by telling her that Vivi would never abandon her like that without a reason.

"Don't worry Hana, I'm sure Vivi would be coming back soon. It's only a matter of time before you go back to the mansion" Momo consoled. He gently took Hana's hand and gave it a slight squeeze in comfort.

"He's a good for nothing for leaving you without any sort of note on his whereabouts, if you ask me." Aimi scoffed looking off into the sky with a bored expression. She was getting fed up of the human boy's constant attempts at defending the demon. "If he really cared about her" she continued "why didn't he confront Hana and tell her what he was going to do." Momo looked at the girl across from him, disgruntled at her gruff manner towards a person that she never met. Sure Vivi was not the nicest person on the planet and could be rather cold to people but he would never discard Hana without a valid reason, which he had yet to figure out.

"I do not know why Vivi did what he did, but Hana knows better than I do that he must have had his reasons and then when he comes back he would give them to her. I am positive that he had some sort of business to attend to back in his wor…country" he corrected at the last minute. Both angels had heard the slip up and glanced at each other. So it seemed that the demon may have gone back to his world. That would explain his absence for that lengthy amount of time away from his mansion.

"But that still does not answer the question as to why she was expelled from her home like some sort of pariah." Aimi retorted, arrogantly looking at Momo for a comeback. Hana looked on while her two friends debated over Vivi's 'integrity'. She too wanted to protect Vivi against the harsh criticism and words of Aimi but her voice never made it to her mouth. Honestly, she knew that Vivi would one day come and get her but that didn't alleviate the slight resentment that she held deep in her heart at being suddenly evicted from the mansion without prior notice. All the time that Vivi had left her to either go to demon society or wherever he pleased, he would inform her and as such always left her in the care of Toni and Eleanor and yet neither of the aforementioned demons had come to seek her out since the day she started living with Ayame. And it was that small part in her heart that Aimi was able to place the seed of doubt. Momo sputtered at Aimi's latest remark and crossed his arms over his chest in indignation. Angel and human were now glaring at each other heatedly in a battle of wills for dominance. It seemed that the more that Momo interacted with the new female student the more he grew to dislike her. In the beginning they seemed to get along quite well, but as of late whenever the topic of Vivi or anyone from the manor was broached her attitude would do a complete one eighty. There was something about her that was starting to put him on edge and yet he couldn't quite say what it was. Isamu also seemed to have a strong dislike but the boy seemed to keep most of his thoughts to himself and only spoke up to either back up what Aimi said or to reel her back in when she got too out of hand. Aimi's mouth opened once again to continue the battle of wills when Isamu stepped in, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder and shook his head signalling for the curly headed girl to cease. Huffing at her partner's calm demeanour and Hana's quiet disposition she backed off. Aimi may have hated demons and those who associated themselves to much with them, but she really had taken a strong liking to Hana and did not appreciate the distress that this demon was putting her through by not being there. She was genuinely looking out for the petite girl's interest and hated the fact the Hana was so hung up on the current situation. All she really wanted to do at the moment was to take Hana away from it all and severe her ties with the demons for in her eyes they didn't deserve to be in the newly developed angel's presence. An awkward silence fell over the small group as Hana was still in her own world and Momo and Aimi were still at odds with one another. It was Isamu who ended up breaking the silence.

"Momo we understand that you are trying to defend this Vivi person but you must realise that even so Hana-chan is in much pain over the issue." With that said he then turned on Aimi "You should know better." He flatly said. "I also understand that you are looking out for Hana-chan's interest but you had crossed a line. While you were both bickering did you not notice that both of you guys' words were affecting Hana-chan in the process?" he scolded. The two youths looked at Hana's tear stricken face and guiltily looked away. They were so caught up in their argument that they had failed to notice the poor girl's distraught state. Not only did their fighting on Vivi's sudden disappearance upset Hana but it was also the fact that her two friends were bickering so angrily. Thoroughly embarrassed at their behaviour both teens apologised. Glad that the whole fiasco had been brought to a close Isamu took Hana's hand and began to lead her away from the rest of the group. Confused by his odd action Aimi made to follow them but Isamu shook his head.

"You guys go on ahead. I'm going to stay with Hana-chan until she has calmed down a bit." Aimi and Momo said nothing against his action and allowed Isamu to lead Hana away. Once they were out of ear-shot Aimi spun around on Momo.

"Don't think that this fight is over because of what Isamu said. I will never forgive Vivi or any other in that house for making Hana-chan cry." Aimi hissed "I will make sure that she never returns to that house nor will she continue to stay there, you can bet on that." Eyes narrowed into slits, her angelic aura washing over the human boy, as she turned on her heel and stormed off a flurry of light brown curly hair flying behind her. Momo shuddered under the feeling. What in the world was that sensation that came over him? It was intimidating and scary almost as if he was staring into the eyes of some superior being. It felt the same way when Vivi would unleash his powers and yet at the same time it didn't. Not realising that he was still rooted to the spot where Aimi had made her declaration Momo shook of the stunned feeling and made his way home. There was more to the girl Aimi than she let on and it may also be the same for Isamu. But as to what it was Momo had yet to figure it out.

