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Correcting Mistakes II: Daisy's Choice

Chapter One

Home Again


Daisy Hollingsworth bristled with annoyance as she gave her watch a cursory glance. The plane was running behind and she knew that her mum and dad would be waiting anxiously for them at Heathrow . She could picture the scene as if she were a fly on the wall.

Mummy would be pacing nervously, glancing out the window every few minutes watching for some sign of lights. Daddy would be glaring at his watch as if it were to blame for the lateness of the plane. Her brothers and sisters, GJ, Danny, Poppy and Iris would be sitting side by side, bored to tears and ready to pick a fight with one another. Likely it would be GJ and Danny...GJ was a bit of a troublemaker and he particularly loved teasing Danny about his full name...Dan Delion.

Finally, the announcement came that they had arrived in London and would be landing momentarily. Daisy sighed thankfully and turned to her sleeping son.

"Hey, Sleepyhead." She shook him gently "Ready to see Grandma and Grandpa?"

Three year old RJ began to stir. He looked up at Daisy with huge brown eyes...his fathers eyes. Her son, Robert Jardin Hollingsworth the IV, was a mirror image of his handsome father, Robert Jardin Hollingsworth III. Daisy had met him her first day of college, he had already finished school and was working on his masters. Daisy had fallen madly in love, so in love that she had quit school to marry him six months later. RJ was born eleven months after their marriage and Daisy had thrown herself into life as a wife and mother. After Robert finished school he was offered a job in Scotland and so the family had moved away.

Then, three months ago, Robert had been on his way home from the store when a muggle had attempted to rob him. Robert had gone for his wand, but he was too slow. He was shot in the chest and died instantly.

Daisy suddenly found herself a twenty-one year old widow with a little boy to raise...but she didn't have to do it alone.

RJ yawned. "I'm still sleepy mummy."

"I know baby." Daisy said soothingly. It was ten o'clock at night, of course the poor boy was sleepy. "We'll get to Grandma and Grandpa's soon, then you can go right to bed. Okay?"

He yawned again and nodded "'Kay."

The fasten seat belts sign came on and they began to descend. Daisy felt a rush of relief...she was home...home at last.

Well, perhaps not quite home. Home was in the wizarding village of Diagon Alley, in their huge house on Vector street.

The plane screeched to a halt and Daisy gave a soft sigh. She wasn't fond of muggle travel, but it was too far to apparate, and she wasn't about to fly all that way with RJ on her Firebolt6.

"Thank you for flying British International." The flight attendant said mechanically as Daisy stepped out of her seat and reached up for her carry on from the compartment over her head.

"Mummy?" RJ asked, somewhat loudly "Why does that lady sound like a robot?"

Daisy stifled a grin as the attendant gave her a withering look. She bent down and whispered in his ear "It's her job sweetheart."

"Oh." He nodded "I don't want her job when I get grown up then."

Daisy chuckled and took his hand, she couldn't resist a small grin as they passed the robotic flight attendant. Sometimes RJ was just too dead-on.

She caught sight of her father first, standing sentry duty just outside the gates. His face broadened into a wide smile as their eyes met, then he turned to Daisy's mother. Daisy laughed at the expression on her parent's faces. Clearly the throng of people in front of Daisy weren't moving fast enough for George and Luna Weasley...they looked as if they wanted to run into the mass, likely with her father knocking them out of the way to give her mother a clear run at Daisy.

"Daisy!" Luna shouted, bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet excitedly "RJ!"

"Wave to Grandma." Daisy whispered in RJ's ear and he complied.

"She's going to squash me..." he said nervously as they at last cleared the throng "Isn't she?"

"Oh yeah." Daisy laughed as her mum and dad at last stood inches from them.

"Oh Daise!" Luna said as she wrapped her arms around them both, squeezing as hard as she could. "I'm so glad your home."

Daisy took a deep breath, breathing in the wonderful Lilac and vanilla scent of her mother. "I'm so glad to be home." she said, and for the first time it hit her just how much she meant it.

"Don't forget the old man." George said with a little tug on her hand.

"Daddy..." Daisy pulled away from Luna, handed RJ to her, then fell into her fathers arms.

It all caught up with her as she fell against her fathers chest. The months worth of sleepless nights since Roberts death, the hours spent with the muggle police and the Scottish Ministry of Magic making arrangements to get Robert's body sent back to Wales for burial at his families estate. She began to sob, great gasping sobs. "... Daddy."

"It's okay Daise." George said as he gently rubbed her back "You're home now, were going to take care of you."

Daisy nodded and pulled away. It wasn't until they were waiting at the baggage claim that she noticed that her brothers and sisters were missing.

"Where are the others?"

"They went to spend the weekend with Freddy and Sylvia." Luna said "We thought you might like a little peace at first."

