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Bonding Gone Wrong

Part 1: Excursions

Carlisle was excited; he was excited to spend the day with his sons. Esme had arranged a day out with the girls and her only. So naturally he'd arranged a day out with the boys. While his wife and daughters enjoyed a day of pampering his sons and he would be taking in a ball game. It was one of the rare times he actually got to spend time with all four of his sons. Usually it was one or two but rarely was it all four. He was looking forward to it.

"You seem happy," said Esme as she wrapped her arms around her husband.

"I am," said Carlisle as he returned the hug.

"Looking forward to today?" asked Esme knowingly.

"Yes," answered Carlisle.

"Me too. I can't wait to spend the day with Alice and Rosalie. Don't get me wrong I love the boys but it's nice to do something with the girls. It's not often enough that we do this and I'm looking forward to it as much as you," said Esme.

"I know what you mean. I love spending time with the girls but it's great to be able to spend the day with the boys," said Carlisle.

"Baseball the all American pastime, so cliché darling," said Esme smiling.

"A girls day at the spa, how original love," laughed Carlisle just as loud arguing could be heard from upstairs.

"Look pipsqueak your not wearing my jersey get your own and get the hell out of my room," Emmett could be heard yelling upstairs.

"Like I'd wear that piece of crap you call a jersey, it's probably older than Jasper," Cade retorted from upstairs.

"Hey, leave me out of it," Jasper responded.

"It's not like it'd fit you anyway Cade unless you're wearing a dress," Edward could be heard saying.

"Shut up," was Cade's reply.

"Cade, dad's gonna buy you a jersey at the stadium," said Alice from the kitchen.

"Hey if he gets a new one I want one too," complained Emmett.

"You were saying darling," smiled Esme as her children continued to argue.

"Gross, scar me for life why don't you," said Cade as he came the down the stairs just as his parents started kissing.

"I thought Rosalie and Emmett did that already," laughed Edward as he descended the stairs behind Cade.

"Nah they gave me nightmares," said Cade.

"Very funny midget," said Emmett as joined Cade and Edward on the couch.

"Enough boys," said Carlisle putting a stop to the bantering before it got out of hand which it tended to do.

"Let's go let's go let's go," ranted Alice as she rushed into the family room followed by Rosalie.

"Have fun boys," said Esme as Rosalie grabbed her by the hand and then proceeded to lead her out the front door.

"You girls enjoy yourself," said Carlisle smiling as he watched his daughters practically drag Esme out of the house.

"So, are we ready or what?" asked Emmett.

"Just about," said Edward just as Jasper came down and joined them.

"Now were ready," said Carlisle as he looked at his sons. Each one of them with the exception of Cade was wearing the jersey they usually wore for their own baseball games. Cade did have one but for some reason when they played, he usually wore a regular t-shirt. Alice had outfitted him with the proper attire from the beginning but he never wore it.

"Are you going to get him one at the stadium?" asked Edward having heard his thoughts as his brothers walked out of the house.

"Should I? He never wears the one's Alice got him," said Carlisle.

"That's…well…don't tell Alice okay," said Edward quietly so they wouldn't be overheard.

Carlisle slowly nodded at Edward.

"He doesn't wear the one's Alice got him because he doesn't like them. He'd rather pick his own and doesn't think its fair that she picked them," said Edward quietly.

"I see. Then I suppose I should let him pick one at the game," said Carlisle smiling.

"Yeah, I think he'd love that," said Edward with an odd look.

Carlisle saw the look Edward gave when he said that and realized that maybe all his sons would like a new jersey.

"It's kind of you know tradition…fathers and sons…games and well dads buying stuff at the games…it's stupid," said Edward embarrassed as he affirmed his dads thoughts.

"It's not Edward and your right it is tradition," said Carlisle smiling. It'd be his pleasure to give his sons and himself a traditional father-son outing.

Edward smiled as he rushed out and joined his brothers.

Picking up the tickets on top of the fireplace Carlisle walked out to join his waiting sons.




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