Isamu was still holding Hana's hand as he continued to lead her on in silence and she followed him without much complaint. It was when they started to leave the more populated area of the town and into the more grassy plains of the fields that Hana spoke up.

"Ne, Isamu-kun where are you taking me?" glassy brown eyes still fresh with tears looked up at her guide.

"It's a secret" came Isamu's vague answer, turning his gaze towards her, a small smile playing on his lips. The pair continued their trek past the fields and into woods where they finally stopped when they came to a small clearing. Hana gasped at the sight that lay before her.

"It's so pretty Isamu-kun. How did you manage to find such a place?" she breathed all her previous worries forgotten as her eyes tried to absorb everything before her. A waterfall cascaded down a relatively tall cliff of about 25 or more feet flowed into a deep pool of water creating a fine mist at its base which then flowed into a river. The sun peaked through the treetops and produced a show of shimmering colours made by the mist. Different varieties of flowers bloomed all around the area adding to its beauty, as butterflies danced around from flower to flower. The magnificence of the place truly awed her as she quickly ran off to the nearest patch of flowers.

"So I'm guessing you like the place" Isamu jokingly said as he watched her dart from one flower bush to the next.

"Oh yes! I absolutely love it!" she squealed in delight "The next time I come here I must show Vivi! It's just right for him since it does not have too much sun for him to complain about!" Isamu frowned at the mention of her caretaker's name. He had shown her this place so that they could keep it a secret between them. He hadn't even shown Aimi the place as he had recently discovered it on one of his many walks. It was his personal place where he liked to stop and think from time to time.

"Do you think that we could keep this between the two of us for now?" A pair of mismatched eyes pleaded with the short girl. "I mean I haven't even shown this place to Aimi and I would really like to keep it that way…at least for now." He finished. Hana took in Isamu's begging eyes and sighed in defeat.

"Alright, I won't tell Vivi about this place. It will be our little secret" she smiled with a tilt of her head. Pleased with the outcome the unruly haired boy took a seat in the shade of a tree and watched as Hana went back to collecting flowers. He observed her giggle, laugh and entertain herself amongst all the flowers and his normally stern expression softened a bit.

"Hey Hana-chan!"Isamu called. Turning her attention to her companion she answered back.

"Yes Isamu-kun?"

"I'm just gonna go a little lower down the river for a moment ok?" Hana nodded her head to show that she understood what he had said and with the Isamu took off in the direction he had indicated. He had seen a batch of colourful wild flowers when he had previously explored the area and knew Hana would have adored them. He also knew that it would have been too difficult for her to get them and so went to get them himself so as to surprise her. Hana went back to collecting flowers when a particularly pretty flower at the top of the waterfall caught her attention. 'That would make a great centre piece for the crown!' Hana thought excitedly as she began to climb the slippery rock face to reach it.

"Just a little bit more…" she muttered, the flower was within arm's reach and she stretched to get at it when her foot slipped. Hana felt gravity take her as her hair whipped madly around her. The world rushed past her vision as she knew she was going to hit the water's surface and possibly drown due to her carelessness. Knowing that no one was going to save her as the only other person who came with her went off somewhere else she did the only thing she could. She screamed.

Isamu had just finished picking a bouquet of the flowers when he heard Hana scream. Panic struck him as he had no clue what would have caused her to shriek in such a secluded and safe place. Taking nothing to chance white feathery wings burst forth from his back as he hurriedly flew back towards the waterfall as fast as he could, the flowers that he had just picked strewn all over the place long forgotten in his haste.

"Please be alright Hana-chan." Was all his mind chanted as he flew to the waterfall not caring what Hana would have thought in seeing his changed appearance. He burst through the foliage on to be greeted by the sight of Hana hovering above the water, pearlescent wings flapping languidly keeping her safe afloat above the water. Her eyes were as wide as saucers and arting every which way as her mind tried to comprehend what had just taken place. The last thing she remembered was falling rapidly to her death and then the next minute she felt a burst of power and began floating above the water. Isamu heaved a sigh of relief knowing that she was ok though somewhat frightened. Slowly he flew over to her and stopped in front of the shocked girl. Not only was she dumbfounded at the situation she was in but she was also thunderstruck to see Isamu with the same appendages. The male angel had flown over to her and stopped before her somewhat unsure of what to do.

"Are you alright Hana-chan? You're not hurt are you?" he gave her a once over and determined that she was no worse for wear than when he left her.

