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"I rule in favor of Sara Fitzgerald, and deny the medical emancipation," the judge began. My heart sank. How was I going to tell Kate that I would have to give her the kidney that she doesn't want? The judge turned towards me and continued, "I'm sorry Anna, but it just seems best. Case closed." She banged her hammer-looking thing on the desk and left the room.

I looked over to see my mom smiling so wide I thought her eyes would get irritated by the way the corners of her mouth were poking them. I ran to my father and they embraced with a hug, and a very passionate kiss. How was I supposed to tell Kate?

I slowly slipped into Kate's room while she was peacefully asleep. I decided not to wake her, so I sat in a chair by the window. I must have been staring for hours out that window, because in a matter of what seemed like moments, my mother came into the room. She said she was going to be 2 hours or so, so I assumed I lost track of time.

My mom went to sit by the side of Kate's hospital bed and began stroking her face. Slowly Kate began fluttering her eyes, and then looking around the room.

"Hey Sweetheart, how are you?" My mother said in the kindest voice she could whip up.

"Where is Anna?" Kate replied. Her head shot across the room, searching, and then her eyes came upon mine.

"What happened?" Kate questioned. I shrugged and gave her the 'I will talk to you about it later' look.

"Mom," Kate began, swerving her head back around to face my mother. "Could you go get me some food? I'm pretty hungry," she finished.

"Sure sweetie" my mother replied, going over to peck Kate's forehead, and walking out the door. Kate immediatly turned to me and I sighed and simply said as calmly as possible, "I'm Sorry."