Edward stood speechless and ashamed in the middle of the tiny clearing his eyes wide and staring at me before meeting the floor again. "You were human I thought…"

"You thought what I would just move on forget about you, you never got it Edward I don't have a life without you." His eyes snapped to mine once again "Look at me I have killed millions and millions of vampires and I still feel nothing, I have been numb since the day you told me you didn't love me did you really think I could just move on."

"Yes I did I thought you would love someone else and have the right kind of human life."

"Edward I couldn't love someone else because you took my heart when you left, you ripped it open I have nothing left just a shell." I broke down sobbing with no tears.

"Bella I-

I shook my head cutting him off as the all too familiar feeling of numbness washed over me yet again "Don't I really don't want to hear an excuse I already got the only answer that ever mattered 176 years ago." I walked over to Corin and looked him in the eyes.

He stared at me nervous at what is about to come, but I couldn't do it. Why couldn't I do it? Why couldn't I kill him I have killed millions why not him? I walked away with a sigh and Collin said "Aren't you going to-

"If you wish to kill him I will not stop you it will save me the trouble later but I cant do it in front of my old family." I walked out of the clearing and leaped onto a tree to watch silently.

"Can you handle this Collin." I heard Chelsea ask quietly.

"Yeah go see if she's alright and take her hunting her eyes are turning white." Collin said softly anger in his voice.

"I am not leaving you here with the Cullen's" I said from my tree and Chelsea snarled at the name "Enough already they are no threat to us we will leave them be." I said business like.

Chelsea hoped up onto my branch and said brightly "Whatca thinkin' bout."

"Thinking about a pleasant way to tell my story." I said honestly I could practically feel the curiosity rolling off of Jasper and Carlisle.

"What!?" Collin and Chelsea said outraged. Collin was done with Corin by now and was sitting by Chelsea.

"Carlisle is the only father I have left I cannot hate him." I said simply.

"Are you kidding me Isa after everything they put you through and your going to just forgive them like nothing happened I cant believe this I knew I should have killed him without hesitation, hesitation leads to flaking and flaking leads to enemies and bad things." Collin rambled on.

"Are you done." I asked.

"No I'm not why are you protecting them I have a feeling that you would even kill the Volturi for them." They both looked at me.

"Is this how you both feel that I am being too generous that I should not tell them." I asked in my flat tone.

"Yes." They both said in union.

I sighed and said "Alright then I wont tell them I have always stood by you as you have with me and now is not any different."

"Would you kill the Volturi for them?" Chelsea asked but she already knew the answer.

"Chelsea I would kill the Volturi for no reason at all if I could just find someone powerful enough and willing to keep all the nomads in check." I said and laughed.

"That would be a good fight." Collin said.

"Who is feeling restless now." I said and leaped down from the tree.

"You must be going crazy." Collin said landing beside me.

"I miss it I think I always will but it wasn't…" I trailed off unsure of a word that could capture my feelings on the matter.

"Yeah I know what you mean." Collin smiled slightly.

I nodded my head showing him I was okay and he backed up to where Chelsea was. "Carlisle I am sorry if I got your hopes up but I will not go against them I trust them with my life and love them I am sure you can understand." I said in my flat tone.

"Yes of course Bella." He smiled at me and I suddenly got the urge to huge him.

I walked to him and hugged him tightly just to be sure he was real and he hugged me back just as tightly. I stepped away and said "Your not missing anything really."

He chuckled and said "I always will want to hear the story never the less."

I smiled at him slightly and stepped back to where Collin and Chelsea where. They looked at me and then each other and Chelsea said "Go with them but hunt first."

"We agreed-

"No me and Collin agreed through hate and we forgot how much you must miss them we were selfish and shouldn't have asked you to not do that." Chelsea said with a warm smile.

"Chelsea you guys have been my life and my only family for the past 176 years and always will be you understand that right." I said honestly.

"Oh sorry I was just in this for the power." Collin backed away and I laughed.

"You want to-

"No!" They both said with angry eyes.

"Right are you-

"Isabella Swan go or I will make you." Collin said.

"You wouldn't." I raised an eyebrow at him and he lifted me off the ground the Cullen's gasped.

"Are you sure your ready Collin last time you screamed like a girl." I said my tone flat again.

He smirked at me and I pulled on my power he flinched but didn't drop me I smiled and turned it up more. He dropped me in an instant but didn't nod his head or scream so I cranked it up. He clenched his fists I looked at Chelsea and said "He is getting better."

"Yeah that's my man." She said grinning.

I raised the power and he fell to his knees I instantly stopped and bent down next to him "You alright buddy." There was pain in my voice I hated doing this to him.

He breathed in a couple times and finally breathed out "No biggy."

I helped him to his feet and said "That's not even what I use in battle."

"God Is trying to kill them." He said shocked.

"How do you think we gained Maine." I said.

"Oh yeah that day was sick the look on there faces when just us three walked to the battle field." He said and instantly slapped him in the arm with my power. "What did you do that for?" He said rubbing his arm.