"I'm fine but Isamu-kun what are you? What am I? And why do we both have wings?" she asked. Although the prospect of having wings made her a bit giddy with excitement she was still very much confused as she thought that she was always a human. Knowing that he would finally have to reveal everything about her he took he hand and led her to the riverbank. Isamu landed gracefully in the ground but Hana who was not yet accustomed to her new attachments landed awkwardly and stumbled into the young male angel. He caught her and then gently set her down on the ground next to him. He walked over to the tree that he had been previously sitting under and folded his wings in neatly behind him, waiting for Hana to follow suit. Not quite getting the mechanics of having wings attached to her body, she clumsily walked over where he sat and plopped herself down as well and tucked her wings in. Isamu knew that it will take a while for the now fully awakened angel to adjust herself to her new powers but he could tell that she was learning fast on how to use them. When he had first earned his wings at age five he fell over many times by its sheer weight, his body being unaccustomed to the new addition. Aimi on the other hand had a natural affinity to it and walked around like a pro while constantly mocking him for his incompetence. Once both angels had settled themselves into a comfortable position Isamu began his explanation.

"As you may have realised you and I are not humans and so is Aimi." He looked at her to gauge her reaction but saw that she was taking it quite well. This was probably because she had lived her entire life around demons so the possibility of her not being a human would not startle her as much nor would she have freaked out unlike other people who normally do not have any interactions with the otherworldly.

"So does that mean that we are demons?" she asked, though never in her life had she seen a demon with wing like hers and Isamu's, she felt that she just had to know. The mismatched eyed boy shook his head.

"No we do not belong nor are we a part of those kind of beings. We are a totally different and separate sort of creature." He looked at her face once more before her continued. "Like everything thing in life there are opposites and we are the opposites of demons. We are what humans call angels." He finished. Hana was a bit taken aback at that fact. She was expecting to be a different breed of demon seeing as she had never seen nor heard of Vivi or anyone else in the manor talk about angels, though she guessed it made sense since their appearances were different.

"Then how come I have never seen an angel until now?" she asked. Even though she was mainly involved with demons not once in her life had she ever met an angel and she found that highly odd.

"There is a reason behind that. Unlike demons who love to make their presence known, we angels prefer to be more covert in our undertakings." Seeing that she was still a bit confused he decided to further clarify what he meant. "In other words we do not dabble in human affairs and only really make ourselves known when things get out of hand and such." Hana deemed that to be an appropriate answer to her question for now when she suddenly remembered that she was an angel. Her face lit up in delight at all the possibilities.

"So that means that I can stay with Vivi forever since I would now have the same lifespan as Vivi, ne Isamu-kun!" she exclaimed in glee. In all her jubilation her wings began to beat about wildly causing small gusts of wind to send dust and pieces of earth flying but she missed the solemn look on the young angel's face.

"I'm sorry Hana but that I'm afraid that is not possible." His cold words cut through her joy like a hot knife through butter.

"Wh-what? What do you mean?" concern replaced glee as she felt the winds get knocked out of her sails.

"Angels and demons have never been able to get along since the beginning of time. It is a never ending cycle of hatred and pain between the two, a constant conflict. So much so that the angels' had to develop a way of protecting the young from the vicious demons." Isamu closed his eyes and sighed as he now had to explain everything that he knew to her. The reason why her powers took so long to develop, the reason why angels and more so an infant's blood was so coveted in demon society, why it was so important for an angel to always be in control of their aura when in enemy territory, along with many other facts. Once he had finished telling her everything that he knew he sat back and watched her digest all the information. Many things were running through her mind. Things like what was she to do now? She didn't know how to hide her aura should someone attack her and more importantly had Vivi figured it out? What would Vivi do if he knew that she was an angel? Would he care about whether or not she was an angel? Would she able to stay in the manor? Would he simply let her go? Or would he kill her for her blood? Worry and panic ran rampant through her mind wreaking havoc on her nerves. Never in her life had she been so scared or anxious about returning to Vivi. There was no doubt in her mind that she loved Vivi regardless of whether or not she was human or angel. Her feelings for him did not change in the least but she was unsure about how Vivi felt about angels. He never gave any sort of indication of his opinion on the matter and if what Isamu said was true then he might really try to kill her. Hana felt her heart begin to break apart at the idea of not being able to be by the dark haired demon's side. Of never being able to talk to him, or be in his company, or to simply give him flowers daily. Isamu continued to look on as he saw tears form in Hana's eyes and slowly make their way down her heart-shaped face. Clear tracks of the salty liquid dripped one at a time until they flowed freely in a torrent. He felt sorry for her predicament in that the home she had known for all her life may not welcome her back with open arms but instead with bitterness and scorn. Yet he knew it was for the best and for her safety that she did not return. He gathered Hana up in his arms and pulled her into his chest being mindful of her still present wings. The comfort that Isamu gave her only made her weep harder, her tears soaking his shirt but he didn't mind. He simply rocked her back and forth and tried to hush her whimpers with soothing words while patting her head in the same way his mother used to do to him when he was sad and crying over something. Her sobs had quietened down to nothing and he pulled away to notice that she had actually cried herself to sleep, tear streaks still decorating her flushed face. He sighed and ran a hand through his unruly hair. He was going to have to take her back to his and Aimi's place seeing as he couldn't just take her back to where she was staying. He shifted her weight and picked her up bridal style; he then spread his wings and took off in the direction of home. He had much explaining to do to Aimi when he returned.

