A/N: You're not going to understand this joke if you didn't know that the actress in Eclipse is different than the original Victoria. So, for all those out of the loop- The actress in Eclipse is different than the original Victoria.

Edward: Why do you want to kill Bella so badly?

Victoria: I want you to feel the pain that I felt when you did the same to me!

Edward: What are you talking about?

Victoria: You killed my mate!

Edward: Wha- no, I didn't! No, I killed that other woman's mate. It wasn't you… no ,she had red curly hair and red eyes… okay, she looked a lot like you, but she wasn't you. You must be thinking of a different vampire-human couple that's part of an abnormally large coven of abnormally "vegetarian" vampires.

Victoria: Oh. Well, I'm really sorry for the confusion. I guess I'll call off the army. Come on, Riley!

Begins to exit.

Riley: Wait, I need to find my arm.

Victoria: I'll buy you a new one!

Riley: It's my arm!

Victoria: Well, I have to go save me army. Apparently, we have the wrong coven.

Riley: That was the lamest pun ever.

Victoria exits. Riley begins to exit, but turns around and mouths "Call me" to Bella while Edward isn't looking. Bella winks. Exit Riley.

A/N: If I were Bella, I would call him.