Just a simple stupid story that I think is funny. Hope you do too.

FF7 & Legend of Zelda

Me – (The reader)


Me: *Standing around *

Zack: *Walks up * (Is wearing Mask of Truth) "Hi!"

Me: -_- "Whats up with the mask?"

Zack: "Oh, this?" *Takes mask off * "Got it from a kid..."

Me: "How?"

Zack: "Gave him my buster sword..." *Puts mask back on *

-Somewhere in Hyrule-

Link: *Grunts* "This thing is heavy!!!" *Trys to lift buster sword agine*

Ganon: -.-; 'Any day now...'

Link: *Drops sword on foot* AHHHHH!!!!

Ganon: O.o; "HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!" *Rolls on floor laughing* "HAHA!" *Dies of laughter* Xwx

Link: "Yea! I win!!"


Well, I liked it....