It was getting late and Hana had yet to return home. Ayame paced her house in worry as she glanced outside the house and then at the clock hanging in her living room. It was now past eight o'clock and the girl that Vivi had placed in her care was still missing. Just when Ayame had given up and decided to go to the police there was a knock at her door. Confused as to who it could be at this hour since she never got visitors so late in the day, she rushed to answer the door hoping that it was Hana with a darn good explanation for her tardiness.

"Hana you have…" Ayame started but her voice died in her throat at instead seeing the girl who was constantly around Hana. Stormy cerulean eyes stared angrily at the older woman from her doorstep.

"Ano…may I help you?" Ayame politely enquired, tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear. Aimi continued to unnervingly stare at the unclean woman before she spoke.

"Hana-chan would be staying with me and Isamu indefinitely." That being said she took her leave no longer wanting to be in the presence of the vile woman.

"Wait! What do you mean that Hana is staying with you? Where is she?" Ayame shouted from her front door. Turning her gaze once more to Ayame, Aimi looked at the woman whose body language screamed worry.

"She is somewhere safe from those who might wish to harm her. You have served your purpose woman in sheltering her for the time being but your services are no longer required. We shall be looking after Hana from now on." With her message delivered Aimi resumed her march down Ayame's walkway into the darkness. Unsatisfied with the young girl's answer Ayame sprinted after her.

"Now listen here. I do not know why you are keeping Hana away from me or why Hana has associated herself with the likes of you but I am her guardian and you will return her to me!" she demanded, grabbing Aimi by the arm, her eyes boring into the angel's. Annoyed that the human woman had dared to touch her and was preventing her from going home Aimi decided that it was now best to put the impetuous woman in her place once and for all.

"Release me you filthy human!" she bellowed "How dare you think you can tell me what to do!" Aimi's hair began to whip wildly back and forth as she began to unleash her powers. Startled by the girl's sudden change in attitude Ayame quickly released her hold on her and backed away, eyes wide in shock.

"You who have soiled you body with the touch of a demon shall not command me on what to do!" Aimi menacingly stepped forward while Ayame unconsciously took a step back. "You who has shared your bed and have done unspeakable acts with such a disgusting creature has no right to house one of our kind!" Perplexed by what she meant when she said 'our kind' she was quickly enlightened when white wings exploded from Aimi's back. Ayame's eyes went wide in shock. 'White wings?' she thought 'When she spoke of 'our kind' did she mean that Hana also had the same thing?' She continued to gape openly at the girl before her, who no longer was just a mere girl but now a truly terrifying being.

"Does that mean…" she started but she was cut off by Aimi.

"Yes. She is one of us, neither human nor demon, but an angel." Aimi stated with finality. She resumed her predatory walk to Ayame who could do nothing else but stare helplessly. "And you wretched woman should be thankful that you were able to shelter her for such a long period of time. As such, for taking care of Hana-chan your life shall be spared from my wrath as thanks." Aimi flapped her wings and began to take off but not without one last word to the now terrified woman.

"Hana will not be returning here anymore, although she will be staying in this land for the time being, her interaction with you and anyone else we deem unfit shall be dismissed or worse…" she let the unsaid threat hang in the air and left in a whirl of feathers into the sky. Ayame watched the angel fly away unable to chase her and then collapsed to the ground. She placed her head in her hands at the situation she had just found herself in. The fact that the girl admitted about what she was explained a lot of why she had received such harsh treatment whenever she or her male counterpart were around, but now that she was aware of the fact she wondered how Vivi would handle the news. A whirlwind of questions raced through her head. One being, what was she to do now? Hana had been placed in her care and now she had been kidnapped. On top of that she was an angel! How was she going to tell Vivi when he returned that Hana had been taken by angels! Even worse yet she had no clue when said demon would be returning. Steeling her resolve Ayame picked herself off the ground and made a beeline inside her home. She was not going to hand Hana over to anyone especially those self-righteous angels! With those thoughts in mind she quickly dressed herself for departure and readied a carriage that would take her to Vivi's mansion on the hill. Unable to do anything herself, she would instead send word with either Toni or Eleanor who might be able to do something or at least somehow relay the message to Vivi that Hana was in trouble.

Aimi slowed down her descent and softly landed on the ground where she recalled her wings. She yearned to take a hot bath after having that disgusting woman touch her person but before doing so she needed to check on Hana. Isamu had filled her in on what happened at the waterfall and while she was ecstatic that Hana had fully awakened her powers she did not like the fact that she still so desperately clung to her feelings about demons. Aimi entered the room that Hana was staying in and noticed that the girl had long since awoken from her slumber and was now listlessly staring outside at the stars.

