"What do I do?" Tsunade asked.

Jiraiya looked at her and spoke with grim certainty. "You have to send him away."

"Jiraiya! How can you…"

"I don't like it anymore than you do damn it!" He said sharply cutting her off. "But we need to face facts; you can't keep him here much longer. If you do the village will explode. The other villages really will start a war or you'll be overthrown by Danzou and the Council or one of the assassination attempts will work. For his sake as well as the village's he can't stay."

Though it broke her heart Tsunade knew he was right, there was just no other way to keep him safe. "Where will he send him? Do you want him to travel with you again?"

Jiraiya regretfully shook his head. "I can't keep him with me. I have to investigate Akatsuki and having him with me would only put him in even greater danger."

"Where can we send him then? Where will he be safe?"

"I know a place," Jiraiya said. "It's hidden way in another dimension and almost impossible to reach."

"Another dimension?" She asked dubiously.

"There's more than one world Tsunade, and more than one existence." Jiraiya said. "The great sage told me of other dimensions. One earth, but an infinite number of alternate variations of that single earth. In one of these there exists a special hidden place that might actually be able to help Naruto gain control over the fox. I helped him as far as I could, obviously it wasn't enough."

"Will he be safe in this, 'other dimension?'"

"Safer than if he stays here."

She stared at him sadly. "Will he be able to come back?"

"Of course! Once it's safe for him to do so. Though given the way things are right now that may be years."

How did it come to this? Damn you Sasuke for what you've done, to him and to Sakura. "All right, we'll send him away until we can recall him. What is this place called?"

"Youkai Academy."


He was the only one riding on the big yellow contraption called a 'school bus.' The only other person was the driver, an odd fellow with a cigar in his mouth and strangely glowing eyes. He was looking out at the bizarre light that seemed to be dancing all around. He was dressed in a green school uniform and beside him on the seat was a large duffel bag with his clothes and possessions. Jiraiya had packed it for him. He hadn't been allowed to return to his apartment before leaving. For his own security no one had been allowed to know he was going. He hadn't even gotten the chance to say goodbye to anyone, not even Kakashi or Iruka.

He was Uzumaki Naruto, formerly a ninja of Konoha, and currently a transfer student to a school filled with monsters on a different world from the one he'd lived on. He was the human container, or jinchuuriki, of the nine tail demon fox. A monster of almost unlimited power and evil, it had been his duty to keep it contained and use its power for the good of the village.

Since becoming a ninja he'd done just that. He'd fought to protect his homeland and his precious people.

One of those had been his friend and rival Uchiha Sasuke. Though he had betrayed the village and nearly killed him he'd wanted to redeem his friend. And while trying to do just that he'd watched as Sasuke killed Sakura with a blow that was meant for him.

Seeing that, and hearing Sasuke mock her death he had committed an act of pure evil.

He'd deliberately unleashed the Kyuubi in order to take revenge. He hadn't cared what the consequences might be, all he'd been able to think about was killing Sasuke and avenging Sakura.

Well he'd killed Sasuke all right, along with Orochimaru and Kabuto.

And along with nearly the entire population of the village hidden in the Grass.

Having seen the Kyuubi annihilate a ninja village the other villages and even most of Konoha's civilians demanded his blood. To protect him and to prevent an attack or civil war he'd been banished.

Baachan hadn't used that word but he'd been sent away and couldn't come back so that was what it amounted to.

I deserve this, he thought. I was supposed to control the Kyuubi, not use him for my own needs. All those death are on my head.

"Young man," he bus driver called.


"You know it's very unusual for transfer students to arrive during the school year. It's already two weeks into the second semester. You'll have to do a lot of hard work to catch up."

"Whatever," he muttered dully.

"You should be careful; Youkai Academy can be a very scary place."

That made him laugh.


The bus pulled up to a weird looking scarecrow with a pumpkin head. Standing there waiting patiently was a lone figure. As the bus driver opened the door he cast a suspicious look in her direction.

"Be careful young man, things here are not always as they appear to be."

Naruto laughed again. He could have said the exact same thing about himself. He stepped off the bus with his duffel bag slung over one shoulder. The door shut and the large yellow contraption pulled away.

Naruto looked at the person who obviously had to be his guide. She was an absolutely stunningly beautiful woman with pale skin and raven black hair. She wore a long tight fitting black dress that ran all the way from her neck to her ankles and had long sleeves as well. She had on black leather glove and black choker about her neck with a silver cross with sapphire center piece hanging from it.

