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Lloyd glanced over as Dirk walked to the forge, gathering the materials in his arms as Kratos followed after him. They were forging the ring of the pact, the ring he would need in order to use the sword which their victory relied on, that and saving his friend…

He watched both his fathers as they worked on the task, Dirk starting the fire as Kratos began to instruct him on how the foreign material, the aionis, should be handled. Both his fathers…he'd never thought he'd find himself saying that, but he supposed many people didn't. It was very…strange. His words to Colette came back to him, what he had told her that night of the oracle. 'You just have two fathers, think of yourself as lucky for having more than most people'. …Yeah…he had to think of it like that, right? If he didn't, he was being a hypocrite…and really he was happy. A little stressed, yes, but he was happy. He loved both of his fathers, so why shouldn't he be? Sure Kratos did make him want to bash his head against the wall a good part of the time, especially back in the forest earlier that day…when they fought… It made him mad just thinking about it, how that idiot wanted to die…

He sighed and hesitated a moment, walking outside as the room began to heat up from the forge. Lloyd didn't know whether or not either of his fathers had realized he left, but at the moment he didn't really care. His friends took the message quickly that he did not wish to talk, as they didn't attempt to talk to him, so he was left to his musings. Before he realized what he had done he was standing before his mother's grave, looking at her name etched in the stone.

"…Hey, Mom," he said softly.

With a weak smile he knelt down before her grave, tracing her name with his fingers.

"We're going to do it, soon, Mom…we're going to put the worlds back."

As he spoke memories of her face flashed in his mind, her smile, that glint in her eyes, her teasing tone of voice whenever she decided to make things hard for Kratos, her soft warmth when she spoke to him as a child…

"…I'm a little…nervous, but I know we'll do it," he smiled weakly, "Me and my friends…and Dad's with me too after all, he is now."

He trailed off and frowned a bit, falling silent as the evening breeze ruffled his hair.

"…He…scared me earlier," he muttered, sighing, "When he released the seal, I was afraid he…for a second there I thought he'd died…

The male let out a sigh as he recalled the day's happenings, how the elven village had been destroyed, how he had almost been possessed, how Colette had taken his place… He couldn't let this happen, he had to save her, had to save the worlds…

"I apologize, Lloyd," a voice said.

Lloyd flinched and whirled around, seeing the forlorn face of Kratos behind him, the man eying the grave sadly.

"…D…Dad-?" he started, then shook his head. "How long were you-?"

"I saw you walk over here and I was concerned if you were all right…" he muttered, glancing aside, "I did not mean to interrupt you."

"N- No it's okay," he shook his head, smiling weakly, "I mean…I'm sure Mom would like to hear from you too."


Kratos looked at him and then at the grave, his frown deepening a bit as he did so. Lloyd watched him hesitate and sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.

"If you want me to go I will, it's easier for you if you're alone, I guess," he smiled weakly, "I'll go get something to eat while you talk…"

"Lloyd," Kratos sighed, his frown deepening, "I..truly am sorry for all that I've put you through, I never wanted to-"

"Dad, it's okay." he shook his head, "Sure I was pretty peeved at you for a while…but you're with us now, and that's all that matters."

"Lloyd," he sighed again, "You do not understand…I am not worthy of any sort of forgiveness-"

"Yeah you are," Lloyd said simply, getting to his feet and turning to leave, "and even if you don't think you are, you're getting it anyway so you might as well deal with it, besides…"

Kratos looked at him as he walked toward the house a bit, stopping and looking back at the grave. Lloyd's brown eyes scanned Anna's grave before looking back at his father, smiling weakly.

"If Mom was here she'd tell you the same thing," he laughed a bit, "and then she'd probably smack you…"

"Heh," Kratos closed his eyes, shaking his head, "Yes, she most likely would do that."

"Heh, yeah well, I'll go now-"

"Lloyd, wait," the angel stated, putting a hand on his son's shoulder.

Lloyd flinched slightly at the touch but turned nonetheless, eying his father warily.

"Yeah, Dad?" he asked slowly.

"…" Kratos hesitated, glancing aside briefly before looking back at him, "I realize that you are resolved to do what you must, however, whatever happens…I want you to be careful, all right?"

The teen blinked once or twice, frowning a bit as his father glanced aside again, as if embarrassed. Lloyd stared a moment more before he looked at the hand on his shoulder, his thoughts strangely clouded. After a moment Lloyd gently grabbed Kratos' wrist, smiling a bit as the ancient man flinched.

"I'll be fine, Dad," he said, attempting to reassure him, "…Okay?"

There was another moment of silence as Kratos removed his hand, Lloyd staring at him as he did so. Kratos frown a bit, realizing Lloyd's gaze, but debated on saying anything about it.

"It's been a long time, huh, Dad?" Lloyd smiled weakly, lowering his head. "…Since we last…spent a lot of time together, hasn't it?"


"I remember how we'd look at the stars and talk all night…" he continued, his eyes misted a bit, "And then I'd be tired the next morning and Mom would yell at you-…come to think of it she yelled at you a lot didn't she?"

"Yes," Kratos closed his eyes.

"Heh heh," Lloyd grinned, looking up at him again, "Hey um…can I do something? I've been putting it off but…since tomorrow could be…y'know, it might be, I think I should do it now."

"Do what exactly?" Kratos frowned.

Lloyd hesitated, choking a bit as he gathered his willpower, taking a deep breath to use his courage.


Kratos cut off, his eyes widening as Lloyd put his arms around him, burying his face into Kratos' shoulder. The man flinched and looked at the boy, hesitantly wrapping his arms around him as well.

"I know I hugged you the last time we were here," Lloyd muttered into his shoulder, "But…I did that to get the locket…it wasn't a real hug, so…I felt I should do this."

"…" Kratos closed his eyes, tightening his grip ever so slightly.

Lloyd hugged him a moment more before breaking away, coughing slightly as he averted his eyes, a blush working his way onto his cheeks.

"So…yeah…" he smiled, looking back at him "I'm all set now."


Lloyd froze, staring slightly at his tall father's face. Kratos swallowed and attempted to reclaim his demeanor, but Lloyd caught it anyway. The slight glaze of tears welling in the wine eyes.

"…Dad-?" Lloyd stared, his eyes widening.

"Well, we'll have to do our best," Kratos said, hurriedly walking back toward the house, "Make sure you get enough rest."

"…Heh," Lloyd smirked slightly to himself as he watch him go, "Okay…"

Though his eyes misted slightly too, but he'd deny it if you asked.

That second part largely came from when I said bye to my father at the airport when I left for college. Mr. Tough Guy got all teary when I hugged him…heh...Love the old weirdo I do…

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