"Hana-chan, did you eat as yet?" concern now marred the curly haired angel's face as she sat on the edge of Hana's bed waiting for her to respond. Hana lazily turned her gaze to the room's new occupant and shook her head. She wasn't in the mood to eat anything at the moment and would have preferred to have been left alone but the other two residents in the quaint home thought otherwise. Sensing that her presence was doing more harm than good Aimi heaved a dejected sigh and left the room. She met Isamu in the hallway leaning up against the wall waiting for her to report what happened in the room.

"How is she doing?" worry evident in his voice and mannerisms. Looking at her long time friend Aimi just shook her head.

"She seems to still be out of it. It might take some time for it to really sink in but maybe someday she might be able to cope with it in the future. I just hope that it's soon."She shifted her eyes back at the door "I mean we can't stay here much longer. Even with the spell that keeps intruders away it is only a matter of time before you know who would appear." Isamu nodded in agreement. Time was truly of the essence and they had little of it to spare. They needed to train Hana in the time that they stayed on earth and then quickly find their way back to their realm where she would be safe from demons.

From inside her room Hana could hear the mutterings of Isamu and Aimi but had no interest in what they were saying at the moment. Her mind was completely consumed with thoughts of Vivi and the chance that he might reject her. The very idea that he may toss her out of his life or worse yet kill her ran wild in her mind. All appetite lost, she curled herself up into a ball and let silent tears fall from her eyes. The only option that she saw that could possibly work in her eyes was learning what Isamu had talked about; covering her aura. If she was able to master that then maybe she could continue to live without Vivi or the others ever knowing about what she truly was. She had no wish to live a life devoid of her loving friends no matter the differences that may come between them. Even if she had to hide her true identity from for the rest of her life to just be in their lives then so be it. It was a sacrifice that Hana was willing to make. With her decision made and her resolve hardened Hana went to sleep soothed by the fact that she would one day return to Vivi's side.

The next morning greeted that Hana was a bright and cloudless day. A smile crept across her face as she hummed a tune that Toni had at one point in her life sung to her when she was still a child. She washed and readied herself and headed downstairs to the small but adequate kitchen area. Isamu and Aimi had already started eating breakfast when they were suddenly greeted by a smiling and cheerful Hana. The two angels shared a look of confusion as they both observed the once depressed girl greet them with a jovial 'good morning' as she served herself some breakfast and then seat herself at the table. The pair blinked owlishly as Hana's peculiar behaviour and it was Isamu who spoke up.

"Ano…Hana-chan, are you feeling better by chance?" he cast a sideward glance at Aimi who did nothing else but shrugged at the whole scene. Hana looked up from her simple breakfast of toast and scrambled eggs and smiled at him.

"I'm fine Isamu-kun. There is no need to be concerned about me." With that said she quietly went back to finish her meal.

"So you're no longer upset over the fact that you and Vivi could not be together?" Aimi asked wearily. She did not wish to upset the girl farther but she needed to be sure about Hana's emotional stability at this point.

"Nope" Hana answered simply now taking sip of her juice for she knew that someday she was going to make it back to Vivi. She placed the glass down on the table and then asked what she had initially come here to enquire about.

"Do you think that after breakfast we could practice this angel stuff?" Aimi and Isamu once again shared a look. Both surprised that she would want to learn so quickly after the shock and yet neither were opposed to the idea. The sooner she learnt the better it would be as it would allow them to leave at a faster rate.

"Sure Hana-chan! We'd love to show you the ropes, ne Isamu?" Aimi chirped and glanced over to Isamu's direction. He found Hana's abrupt change strange but said nothing against her wanting to learn.

"Alright then so why don't we go outside in thirty minutes and start with the basics." He rose from his seat and made his way to the door. "Hana when you're ready meet me outside. I will be doing some breathing and other exercises." He then opened the door and went outside into the morning sun to go through his daily routine leaving the two girls inside to chat.

"If you want I can lend you some clothes to practice in seeing as you don't have anything to else to wear at the moment." Aimi offered. Grateful that she wouldn't have to worry about such an issue Hana thanked her friend who waved it off. They continued their idle chatter until they realised it was time for them to head outside to begin practice. Both quickly changed into their training attire and went outside. Hana and Aimi were happily chatting away when Hana paused mid-sentence. In the thirty minutes that Isamu had been outdoors he had managed to work up a sweat and as a result had discarded his top. Well defined muscles flexed and relaxed under his sun kissed skin with each fluid movement that Isamu made and Hana found herself strangely enough blushing at the sight. Besides seeing Vivi, Felten and Momo topless she had never really seen any other male in such a state. In her eyes the only other person who had elicited such a reaction out of her while partially undressed was Vivi, as she saw the other two as dear friends. Noticing her friend's unusual silence Aimi glanced over and saw Hana's blushing face which now had a hand over her eyes. Smiling at her innocence and rolling her eyes at her idiotic friend's attire she called out to him.