"Don't think about it." I said

"Why?" He raised his eye brow and then got it "So if I think of like times when you-

"You hurt him and you will not be pleased Collin." I said my tone serious.

"What could you possibly do that was worse than-

"Oh its worse Collin." Chelsea said and he sighed.

"Why do you care so much about these people." Collin spat out the word.

"Just because I don't know whether I'll be able to forgive him doesn't mean he still doesn't hold my heart Collin you should know that by now." I said pain covering my voice.

"We do." They both said in union and then winced.

"Great so lets go hunting." I said and dragged them along. "I'll come around in a couple minutes Carlisle." I was currently only on speaking terms with Carlisle.

Collin and Chelsea raised an eyebrow at me and I said "I cant be mad at Carlisle he's like my father."

"Yes you can you just don't want to and if your being honest with yourself you know it killed you not to give everyone a hug." Chelsea said.

"That is beside the point." I said and took down a deer.

"Oh come on Isa do you really think you'll be able to be in the same house with him and be mad at him." She asked.

I took down two more deer's and was now leaning on a tree. "Why don't you tell me." I said she obviously knew.

"No you wont." She said simply.

"Alright you guys I'm out of here." I said suddenly tried with this conversation.

"Have lots of fun." Collin said sarcastically.

I took off running ignoring his last comment. I was about to walk into the Cullen's house in about…well now. I stopped hesitantly at the door and breathed in. I started pacing back and forth and I knew that all the Cullen's be in there waiting.

I breathed in again and said to myself "Suck it up Bella if you can stand up to Aro I am sure you can sit through a night with the Cullen's." I breathed in again. "I cant do this." I said and walked down the steps.

The door swung open to relieve a happy looking Alice and then Collin and Chelsea burst through the trees. "Isa I had a vision are you okay." Chelsea said and I nodded she looked hesitant.

"You two are always welcomed here too." Alice said pleasantly.

"I wouldn't step foot in your house for anything in the world." Collin hissed.

"Be sivel Collin." I said to him and he just growled.

"Edward if you hurt her in anyway I will rip you limb from limb very slowly." Collin sneered and stulked off into the forest.

"He doesn't mean that." Chelesa said before running after him.

"I sure as hell do the only thing that is keeping me away now is Isa." He sneered.

"Collin is very…uh protective I guess you could call it." I said and walked into the house.

"It's okay we know he didn't mean it." Alice said.

"Oh no he did mean it and he wants to very badly but he wont." I said walking through the house and to the living room. I winched at the familiar sight and leaned against the wall.

"You can sit down Bella." Alice said sitting next to Jasper, the only seat left was next to Edward who was staring at his hands with his shoulders slumbed, he looked so sad.

"Oh right sorry habit." I said and walked over to sit next to Edward he didn't look up and I finally noticed that he was staring at the picture I had thrown at his feet. I instantly regretted it and before I knew what I was doing I touched his hand his eyes shout up to mine in an instant and he looked so tortured it hurt me more than anything else. All my anger went out the window and all I wanted to do was be in his arms.

"What's with you." I said pulling my hand back unwillingly. He shrugged I sighed and said "Is he always like this."

"Yes but worse." Jasper said.

"Why?" I said confused. Why would he be hurt he should have been happy that he got rid of me.

"Because he loves you." Jasper said.

I felt my chest swell at the notion and then shook my head. "No he doesn't." I said softly almost to myself.

Edwards eyes were on mine and he opened his mouth to say something but I talked first. "So what do you want to know?" I said in a flat tone.

"What is with your voice." Emmett said and Edward growled.

"I am numb." I said simply.

"Seriously I thought you were joking." Emmett said with pain in his voice. Everyone looked sad and pained I couldn't take it anymore.

"What is all of your problems." I snapped at them "Why are all of you sad you should be happy you got me out of your lives and why do you even care so much to leave those things behind." I looked at Edward. I sighed and rubbed my face this was so not going well.

"Bella we all never stopped loving you." Carlisle said and I flinched at his words that I wanted to be true so badly.

"No because Edw-

"Edward is an idiot who lied to you." Rosalie said and glared at Edward.

"I felt nothing still that should make me feel something right and if it was coming from Rosalie it had to be true right ? So why was I still numb maybe I will always be numb." I didn't know I was voicing my thoughts until they all were looking down at there hands. "Oh sorry I am not really use to being around anyone normally I am in my chamber or fighting." I said and they all looked up.

"What about Chelsea and Collin." Emmett asked.

"Oh yeah but this is like the most I have seen them normally we train and then train some new borns and then plan and then fight well not lately everyone has just been giving over there territory that's why we left it was boring no one ever fought anymore and there was nothing else to do but sit in my room and stare at the ceiling." I said and then added "God my life totally sucked." I hadn't noticed how boring it was until I actually said it out loud.

"What happened to Maria?" Jasper asked.

"Oh sorry Jasper I killed her about 174 years back." I shrugged.

"So what's your power?" Emmett asked excited.