I am the Champion of the world.

No, I'm not being metaphorical here. I have taken on and defeated every league the world has to offer. I raised a Charmander, defeated Blue. Went to Johto, raised a Totodile, defeated Lance. Then I went and regained all of my badges, just for the hell of it. I went to Hoenn, and chose a Treecko. I defeated Steven. Left for the Orange Islands for a little while, and conquered them. When I returned to Hoenn, I defeated Wallace - again. So really, I'm the Hoenn champion twice over... Sinnoh. The only place to have a female Champion. I was given a Chimchar, and I fought the Sinnoh Elite Four. Cynthia fell easily... And now I am the champion.

But now, what else can the world offer? I am a king on a useless throne. I no longer truly fight, for the challengers are merely flicked aside. I actually considered re-instating the previous Champions, at least so I wouldn't have to bother, but..

This is all I have left.