"Oi! Baka! Put a damn shirt on! You're making poor Hana uncomfortable with your half nakedness!" Isamu stopped his movements to look at the dark brown haired girl embarrassed state. He hastily grabbed his shirt from the ground and slipped it on and then jogged over to the two girls. Aimi's arms were folded as she clicked her tongue and shook her head. 'Stupid boy just because she was accustomed to him practically running around stark naked didn't mean that everyone else was.' She thought and then bopped him on the head for his lack of thoughtfulness.

"Ow! What the hell was that…" he started. Isamu never finished his sentence as one look from Aimi silenced him. Deciding that it was safer for his health, he turned his attention to the still blushing Hana.

"Are you ready to begin?" He asked. Hana slowly turned her head in his direction and seeing that he was now properly dressed she answered his question.

"Yup!" she said enthusiastically "But what do we start with first?" she looked at both Aimi and Isamu for an answer.

"I think we should start with learning how to properly fly and then when she's tired we could teach her how to control in her aura" Aimi said with a nod of agreement from Isamu.

"How about I teach her how to fly since I'm better at manoeuvring and you teach her how to hide her powers since you excel in that." Isamu suggested.

"Sounds good to me!" Aimi agreed. Even though she was more adept at controlling her wings in the beginning Isamu by far had become more skilled in the area than she would ever hope to be. She moved out of their way and made tracks to the shady comfort of a tree where she could observe what happened and give pointers when needed. She watched as Isamu and Hana move to some feet in front of her. Isamu had first showed her how to call her wings out at will and then taught her how to hover around before actually flying. As Aimi watched on she saw that Hana had a natural affinity for flight and once she had learned the basics she was zipping around the yard doing all sorts of complicated moves giggling madly all the while. Isamu watched the pure joy that danced on Hana's face and he could understand her happiness. Nothing brought him more pleasure that to just soar through the open skies with not a care in the world. It was why he was so good at flying. The rush of adrenaline he got from making those death defying stunts to just languidly flying over different sceneries and just basking in the beauty of the skies as it changed from evening to night. Hana landed with the grace and elegance of a pro although her hair was a bit on the wild side because of all the flying. She laughed in unadulterated merriment and ran to Isamu.

"That was the best experience ever!" she exclaimed "I never knew flying could be so much fun!" Her face was flushed and her eyes were wide with the rush and ecstasy of flight. Isamu laughed at how giddy she was over such a simple task but in truth he couldn't blame her.

"Alright alright, enough with the flying classes. You seemed to have mastered that so there really isn't any need for you to continue." Aimi interrupted. She then motioned for Hana to take a seat with her under the tree as this part of her training did not require movement. Hana took a seat opposite Aimi and dismissed her wings. In a flash the feathery appendages vanished into this air like they never existed. Once Hana was fully settled Aimi began her instructions.

"In order to mask your presence you first try to centre yourself and then pull in your powers. You must bring in your powers towards you core and hold them there. It is a tiring process at first and takes much more practice than flying." Aimi instructed. She demonstrated this by freeing up all her powers which allowed her wings to be seen before she once again pulled them back in.

"As you may have noticed you are no longer able to sense any sort of power radiating off of me." She said and waited for Hana to confirm that she understood what she had just said. Hana nodded her head showing that she did indeed feel nothing coming off of Aimi's body. Unlike Isamu's who power she felt radiating off of him she felt nothing from the other girl. In fact she felt like a regular person, if she could describe it as such. Glad with the progress that Hana was making Aimi continued her explanation.

"You should have also noticed the difference from when I unleashed my full abilities and Isamu's more relaxed one seeing as he has only recalled his wings. His aura should still be visible to you just not as much as if he had his wings out." Hana also nodded in understanding. She had also felt the difference in the shifts of power from wings to wingless and then to nothing at all. Isamu and Aimi smiled at how quickly Hana was learning these things. Although there were other things that did not require physical practice she still had to hone in many other abilities that may appear later.

"Excellent now that you understand the basics of what I just said and you are able to make your wings appear and disappear at will it is just the final step that you need to master." Aimi stated. Hana beamed at the obvious praise. The faster that she managed to master this stage the faster she could go back to Vivi's manor and live with him again and she was determined to learn it as quickly as possible.

After much time spent away from his mansion Vivi was more than overjoyed to return even though it was with bad news. Flapping his wings, he slowed his descent to softly land on the ground. Felten was close behind and he too effortlessly landed. Both male demons walked up the familiar path with much thoughts weighing on their minds. The first thing that Vivi had to do was dismiss most of his staff that was in the manor which mean that only himself, Felten, Eleanor and Toni would still be allowed to reside there. The next step was to put up stronger barriers that would keep 'unwanted and unexpected' guests from barging in unannounced. As to what to do with Hana he had no clue. The girl could only stay there with him for a short amount of time. He was unsure of how long it might take for someone or the old geezer to find out that he was harbouring an angel. He shuddered at the thought of what they might do to poor Hana should she fall into their hands. When both he and Felten were close to the entrance Toni came barrelling down the pathway at top speed, a look of panic and terror evident on his face.