Daisy smiled a little "It's nice of Freddy and Sylvia to take them, considering they are still practically on their honeymoon."

"Freddy might not have won the war..." George said with a small smile, remembering the epic battle between Freddy Weasley and James Potter for Daisy's affections "But he'd still do anything for you."

"Could have fooled me." Daisy said, her eyes glinting with something close to humor. "He swore he'd never speak to me again after Robert and I eloped."

A look of pain slashed across Daisy's face as she remembered that Robert...her husband, RJ's father...was never coming back.

"Thing's change sweetheart." Luna said as she took Daisy's hand. "The whole family is here for you. Were going to get you through this."

Daisy nodded and brushed her hand over RJ's brown curls. He had fallen asleep on Luna's shoulder and he looked like something resembling an angel.

"I'm just so glad to be home." She sighed deeply "The past few months have been like..." She shook her head and wiped at her face with her sleeve. "...like living in hell. I just want to go home. I want to go to my old room with the butterfly wallpaper and climb into my old bed with the fairy lights and ivy and see if I can pretend for a few minutes that I am a little girl again."

"I don't know if you can do that." George said as he put his arm around her shoulder "But if it helps, your still our little girl."

Daisy smiled up at him and rested her cheek on his chest like she had when she was a little girl...and for just a moment...

...she felt like everything was going to be okay.

- - -

It was still mostly dark when Daisy woke, safe and warm with the soft white fairy lights giving the room a delicate glow. A faint pink was just beginning to shine on her bedroom wall, heralding the beginning dawn.

Her father had been right, even here in her old room, safe in her fairy bed, she hadn't been able to pretend that she was a little girl...not even for a second. The moment she had closed her eyes the nightmares had come again...nightmares of reliving the horrible moment when she'd had to identify Roberts body, nightmares of hours spent with the muggle police, trying to explain the unexplainable.

She shuddered now, remembering walking into the sterile while room filled with stainless steel tables, little trays everywhere with more stainless steel instruments scattered over them. She'd been met by a muggle woman who had looked shockingly sterile herself, her face cold, devoid of any sympathy just as the muggle police had been.

But then, the muggle police had...no, they still...believed that Robert had been killed in the middle of a drug deal gone bad. But that was ridiculous. Robert was a brilliant scientist, he and his research team had been on the trail of creating a potion that would eradicate dragon pox. Daisy was sure it had been his potions kit that had made the police think he was a drug dealer...it had to have been. After all, what did muggles know about wizard herbs and minerals? It had taken months of interrogation before she had been allowed to leave the country...to return to her family.

In the end, the Scottish Ministry of Magic had to step in...altering the memories of the muggle police involved and destroying all records of Roberts murder. His murder had been arrested on charges of another murder of a non-existent muggle, a memory of committing the murder implanted in his head, and a signed confession in his file.

With a deep sigh Daisy rolled onto her side and sat up. If she wasn't going to sleep, she might as well get a head start on the new day of misery. She snatched her robe from the credenza at the foot of her bed and slid into it, then made her way downstairs.

It was Saturday morning, and she had thought she would have the kitchen to herself, but she was wrong. She hadn't counted on her fathers deep seated habit of doing his books on Saturday mornings causing him to rise so early...particularly after they had had such a late night before.

"Daddy." She bent down and kissed him on the cheek "You're up early."

"Actually, I slept in a bit today." He said with a small smile. "Didn't get up until six-fifteen."

Daisy grinned as she reached for the tin of tea. "And that's your idea of sleeping in?"

George nodded "Unlike your mother, who's idea of sleeping in runs anywhere from eleven to noon."

"Give mum a break." She said as she put the kettle under the faucet. "Danny and GJ must run her ragged."

George threw his head back and laughed loudly "You don't know the half of it. It use to be much worse, before you sisters started school, when she had all four of them underfoot."

"Well, I always tell her..." Daisy shook her head with a small grin as she put the kettle on the stove "...she should have stopped after me."

"Really Daise, you love your brothers and sisters."

"Of course I do." She smiled "Its easy to love the little monsters from a few hundred miles away."

"Speaking of little monsters..." George began "Have you spoken to your twin sister lately?"

Daisy's twin was of course, Annie. Though technically they were only sisters because George had adopted Daisy when he married Luna, the two girls were closer than most blood sisters.

"Annie?" Daisy asked as she poured tea in her cup "I talk to her everyday...why?"

"And did she tell you her latest news flash?"

"Of course she did." Daisy smiled "Grandpa."

"And did she further tell you she isn't planning on marrying prat?"

"Really daddy..." Daisy rolled her eyes "...it's Matt, and you know it too. Yes, she told me."

"Why do you sound like your just peachy with this?" George growled

"Dad...you know Annie doesn't believe in marriage." Daisy stirred honey into her tea and sat down across from him.

