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He didn't get a chance to answer her before she turned around to leave the hotel room and he couldn't let her leave with what she had just seen. He yelled at Cody, telling him to grab her and take her into the bathroom. Cody did as he was told as Randy sat on the foot of one of the beds and ran a hand over his head and looked at the chairman of the WWE, who was still tied up in the chair. Randy took a deep breath before getting up and walking into the bathroom and shoved Cody out, roughly.

Randy looked at Andii, his eyes looking into hers to meet a confused and scared look in them. He shut the door and pressed the lock, making sure the door locked. He leaned back against the door, letting the situation lay thick in the air between them.

"Randy, you can't do this," Andii whispered finally breaking the silence between them and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Andii, I have to; it's the only way," Randy said, his voice pained a little at the sight of his girlfriend not liking this. "I won't get the title any other way."

"Randy! He's the chairman of the WWE; people are going to be looking for him," she said in a hushed tone.

Randy looked at her, a pained look on his face. He wanted his girlfriend to be on his side, to support him in this; he didn't want to treat her as if they had kidnapped her too but he would if he had to. He also wanted to be the champion again; he didn't want John Cena to be the champion but how could he have them both without losing the other?

"Andii, you know that I love you but I will never get the title back as long as John Cena has it. You and I both know that John Cena has Vince McMahon in his back pocket and that's not fair," Randy said, grabbing her hands softly and peering into her deep green eyes.

She bit her bottom lip as she looked into his eyes and she thought about what he had said. It made sense to her but they could all get into serious trouble for this. She leaned in and pressed her lips softly against his then wrapped her arms around his neck, caressing the back of it, softly with her hands.

"Okay, do you have a plan?" she asked softly, resting her forehead against his.


Randy nervously paced in his locker room and hoped that his plan was going to work. He jumped when the door opened and in walked Cody and Ted. He relaxed at the sight of them and he sat back down on the bench. It was safe to say that he was on edge, waiting for his match and hoping to hell that his plan went right.

"You sure everything is set up?" Randy asked, looking at his protégés.

"Yeah, of course Randy, we wouldn't mess things up," Ted said, almost eagerly.

Randy sighed almost in relief. He was racked with nerves but he heard the knock on his door and he knew it was time for his match; time when things would happen and things would change for him, change for the better. He nodded at Cody and Ted before walking out of his locker room and going to the guerrilla to get ready to go out there.

He looked at some of the superstars that were standing around but had no chance to think about anything else as he heard his entrance theme blasting through the arena. He took a deep breath before pushing the curtain aside and began to walk out onto the stage. He began his normal walk down the ramp, his mind elsewhere, and not on the match at hand as he stared down John Cena that stood in the middle of the ring.

He did his normal thing when he got in the ring but the minute him and John Cena started to lock up, the arena blacked out, just like planned. Randy pulled away from the lock up and looked around then the screen on the titan tron lit up.

"Randy! Help me, please! You have to help me," Andii's voice could be heard saying this through out the entire arena before she was shown on the screen, tied to a chair and she had tears streaming down her face. The shirt she had on looked as if it had been torn off of her and her hot pink bra was showing. "Please, Randy, you need to listen to him. He has Vince too; he's planning on taking over the WWE and he's going…to frame you."

"Shut up, bitch!" a man's voice roared before smacking her across the face, as planned. He then grabbed the camera and made it face him. "Okay, Randy, as you can see, I have your pretty little girlfriend. If you want your bitch back, you'll listen to what I tell you. First, you will tell creative that I have Vince McMahon as a hostage and that they will let me control their department by sending them emails on what to do, got it?"

Randy nodded, knowing that there was a TV on where Andii, Vince, and this man was. He grabbed a microphone.

"Who are you?! You sick fuck, you give me back my girlfriend!" Randy screamed into the microphone.