"Vivi-sama! Felten-sama!" yelled the frazzled red haired demon. Puzzled as to what would have upset his most respected butler Vivi ran to meet him halfway, closely followed by Felten.

"What's the matter Toni?" Vivi asked waiting for the breathless demon to catch himself.

"Hana-sama has…Hana-sama has…"he panted. Eyes opened wide in shock as Vivi and Felten looked at one another. What in the world could have possibly happened to Hana. Had she been attacked by demons and injured or worse yet killed?

"Quickly Toni tell me what happened to Hana!" Vivi demanded. Finally catching his breath enough to tell the Duke ranked demon about what he had learned from Ayame he answered his master's demand.

"Hana has been kidnapped by angels!" he managed to say at last. The blood drained from his face at what Toni had jus revealed to him. Hana had been kidnapped and by angels no less! Furious that his precious Hana had been abducted during his absence Vivi made to summon his wings to go look for the young girl but was stopped by a hand. Following the hand up he noticed that it was Felten who had stopped him.

"What are you doing you fool!" Vivi roared "Don't you want to save Hana!" Anger raged behind his obsidian eyes as they promised extreme pain to those who had dared to touch his Hana but Felten only shook his head.

"Don't you think it's better this way?" Felten watched confusion flicker in Vivi's eyes as he waited for his friend to continue. "What I mean is, don't you think it's better this way for Hana-chan to be with her own kind than to live in fear of her being discovered and taken away? At least you know that she is safe wherever she may be." he finished and then released his grip on Vivi's shoulder and stopped to give it some thought. If Hana wished to stay with the angels he wouldn't object but if she chose to stay with him he was going to protect her for all he was worth. The black haired demon could understand where his friend was coming from in that Hana would be better off being with the angels and living in peace but another part of him was still furious at the fact that she had been taken away from him. Vivi was not a person who liked to share anything that he saw as his and Hana belonged with him regardless of what anyone else said or felt. The little girl that he had taken in from a babe and watched grow up right before his eyes was not going to be permanently removed from his life without him having a say in it. Vivi narrowed his eyes at his friend's suggestion and turned his back on him.

"I don't care that she what she is, be it human, demon or angel. Hana is Hana to me and she will always remain as such. She was placed under my care and I will continue to protect her from whoever wishes to take her away from me. Be it angel or demon, enemy or ally." With the last word uttered Vivi pinned Felten with a deadly glare that had the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end. Never in his entire life had he ever received such a malicious look from his friend and it made him shiver in fear. Toni looked on in silence at the scene that had just played out before him. Whatever route his master chose he would follow it to the ends of the earth and back. Vivi turned around to address Toni on what needed to be done in the mansion while he went to look for Hana.

"Toni, dismiss all the demons that are currently working in the household as none of them can be trusted when I bring back Hana. If anyone questions why they are being abruptly dismissed tell them that if they are not off of the premises by the time I return they would leave the place in a body bag."

"As you wish Vivi-sama" Toni swiftly bowed and quickly made his way back up to the mansion to ensure that everyone left the premises as quickly as possible. That left only Vivi and Felten standing in the pathway. Vivi made to turn around once more and call out his wings when Felten spoke up.

"It is unwise of you to go looking for Hana when you have been given the perfect opportunity to have her already placed somewhere safe with her own people, but if you truly wish to track down her whereabouts then I shall assist you." Felten said as he too called out his wings. Vivi just bowed his head in silent thanks. In a matter of seconds the two demons took off to the sky in search of Hana one heading east while the other headed west.

It had taken Hana much longer than she had expected to conceal her aura, give or take nine days and she still couldn't completely do it. Isamu and Aimi had allowed her the privilege of wondering around on her own within the large area of land that they had secured against intruders. Hana was busily humming another tune from a song that she had learned in school while picking wild flowers in the area. Feeling at ease and knowing that no one would see her full transformation Hana released the hold she had on her wings. Calling them out and in had become second nature to her and during her time there she had learnt that she had the ability to control plants. Funny enough it explained her abnormal liking for plants and she giggled at the thought of telling Vivi. Hana continued her walk around the field, wings periodically folding and unfolding itself. A soothing breeze had blown from behind and Hana closed her eyes and turned to face the direction of the breeze. It gently caressed her face and played with her hair and she decided to enjoy the sensation. Oddly enough it really did feel as if someone had touched her face and hair. Gradually Hana opened her chocolate brown eyes and what she saw made her breather stop. She dropped the bouquet of assorted flowers and brought her hands to her face in shock as tears began to form. There before her stood Vivi wind playing with his hair and his clothes. She hadn't seen him in months and now he was standing before her once again. She couldn't believe her eyes, as a watery smile emerged on her face.

