Independence Day: New Arrival

By Andy Prosser

It was a quite Septomber morning until there was a explosion. Will Smith was at the bar get a drink and smoking a cigarette. As the explosion explosed glass in the window adn TV blew up. Will Smith was angry. Too angry.

He went home and kissed his wife and kid. He say to them" I may not make it back" and his wife who is crying shouts "Why must you leve??"

"I got an allen to kill."

After Will Smith got into the allen rocket ship, he shoots all the allens and make them blow up. He found a allen robot suit to use to fight even more good. So he puts it on and does more kill ing. His kill of allens reminds him of his family at home. He miss them.

Later he meets Samus Aran who was got stranded on the allen ship for six years! "Oh I am so happy to be alive she says! I got lonerly on this!" Then they had sex but after they gots to fought allen queen. So they both robot power suits and chrage to the allen fight. Then the allen rocket blows up and the land on earth.

Will Smith and Samus are cerelbated for safe return and for defeeting the motheship. As Will see him wife he hug her and she says "I miss you so much and I am having a baby!"

He knew the allens would come back, and his son wil learn to fight them too.

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