"Yeah, I know" And he also knew WHY Annie didn't believe in marriage. It was his fault, his and Annie's mother. They had made a royal mess out of things and taken Annie and her brother Freddy along for the ride. Things had become so bad at one point that George had nearly killed himself. But things had come out okay in the end. Both George and Angelina had fallen in love, real love, and had been happily married since.

"I know." He repeated "I just don't understand it. She's said she understands what happened between Angie and I...and she understands that not every marriage is like that..." He shook his head. "So why is she being so stubborn."

"Annie's always been stubborn." Daisy grinned "One of the things I love most about her in fact."

"I just don't understand it. You didn't turn against marriage...why did she?" George said, shaking his head.

"Hmmm..." Daisy thought hard, trying herself now to figure out what the difference was. Her memories of her biological father had become blurred during the years of happiness since George Weasley had become her father. When she thought of Rolf Scamander, all she could remember was her mother being call vile names and being more afraid than she could ever remember being since.

But what stood out more in her memory was how happy her mother had become once George had come into their lives. How happy SHE had been since George had come into HER life. Surely, Annie must have seen the same thing happen with Angelina and Lee? They were just as happy as her mum and dad were.

"I don't know Dad." Daisy shrugged "I think everyone's just different. Freddy grew up in the exact same way as Annie did, but he got married."

"I wish your sister would." George rolled his eyes "Angie's got to be going bugshit."

A small twinge of anger shot through Daisy. "She should just be happy that Annie is healthy and happy, both of you should."

George looked up from the massive pile of papers. Daisy was near tears and he felt like a total shit. She was right...look at all she had lost...you never know which day may be the last you have.

"I'm sorry Daise." He reached across for her hand "You're right...I didn't mean to upset you."

Daisy gave his hand a squeeze, then let it go and stood under the guise of getting a glass of water.

At that moment a spectacular eagle owl swooped in through the window and landed on the chair next to George.

"Morning Felicia." He said as the owl held out her leg. George untied the Saturday copy of the Daily Prophet, deposited three sickles in the small brown pouch on her other leg, and then watched her fly off.

Daisy sat back down as George lay out the paper on the table in front of him. "It's okay daddy. It's not your fault. I'm just having one of my down moments...they come and go..."

George smiled widely "Well, I have news that might cheer you up."

"What's that?"

George turned the paper around and pointed to a small article toward the bottom.


Potter Returns

Rising hotshot rookie Auror

James Potter has returned to

London after months

in Madrid where he nearly

single-handedly captured five

escaped prisoners who broke free

last month while they were being

transported from a hearing at the

Ministry of Magic to Azkaban.

Potter sustained minor injuries in

the capture and will be on medical

leave temporarily, staying with

his family in London.

Potter is of course, the

son of Auror department head

Harry Potter. Well known for his

defeat of he-who-must-not-

be-named, Potter himself

was once a rising star and is

already gaining favor to replace

Herring McKinley as Minister

of Magic when he retires late

next year.

Potter denies interest

in accepting the appointment.

Neither James nor Harry Potter

were available for comment.


"James was hurt?" Daisy put her hand to her throat "How bad do you think?"

"I'm sure it wasn't serious sweetheart." He patted her hand "Albus would have let us know if it had been anything to worry about."

He looked at his daughter for a moment, a slight gleam in his eyes. He hated seeing Daisy so sad. She was listless, dull...far from the bright bubbly girl he knew she was inside. He also knew if anyone could bring back the sparkle in Daisy...it was James Potter. They had been best friends since they were mischievous five year olds, tying Albus to the magnolia tree in Harry and Ginny's backyard. Luna had thought it might ebb when Daisy was sorted into Ravenclaw, and James was sorted into Gryffindor. After all...Daisy was off in Ravenclaw tower and James and Freddy were half the castle away, off in Gryffindor tower with a whole passel of pretty Gryffindor girls...but Luna had been wrong. The absence had only made the heart grow fonder...and, Freddy and James were able to fight without Daisy being privy...not that Annie didn't tattle.

George had always believed that Daisy and James would have married had it not been for her reluctance to hurt Freddy. They had fought over her for years...until Daisy was fifteen and had gotten quite fed up with it and told them that she would never make a choice between them.

But while Freddy had taken her words to heart and moved on...James had never dated, had never even looked around...even though girls seemed to like him quite well.

Deep down, George suspected that James had given his heart to Daisy for life.

"I think you should go see him Daise." George smiled "See if he's doing okay."

"Maybe your right." Daisy smiled a little. She knew if anyone could cheer her up...it was James.

He had always been there for her, and deep down, she knew he always would be.



Chapter Two Preview

Daisy visits James!

Will something rekindle...

or will it splutter.