"Who am I? Oh Randy, I'm the one that's going to control your life over the next couple of months. Just do what I say and I won't…" the man said, pausing and walked over to Andii, walking behind the chair and squatting down, making sure the camera was in front of them and he showed the knife. He pressed it against her cleavage. "And I won't hurt your girlfriend, got it? Good."

Before the screen went black, it showed the man kissing Andii roughly on the lips before the screen disappeared and the lights flickered on as Randy stood in the ring, a shocked look plastered all over his face. He dropped the microphone and got out of the ring, leaving John Cena in the ring, watching him leave.


Randy walked through the hotel's lobby. He gave the receptionist a dirty look before walking into the elevator, Ted and Cody following him like normal. They said nothing, keeping a serious look about what had happened at RAW and by now, everybody around knew that what had been shown on the screen was indeed not scripted. He was beyond pissed now; everything had gone as planned but that kiss was not supposed to happen. He pressed the up button on the elevator about ten times before walking into it then pressed the very top floor button and waited for the doors to close, Ted and Cody on each side of him.

"Randy calm down," Ted said, trying to calm his mentor down. The air in the elevator was thick and they felt it; they knew Randy was going to do something that he'd regret down the road.

"Shut up, Teddy," Randy hissed as they listened to the dings as the elevator kept going up. He took a deep breath and held in for ten seconds before slowly exhaling.

Ted held his breath as they walked out of the elevator and into the hallway. There seemed to be a chill rush around them as they walked to the end of the hallway. They all three took a look around, making sure that nobody was around to see them go into the room. Ted looked at Randy as he fumbled with the key card and he watched as Randy kicked the door before getting the key card to finally work. He growled before pushing the door open, roughly and the sound of it smacking against the wall before grabbing the man from the video and pushing him against the wall, not caring if it hurt him or not.

"What the hell were you thinking?! I didn't tell you to kiss her at the end of the video, Nathan! I told you to act like you meant what you were saying. Not once did I say that you should kiss my girlfriend!" Randy shouted and slammed his little brother against the wall again.

"Calm down, Randy! It was to make it more believable!" Nathan protested trying to shove his older brother off of him.

"You will not kiss her again, understand?" Randy shouted slamming Nathan's back against the wall again. "Do you understand me, Nathan?"

Nathan rolled his eyes before nodding his head and when Randy finally let go of him, he fixed his shirt, smoothing it out. He walked over to the bed and sat down, relaxing for a minute. Randy walked over to Vince McMahon and sighed before looking around, looking for Andii.

"Where is she, Nate?" Randy asked, calmly.

"Bathroom," Nathan replied monotonously as he grabbed the remote control and began to flip through the TV channels.

Randy glared at his little brother before walking over to the bathroom and kicking the door open, not even bothering to knock. He heard Andii scream a little and he chuckled to himself before he walked into the small enclosed space, shutting the door behind him. He grabbed her by her hips and pulled her into him, her body pressed against his.

"Mmm…I missed you," Randy whispered, nuzzling his forehead against hers as he held her close to him.

"Randy, we can't do this any more! Somebody's going to find out about this and then we're all going to go to jail and I can't live in jail! I can't do it!" Andii said in a hushed tone, her words rushed as well.

Randy sighed before pushing her softly against the wall and pressed his body against hers, making sure there was no way she could get away from him. He lowered his head down to look her square in the eyes, her green orbs mixed with confusion and fear. He gently pressed his lips against hers before pulling back.

"Look, we're in this together babe, I promise I won't let you go to jail or prison, I'll make sure you get off with no strikes against you, Andii," he whispered softly before pressing his lips against hers again as he moved one hand down her body.

"You promise?" she asked, her eyes looking into his as she slipped her arms around his neck.

He nodded his head as his hand started to unbutton her pants and he carefully worked her jeans down her thighs as his other hand kept his body from crushing hers. She bit her bottom lip as he worked her jeans down to her knees before he began to pull her panties down, his eyes were still looking into hers as he let his hand do all the work.

