Author's Note: Hehe, here's the asked for sequal to All Soul's Night.... I hope you like it.

Once Upon A Time
ONE:- In which the beginning begins

A little girl, about the age of seven sat in the garden, or rather, in the flowers. Her blue dress was covered in soil, her black hair had recently been pulled from its braid, and dirt smudges marked her pale face. But this did not bother her, for at that moment she was watching a small green caterpillar make its way across the leaves of a nearby rose bush.
Her head shot up and she jumped up from her spot in the dirt, "Daddy!"
The diry little girl rand over to her father and was swept up into his arms and around in a circle. She giggled, silver eyes sparkling. She settled her in his arms, "And what is my little one doing today."
She grinned, "Watching the caterpillar daddy."
"Oh? It looks more like you were making mud pies," the blonde man said in amusement.
She beamed up at him, "Nope."
"Nope huh," he said, tickling her, she laughed and squirmed in his arms, "Well, why don't you go say hi to Mommy?"
Ethayne grinned, "Can I say hi to Grandpa to?"
He grinned, "Of course."
He set the child on the ground and she ran off. Up the stairs leading to the garden, through the double doors and down the hall.

Elrond, Lord of Rivendell sat behind his desk with a thoughtfull expression on his face. His eyes flicked over to the door as it opened some and his dirt covered graddaughter skipped into the room. He raised an eyebrow as she came around to his side and spoke, "And is my little Ethayne under all that dirt?"
She giggled, "Yes!"
Her simple joy was infectious and Elrond smiled, "Do I get a hug?"
She hugged him and jumped into his lap, and then spoke, "I was watching a caterpillar crawl and Daddy came and said I could go say hi to Mommy!"
Elrond laughed, knowing what his daughter would do when she saw her dirt covered daughter. She would do what everymother would - Okay, not really. She'd pick her daughter up, laughing and taker out into the garden, where they would proceed to watch Ethayne's caterpillar together, and by the time they were finished, both of their dresses would be ruined. Not that Ethayne's wasn't already ruined.
Elrond remembered when his daughter had been just like Ethayne. And the little girl was the spitting image of her mother, except that her eyes were solid silver and not purple-silver. He gazed down at the child with love in his eyes and spoke gently, "Your mother is in the gazebo."
She smiled and jumped out of his lap and bounded from the room. Elrond looked down at his dirt smudged clothes and smiled, rising to go change.
Ethayne ran down the corriors to the gardens, where she jumped over the steps and continued to run until the gazebo came into sight, then she stopped and picked up a small white daisy, and then she continued her run. She bounded up the steps of the gazebo and right over to her mother. She stuck the flower in the woman's face and she looked up, "Hello Little One."
"Mommy," Ethayne, will you play with me?"
Lady Aria laughed, "Of course Little One."
The woman took her hand and led her out of the gazebo. Aria allowed herself to be pulled along to the rose bush that Ethayne had been camped in front of. Aria stopped and stepped into the dirt, sitting in the damy soil and pulling her daughter into her arms. As they watched the caterpillar inch along, Elrond and Boromir watched in amusement as Aria ruined yet another dress.