Despite being fully covered he had to make a deliberate effort not to stare at her large chest. He instead focused on her beautiful face and dark brown chocolate eyes.

"Welcome to Youkai Academy Uzumaki Naruto," she said with a warm lilting voice. She bowed to him. "I am Sekitan Ria; I shall be your guide as well as your personal instructor."


One Day Earlier

Ria entered her father's presence and bowed low to him. "You summoned me Lord Akashiya?" Though she was his eldest daughter this was how she always addressed him.

The elder vampire nodded to her as he would have any of his more important servants. "I have an important mission for you Ria. My fellow Hades Lord informs me one of the nine Demon Lords will be arriving at Youkai soon."

One of her coal black eyebrows jumped. "A Demon Lord? A ruler of one of the Hell dimensions?" Demons were not considered true monsters. Monsters were creatures born on and belonging to the earth. Demons were not native to the earth at all, but came from other dimensions. They could be weak or strong, but their rulers, their Lords, had awesome power. "Why would such a being attend a school?"

Lord Akashiya sighed. "It's complicated." He gave her a rough idea of the circumstances.

"A human containing a Demon Lord? Oh me, oh my I did not know such a thing was possible."

"It would not be possible for an ordinary human," Lord Akashiya confirmed. "Ninja are border beings similar to witches. One of their master spell casters was able to trap the Demon Lord Kyuubi into one. That individual has access to the Kyuubi's power, but lacks full mastery of it."

"Oh me, oh my I would say so if he accidentally annihilated an entire village. Still," her voice heartened a bit as her interest rose. "Possessing that sort of power even with imperfect control is a… frightening proposition."

Lord Akashiya nodded. "Just so, which is why I offered to send you to the academy to act as his instructor in mastering that power, and as his watchdog. The Chiarman has accepted my offer, so I want you to go there and teach him to control his power. But that is only part of the reason I am sending you there. If at any time you think there is a danger of his losing control of the demon's power I want him killed. I won't allow such a threat near Moka."

Ria clamped down on her teeth and kept a scowl from reaching her face. Is that what this is really for? Just to protect her? "I understand Lord Akashiya."

Her father looked at her knowingly. "Of course," he said with a hint of amusement. "I would have no objection were someone with his potential to serve me. He would make a marvelous addition to our family."

Ria grinned. "I understand Lord Akashiya," she said again. And she did understand. With those words he was giving her permission to do anything she wanted to try and bring this ninja into her father's service. This should be fun.


Naruto set his duffel bag down and returned her bow. "Thank you Ria-san."

She titled her head slightly and offered him a gracious smile. "When we are among others you may address me as Ria-sensei, but when alone Ria will suffice. May I address you as Naruto?"

"Of course," he said immediately. He looked at her a little nervously.

"Do you have a question you wish to ask?"

He looked at her unsure. Jiraiya had explained that everyone at this school would be a monster though they would all appear human. "I don't want to be rude, but… are you really a monster?"

She laughed softly. "Of course, do you find that hard to believe?"

"Well, yeah, you just look like a beautiful young woman."

"Well thank you," she purred. "Nevertheless I am a monster."

"Can I ask what kind of monster?"

"Well, you're not supposed to ask that. All the students here are expected to remain in human form during their entire stay. They're not supposed to reveal their true natures or even talk about them."

"Oh! I'm sorry I didn't know." He rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Oh me, oh my that's quite all right, it's an honest mistake. Actually, I don't want there to be any secrets between us. I know what you are Naruto and what is sealed within you, so it's only fair you know what I am too." She placed a hand on her rosario. "I am a vampire."

She pulled the Rosario free and engulfed by red youkai aura. Naruto watched as her eyes became red and slitted and her fangs extended.

He stood there mesmerized by her even greater beauty in this form and impressed by the pressure her energies were giving off. She would be a seriously formidable opponent. He doubted he would have a chance against her with anything less than three tails.

Seeing him stare she preened and slowly ran her hands along the sides of her body. "Do you like this me?" She asked in a sultry voice.

He blushed and stammered a bit, unable to provide a coherent answer.

Laughing gently she returned the rosario and changed back. "So now you know what I am, let's work together to help you control what you are. Please put yourself in my hands and trust in me to take care of you."

Smiling he nodded. "I am in your hands sensei."

She smiled at him as behind her charming eyes plans were already forming.