"Randy, your brother, Ted, and Cody are out there; they'll hear us," she whispered as she glanced down and noticed as he was working on pulling his own pants down.

"I don't care, baby; they know we have sex, we've been together since you were signed to WWE's developmental," Randy whispered as he began to kiss her neck softly as his fingers began to work their way inside of her, his thumb playing with her clit.

Andii bit her bottom lip as she felt his fingers start to move inside of her. She let out a soft moan as he fingers kept working on her, his thumb began to rub circles against her clit before suddenly he pulled his fingers out. He pressed his lips against hers, kissing her as he aligned himself up and then moved her thighs a little before pushing himself inside of her. He grunted softly as he began to thrust his hips towards hers and back. Her fingers dug into his back softly as he continued to thrust his hips against hers before he began to pick up speed.

"I love you Andii," he grunted as he continued to thrust inside of her.

"I love you too, Randy," she moaned softly before leaning forward and carefully biting his shoulder.


Randy walked into the hotel after winning his match at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. His title was slung over his left shoulder and a smile plastered all over his face. Cody and Ted trailed behind him, the looks on their faces not so happy as they had lost their match but they didn't let Randy know their despair. He gave a wave to the receptionist before the trio got onto the elevator, to go up to the top floor, once again.

"Boys, it's party time once we get up to that hotel room, got it? There will be no moping around just because you two lost; our plan is slowly working, don't worry boys, I'll get you what you want," Randy said as the elevator continued to move its way up. "We'll be on top of the world before you know it, I promise you this."

During the pay-per-view, the screen had gone black just before the start of Randy's match and the 'kidnapper' had told Randy if he won this match, he would let Andii go and let her go back to being a diva but he wanted to see if the creative team listened to his emails.

"How's this going to work if Andii gets let go? I know it's technically her choice but Randy, she's our ticket to success," Cody said, trying to keep his voice hushed.

"We're not letting Vince go, Cody. The WWE officials are running around like chickens with their heads cut off; we have them in our control, don't worry," Randy said before walking out into the hallway.

Cody took a deep breath before he and Ted began to follow Randy down the hallway to the very last hotel rom. Randy pushed the door open to be greeted by Andii, who had leaped into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist, excitedly.

"Baby, it worked! Our plan worked!" she said before placing kisses all over his face, happily.

Randy laughed before walking over to the bed and sitting down, placing her in his lap. He ran his hands through her brown hair that was perfectly straight. He leaned in and pressed his lips against hers, capturing them in a kiss before pulling away.

"Of course it worked, baby, I told you it would," he said as he kept her in his lap, facing him as Cody and Ted shut the door behind them as they walked in.

"Is it all over now? Can we let Vince go?" she asked, looking over at Vince who was tied to the chair in the room.

They had been careful not to be seen with him and they had fed him and let him go to the bathroom but he was to be guarded at all times. Randy sighed before getting up, carefully pushing Andii off of his lap and walking over to Vince and slapped him upside the head.

"Wake up, old man. Listen here; did you see what I accomplished tonight? Do you see how well I control the entire company and do you see how well it works out in the end? I don't think I'm done with you just yet; I think I'll use you as insurance to make sure I keep the title more than a month long," Randy said before smacking him across the face.

"Randy! Stop it! We can't continue this much longer! People will start looking for him and they will find him!" Andii pleaded, walking over to Randy and grabbing his arm.

"Andii, we can't stop this now. I have to make sure I walk out of Bragging Rights champion too; I don't like being a transitional champion nor do I like the title switching hands continuously," Randy said, jerking his arm away from her softly. "Look babe, I love you please, do this for me."

Andii looked at him, her deep green eyes staring into his piercing blue ones before she glanced down at the carpeted floor. She looked over at Nathan who was watching their interaction with interest. She then looked back at Randy before sighing.

"Fine, I'll do this with you," Andii sighed before walking into the bathroom.