Author: Sparta

Title: To Heal Broken Hearts

Pairings: Flynn/OMC Scott & Flynn Ziggy & Dillon

Rating: R

Categories: Slash/Mpreg

Series: Parenthood

Genres: Action/Adventure, Mystery, Crime, Romance, Tragedy, Hurt/Comfort

Crossovers: RPM/SPD/Jungle Furry

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Death, Mayhem, Past Abuse, Stalking, Femslash, Male rape, torture, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 1/?

Completed: No

Summery: Scott & Flynn where from separate worlds, Flynn a simple Mechanic and Scott a hot shot pilot that was until the world came to an end. However, even when all seems lost hope can survive in the loneliest of place and time can help heal what was broken.

Chapter Summery: The world ends

Authors Notes:

Ok before anyone get's their knickers in a twist about this fic let me just point some bits out.

1. This is part on my Parenthood series universes (see my fic list for the rest) so the whole thing is AU or Attentive Universe but still runs along the lines of the Epps.

2. This is slash, I'm sorry if it offends but that's just what it is

3. This is a Male Preg fic, yes, I know it can't happen in real life (unless you're the one guy that made the papers) but for the purpose of this fic, it can happen and it just does.

4. There are some crossovers and crossover pairings in this and they will be listed when the chapters come up.

5. I try to update regularly but it is often up to the plot bunnies that attack at the time, but the more people that leave review the more I know to keep up with the story and were I'm going wrong.

6. I do have a beta but she often wont read my Power Ranger stuff because she ether 1. Hates my Tommy/Jason stuff because she hates Tommy or two. Wont because she is a die-hard MMPR fan. However, if some one wants to volunteer to help out I will never turn it down. Oh yeah and my spell checker is crap I use it and people still say I'm making mistakes.

Thanks for putting up with this crap now on with the show



Parenthood -To Heal Broken Hearts

The Day the World Began to End

It was a Tuesday

Or at least according to Ziggy it was, Flynn never really cared all he knew is that at 8.01 am on whatever day it was the world began to end.

Sitting at the breakfast bar of the small apartment Flynn shared with his three-year-old daughter Grace and partner of several years Major Carl Griffin, there was nothing that day that could have prepared him for what was to come. For three year the world had been fighting a hidden war with a power AI computer virus called Venjix, a war which in public they where winning but Flynn knew the truth.

His partner was a member of Corinth Guard, a project rumoured to be the last hope in the fight against the Venjix Virus. Flynn like any other day was up waiting for his lovers call; his daughter Grace was safely asleep in her bed when it happened.

The apartment shook as the lights above his head flicked, Flynn didn't have time to question what was going on as his phone began to ring.

"Carl what the hell is going on?"

//Flynn listen to me, we've failed grab Grace and head to Corinth City. I've left word for you, Grace and your father to be let in no questions asked. Hurry Flynn it's starting now, the ends finally here//

As the phone line went dead Flynn felt numb as his heart shattered, working on autopilot he grabbed his key to his truck before racing into his daughter room and grabbing her from her bed. Carrying his scared daughter out into the streets Flynn got his first look at what had gotten his lover so scared.

An army of maybe over 200 mechanical soldiers stormed the streets of Angel Grove hell-bent on destroying all in their path. Tightening his grip on his daughter Flynn raced over to his truck and without thinking, he took his place in the driver's seat and keeping his daughter on his lap, he gunned the engine and took off.


Approaching his family home since he'd moved from Scotland to the States, Flynn could see that the mechanical soldiers had already started rounding up people.

"Gracie honey keep your head down, whatever happens down't look up" said Flynn as he pulled his jacket over his daughter's head before using his truck to crash though the fence of his family home.

Flynn found his father where he'd expect to find him, hidden away in the shed out behind his home and out of the way of he attacking force.

"Da come on, the whole city hell I think the whole worlds going to hell. We need to get out of here and now," yelled Flynn as his father came from out of his hiding place and dashed into the truck.

"What the bloody hell"

"The end of the world Da, that's what Carl said. We're heading to the Corinth Project, Carl's meeting us there" said Flynn as his father just looked at him.

"Corinth is…"

"Four day's away by road if we're luck, but this isn't luck any more Da this is survival" said Flynn as he put his foot down ploughing though the mechanical armies as he did.