"I've finally found you." was all Vivi said as Hana launched herself into his arms. Vivi caught the petite girl and held her to his chest. He couldn't believe that he had managed to find the girl so quickly seeing as he had expected the search to last longer but he was nonetheless glad to have her back in his arms. He had been flying over an area that had yet to be scouted when he sensed that a barrier had been erected and this caught his attention. He was able to slip inside without setting off any alarms and that was then he saw her. Her unbound hair cascaded down her back and her pearlescent wings shone in the sun's light. She was truly a breathless sight to behold as she swayed, danced and hummed while she picked her flowers blissfully unaware of his presence. He had to smirk to himself, here she was in a foreign place picking flower as usual. Vivi quickly made his way down towards her when she had stopped moving to enjoy the breeze. While her eyes closed Vivi took the opportunity to lovingly stroke her cheek and hair and it was at that moment when he pulled away that she opened her eyes. After the initial shock had worn off she threw herself into his arms and hugged him for all she was worth, afraid that he might disappear again. He too held her tightly to his chest and both relished in the fact that they were no longer separated. Unfortunately, a horrible realisation had dampened Hana's happiness. Vivi had seen Hana with her wings out which meant that he knew what she truly was! She scrambled away from his reach and Vivi frowned at the shove that she had given him. He saw fear and panic clearly in her eyes and he moved forward to comfort her but she only stepped back. He frowned again and made another attempt to close the gap but every time he did so she would take another step back intent on keeping the same distance between them. Vivi growled in annoyance. He had been worried sick over her wellbeing and this was how she treated him? Hana watched the anger flash across Vivi's face interpreting it as his anger towards her being and angel. If only she had known that he would have appeared beforehand she could have had enough time to hide her true identity but now all that she had feared was out in the open. Vivi had seen her wings and now he was angry at her for having them. Frustrated that Hana kept moving away from him, Vivi rushed the petite girl in one fluid movement and pinned her against a nearby tree. Both her hands were trapped under his larger one above her head, his leg placed between hers braced her against the tree and his face so close to hers that their noses were touching. Hana yelped out at the sudden impact as she was now trapped between a tree and Vivi's body and her wings were being crushed in the process. She struggled to try and free herself but realised after a while that it was all in vain, she was now at his mercy. In the end all her struggling managed to do was draw Vivi's body closer to hers. In this position their chests were now firmly pressed up against one another as well as their waists along with many other body parts. Vivi's black hair mingled with Hana's brown as a slight wind was able to blow through the small crack between them. Satisfied that she was unable to avoid or escape him, Vivi questioned her.

"Why do you run away from me?" he asked harshly anger clearly visible on his handsome features. Hana winced at the pressure he was applying to pinning her wrists above her head and at the tone of his voice.

"Be-be-because you saw my wings." She admitted feebly "I didn't want you to ever see them." Astonished at the simple answer Vivi slackened his grip. That was her reason for trying to run away from him? Vivi could feel the relief and laughter start to bubble up from his stomach. He had thought it was far more serious reason such as no longer wishing to be with him that had him angered. He let his head fall onto her shoulder as he let out a sigh of relief that tickled the hairs on the back of Hana's neck. He let his head stay there for a while just enjoying the scent and presence of the girl that he had missed for many months and he fought the urge to give the girl beneath him a quick kiss on the neck. Although sorely tempted, he knew he could not cross that border with the young girl currently squirming under him. Hana was thoroughly confused as to what had just gone on. One minute they were embracing, next she was trying to run away, then she found herself pinned tightly under an angry Vivi and now said demon had just gone lax on top of her. She was never given the chance to ask about his strange behaviour as it was at the moment Hana felt herself being hauled away from the spot against the tree like a sack of potatoes and arrow imbedded in where Vivi's head had just been. Trying to catch her bearings Hana saw Isamu and Aimi with weapons drawn and ready for battle.

"So you have come demon!" yelled Aimi her second arrow already notched in her bow ready to fire. "What sick and twisted ideas did you plan to do to our Hana-chan!" she continued as she released the arrow nearly hitting Vivi. Isamu had his sword drawn and he too was also ready to pounce on Vivi but made no move as yet as he tried to assess the situation. Vivi placed Hana behind him as he gauged the two angels that stood before him, blatantly challenging him. This was going to be a difficult battle seeing as he was up against both a long and short ranged fighter and he had no weapons on him with which to fight, but he had to defeat them in order to get Hana back to the manor. Vivi wasn't a candidate for the next king without good reason and knew that he had the upper hand against the duo. Hana clutched onto Vivi's shirt from behind terror written all over her face as the two groups of people she did not want to fight were about to engage in battle. Vivi moved out from her grasp and made his way towards the two fledgling angels. It would be tough with the handicaps but he knew that he would make it out of the battle alive and with Hana in tow. With that bit of knowledge stored in his mind Vivi made the first move.

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